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March 28-29 Sale Horse Photos

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1997 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Chants Peppy Twist x Mr Chant Bob and out of Rocks Hollywood Bar x Red Berry Rock. This gelding has the education and the experience to enhance your roping program. Woody has been used in high school rodeos for break away roping, heeling and on the ranch for tagging calves. This good looking boy knows what he is doing when it comes to cattle is an excellent rope gelding. Very gentle doesn’t make mistakes. Honest in the arena. He will fit a #2 to a #7. More info 406-431-4004. Coggins. MA1 2005 AQHA Chestnut Mare x Chivato Chubasco x The Signature and out of Car Lock Surprise x So Mini bugs. This beautiful roan filly grand daughter of the Signature with Beduino, Big Time Louie, so Mini Bugs, Bugs Alive in 75 right on her papers all running champions and top barrel racing producers. The right age and the right breeding. Gentle and has been started slow on the barrels. She is an impressive barrel racing prospect. Coggins. More info 406-431-4004. MA2 SHE'S BY "A STREAK OF FLING"!!!

2005 AQHA Blue Roan Mare x A Streak of Fling x Streakin Six and out of Candys Great x Royal Generation. This is a gentle, well broke blue roan filly. Own daughter of the outstanding Fulton stallion A Streak of Fling. Her dam is by Royal Generation SI 98 winning son of Easy Jet with Hancock and Eddie in her pedigree. She has the breeding to be a top barrel horse. Everything in her pedigree and her looks makes her an exceptional individual. She is well started on the barrels, ready to have the final touches, she has snap and talent. Mares were the 2 top contenders at the 2008 National Finals Martha World champion and making history earning more money than any horse in a year and Dolly winning the average and reserve champion. More info 406-431-4004. Coggins. MA3

PALMER - 1997 Grade Black Draft Cross Gelding. Sure footed with a good wither. 30 days in feedlot and used in the mountains. Never offered to buck. Weighs 1300+ lbs, wears a size 3 shoe. MA4 RENO - 2003 Grade Sorrel and White Belgian-Paint Cross Gelding. Has been used in the mountains for two seasons and was used on a cattle grazing association last summer. Gentle and ready to go any direction you want to go. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-367-6507. Coggins. MA7 TANK - 2003 Grade Gray Percheron Cross Gelding. Had about 60 rides in mid-January and will have at least that many more by sale time. This horse will really eat up the trails. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-367-6507. Coggins. MA8
SHANE - 1998 Grade Black and White Paint Draft Gelding. A proven dude packer, has been used in a summer operation and hunting camp for the last 5 years. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-367-6507. Coggins. MA9 BARNEY - 1997 Grade Sorrel Gelding. Has been used in the mountains a lot. He will pack or ride and solid for any one. Stands 16.2, weighs 1400. Gentle, gentle, gentle. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-367-6507. Coggins. MA10 SLIM JIM - 2003 Sorrel John Mule. He is one leggy cool mule. He will go absolutely anywhere in the mountains. He has led pack strings and packed elk and has been a parade mule and has helped gather and run horse herds. He is a character who enjoys attention and gets it with his long legs, blonde mane and tail and strip down his face. This unique mule is one of a kind. Easy to catch and shoe, good about his feet. Current on vaccinations and worming. For more info call 406-222-7455. Coggins. MA16.
TWO FEATHERS - 2004 Brown Molly Mule. This molly is very gentle and packs, rides and drives double also. She likes people and is very easy to catch and work with. More info 307-272-6635. MA17 SMITTY - 2002 Black Molly Mule. This is a stout-made, gentle mule that rides and packs the very best. She is tough and can really walk. My guides have ridden and packed her for two years. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA18 MISS PIGGY - 2001 Sorrel Molly Mule. This molly is a blond Belgian cross pack mule that has been ridden, but is green in that field. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA19
DOUG - 2004 Sorrel John Mule. This is a gentle giant that rides and packs. He is very gentle in all aspects of work and will hunt you up to be caught. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA20 KEGGAR - 2001 Black John Mule. He is a good pack mule and rides good also but needs an experienced hand to give him a day’s work. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA21 BARACHONE - 2001 Black John Mule. This is a big black mule that rides, packs and drives. He stands 15.2 and is stout built. He is real tough and a good traveler. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA22
WOODCHUCK - 2001 Bay Molly Mule. Here is a gentle 16 hand molly mule that packs very good and is an excellent saddle mule. She can walk a hole in the wind. My guides have ridden her for the past three years. More info 307-272-6635.Coggins. MA23 LADD - 2001 Sorrel John Mule. He is a 15.3 hand quality type mule that packs and rides good. He is gentle and was ridden by the guides for two years. More info 307-272-6635.Coggins. MA24 MARGARET - 2002 Sorrel Molly Mule. She is a 15.1 hand mule that has been packed extensively for four years and has been rode a little but is still green. More info 307-272-6635.Coggins. MA25
SMILEY - 2001 Grey Molly Mule. This is a very gentle mule that packs great and rides well also. She is a very good traveler and will come find you to be caught. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA26 SUNDANCE - 2002 Brown John Mule. This is a gentle riding and pack mule that has been in our operation for three full seasons. He is gentle and always ready to go to work. Coggins. More info 307-272-6635. MA27 SCOOP - 2001 Black John Mule. He is an excellent pack mule. He is gentle and rides well also. My guides rode him last fall. More info 307-272-6635.Coggins. MA28

RIETA - 2001 Chestnut Molly Mule. She is a very good saddle mule that is tough and can really walk out. She is gentle and has been packed with everything you can load on a mule. More info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA29 2005 AQHA Brown Gelding x Royal Three Charge x Start Charging and out of Miss Nancy Can x Brother Can. Ortega is a grown 4 yr old gelding that stands 15.1 hands. He was started and is in training with Justine Reynolds. She has used him extensively on the ranch. She has roped on him in the pasture and in the arena and feels he would make an excellent heeling horse. He has also been started on the barrels and is eligible for the BBI. He is gentle and kind to be around. Wormed and vaccinated. For more info call 406-835-2801. Coggins. MA34 1998 AQHA Sorrel Stallion x Streakin Six x Easy Six and out of Design Express x Merridoc. Race winner of $54,507. AAA winning and producing own son of Streakin Six, sire of Boy Im Streakin SI 96, sire of Larkin Six Express that has over $100,000 in barrel racing earnings as the 2009 slot race champion of the Champion of Champions Barrel Futurity in Memphis, TN. Whether you want to breed race performers or barrel racing performers this stallion is the perfect outcross for your Dash for Cash bred mares. Guaranteed to be a sound breeder. Owner wishes to retain two breedings every year to him. More info 208-983-2208. Coggins. MA35
1998 AQHA Buckskin Mare x Dinner Flight x Jet On and out of Centurion Queen x Centurion Command. Another good producing own daughter of Dinner Flight in foal to Finish Line Express for 2009. More info 208-983-2208. Coggins. MA37 2006 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Hot Colours x Special Effort and out of Miss Jay Frost x Tiger Frost. Own son of Hot Colours, should be a big time barrel prospect. He is gentle and started; should have 45 rides by sale time. He stands 14.3 hands and is a super nice gelding. More info 402-527-5370. Coggins. MA38 BALU - 2005 Blue Roan John Mule. This mule loves people. He will meet you at the gate to be caught and is gentle for anyone. He is a great trail ride mule and also packs. His blue roan color is very unique. No vices; guaranteed sound. For more info call 605-209-8556. Coggins. MA43
KIT & KATE - 2001 Bay Molly Mules. 15.3 hands, 1200 lbs. These two mules are broke to ride, pack and drive. They are what you would call the real deal. They are gentle for anyone. We duded them all last fall in the thoroughfare. They will pack anything from kitchen poniards to meat and horns. They are an outstanding driving team as well. They are parade proof and safe around children and cars. Here is a nice set of big, beautiful, stout, astonishing molly mules. These kind of mules are hard to find. Don’t miss out. No vices. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA44 BOMBER - 2003 Grade Bay Draft Cross Gelding. This gelding was used last fall in the mountains leading strings. He is a big stepper and really travels out. He really is fun to ride in the hills. Gentle to be around and great to shoe. He is a mountain horse deluxe, pickets and packs. This horse would fit in anyone’s outfit and is definitely great to look at. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA45 BULLWINKLE - 2004 Black Molly Mule. Stocking legs, 14.3 hands. With chrome on all fours and a good mind, this mule is willing to please. She is green broke to ride but extremely gentle and has been packed extensively. She is just the right size to throw a pack on, not too tall, not too short. She shoes, good about her ears, and easy to catch. Don’t miss out on this cute mule. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA46
FIVE - 2004 Sorrel John Mule. 14.1 hands, this mule still has room to grow. He has a great start and a good mine and will fit in anyone’s program. He was used one hunting season for packing. He is extremely gentle and has been shod. He will have 30 days riding by sale time. You can catch him where you find him. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA47

SIX - 2006 Sorrel Mojly Mule. 15 hands, she has tons of class and conformation. Was packed for a full season. She is great to be around and as gentle as they come. She shoes and clips. She has been started the right way. She will have 30 days of riding by sale time. She loves people and any attention they have to give. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA48

SISSY - 2005 Sorrel Molly Mule - 15 hands, she is a super nice young mule. We used her last fall in the mountains, especially to pack. She is easy on the eyes with her four stocking legs. She is great to be around and gentle. She has been started the right way and is green broke to ride. She is great to shoe, clip and catch. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA49

MYRA - 1997 Grulla Pony Molly Mule. 13.2 hands, cute, cute, cute. This is a good little trail mule. Her color is rare and she is easy to look at. She rides, packs, shoes and clips. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA50 PATRICIA - 1996 Sorrel Molly Mule. 15.2 hands, this is what you would call a family mule. She is gentle for anyone and great to be around. She is in her prime. Been ridden and packed extensively in the hills and used for the past two seasons. She can really travel. It doesn’t take her all day to get to where you want to go. She is good to shoe and aims to pleas. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA51
ROSE - 2002 Grey Molly Mule. 14.3 hands, she is a pretty grey mule. She is well broke to ride and pack most anything. Used in the hills last season. She travels great up and down the trail. She is an easy keeper, shoes, and pretty much does it all. For more info call 307-272-5367. Coggins. MA52 TRIGGER - 1999 Grade Palomino Welsh-Quarter Cross Gelding. Pretty. Outstanding kid horse. Has been omokseed on and also pony clubbed on. Has been ridden in the hills around cattle and been roped off of. Has carried flags in parades and ridden at horse shows. He is 100% sound. Easy to shoe, clips, haul and bathe. He is a once in a lifetime pony for any family. More info 406-860-1596. MA53 2001 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Teasable x Maltese Falcon and out of Suchan Impression x Majority Two. Ranch, trail, pleasure, show. This is a pretty, elegant red roan mare. She is super athletic and smooth as silk to ride. She’s been used on a ranch and a lot of miles on trails. She’s pretty enough to show and would make a 4-H or high school equestrian team horse, or would be a great addition to a broodmare band. She’s kind and gentle. Her sire is by Maltese Falcon, grand or reserve champion every time shown, 24.5 halter points, sire of AQHA ROM and AQHA Superior Halter. His dam, Sonny’s Streak, is also a halter point earner. This mare’s dam is a halter point earner. Coggins. MA54
2004 AQHA Gray Gelding x HL Eternal Legacy x Skip Legacy and out of Definiteleedeliteful. Pretty 16 hand gray gelding. Unusual dun factor markings. Excellent ranch and rope horse. Pretty enough to be a show horse. Lots of miles outside. Wonderful mind and disposition. You couldn’t ask for a nicer, kinder horse. A good one. His sire HL Eternal Legacy , top ranch and rope horse, and siring the same; by Skip Legacy, sire of AQHA performance winners. Look at the pedigree. Performance Tee Jay Roman x Jackie Bee, sire of three World champions, four Reserve performance horses. Coggins. MA55 2003 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Col Hickory Peponita x Phoebes Doggin Dude and out of Shes Smokin On x Mr Fools Smoke. Here is a nice ranch mare that is stout and strong. She was trained by Callee Miller. She has been started on roping, tracking cattle and is hobble broke. She is kind, sensible and gentle. Anyone can ride her. 100% sound. Phoebes Doggin is an earner of 50 performance points, sire of 65 point earners. The dam is an NCCHA and BVCHA champion cutter. She is a granddaughter of Mr Gunsmoke, earner of 71 performance points, AQHA show ROM earner, superior cutting horse and sire of AQHA hi-point earners, world champions in NRCHA, SBF, NCHA & NRHA, AQHA champion, superior cutting horses, etc. Coggins. MA56 2004 AQHA Bay Gelding x Cool Smart x Smart Little Lena and out of Lotsa Joy x Lotsolena. Team penners, cow horse, this horse is not for everyone. He’s quick and he’s fast. Lots of cow. Take a look at this pedigree. Double bred Doc O’lena. His sire, Cool Smart, has NCHA earnings of $7,536 x Smart Little Lena, NCHA $577,652 x Hickoryslittlepeppy, NCHA $97,389. Bloodlines also of Peppy San, Docs Hickory, Peppy San Badger, Kings Pistol, Bueno Chex. A young horse that can get the job done for you. Coggins. MA57
1999 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Joe Jack Honey Bar x Watch Joe Jack and out of Sweet Bee Miss. This mare stands 15 hands and weighs 1200 pounds is a daughter of Joe Jack Honey Bar, Howard Pitzer’s great stallion that sired three AQHA champions. She is a product of Pitzer’s high quality horse program with his brand on her. Tookie is a double bred Two Eyed Jack, with Watch Joe Jack, Red Bee Moore (ROM, NCAA money earner), War Leo, Buck Hancock, King, Hank H, Joe M Moore, Grey Badger II and Bar Three in her pedigree. She was broke to ride at Pitzer’s and ridden for a couple years before becoming a broodmare. She has great foals with good bone, muscle, disposition and trainability. She’s been exposed for 2009 to cutting, reining and roping trained buckskin stallion, Weaver’s Diamond Fox, that stands 15 hands and weighs 1150 pounds whose pedigree includes Diamonds Cutter, Doc O Dynamite, Doc Bar, Sugar Bars, King, Two Eyed Fox, Classy Far, Pretty Buck and Blackburn. Diamond’s dam, Pretty Miss Fox, was Weaver Quarter Horse’s great broodmare that produced foals over the years selling from $3500 to $46,000. Diamond’s colts are all stamped with his trademark neat head, good bone, withers, muscle, dark hard feet and an excellent mind, with around half of them being buckskins. For more info call 307-899-3463 or website Coggins. MA58 2004 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Ima Tuf Lena x Tuf n Busy and out of Two Poco Maid x Canadian Two Poco. Ginger stands around 14.2 and weighs 1050 lbs. She was broke to ride as a 3 yr old and used lightly for trail riding since. She is very gentle, likes people and should make a good 4-H or youth horse. She has excellent bone and muscle and dark hard feet with very good conformation. Her sire, Weaver’s Ima Tuff Lena is a buckskin son of Tuf N Busy, a buckskin that is a world champion sire. Her pedigree also includes Bueno Chex, King Fritz, Poco Dell, Doc O Lena, Smart Peppy Lena, Doc Bar, Colonel Freckles, double bred Two Eyed Fox and Eternal Sun (AQHA champion). Ginger has been exposed for 2009 to our buckskin stallion Weaver’s Diamond Fox that stands 15 hands and weighs 1150 lbs whose pedigree includes Diamonds Cutter, Doc O Dynamite, Doc Bar, Sugar Bars, King, Two Eyed Fox, Classy Far, Pretty Buck and Blackburn. Diamond’s dam, Pretty Miss Fox, was Weaver Quarter Horse’s great broodmare that produced foals over the years selling from $3500 to $46,000. Diamond’s colts are all stamped with his trademark neat head, good bone, withers, muscle, dark hard feet and an excellent mind, with around half of them being buckskins. For more info call 307-899-3463 or website Coggins. MA59 INDY - 2000 Grade Sorrel Belgian-Thoroughbred Cross Gelding - 17.1 hands, 1660 lbs, great trail horse in mountains, packed deer and elk, steady, reliable, gentle to handle, easy to shoe and load. Coggins. MA39
BIGUN - 2003 Grade Red Roan Draft Cross Gelding. Here is a big gorgeous gentle giant. He is kind and willing to do anything you ask. He has been used on the rance working cattle and ridden on the trail. He is easy to catch and loves people. He gets along with other horses and has been a joy to own. He isn’t being used to his potential with us; that’s the only reason we are selling him. He has been ridden by all levels of riders from guests up to JR and anyone who rides him absolutely loves him. 100% sound and gentle. For more info call 970-454-2538 or 307-751-0329. Coggins. MA61 2000 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Krogs Orphan Pine x Paprika Pine and out of Miss Danny Jack x Ole Man Mr Jack. Here is a very well bred, good put together mare that rides the way one should. She’s quiet, independent and has no trouble leaving the herd. She’s been used on the trail by novice riders and is running a great barrel pattern. No mare attitude with this one. Would be a great broodmare too. Sound and ready to go. MA63 HITCH & HIKE - 2001 Clydesdale Bay Gelding Team. These guys are a great looking team. They started out pulling farm equipment and have been with us since they were 3. They have worked all year long ever since, and do a great job. They have pulled wagons to our chuck wagon dinners, done sleigh rides in the winter and parades upon request. They are easy to handle, anyone can drive this team. Big, stout made horses that match great. We are down sizing from three teams to two teams this season and need to sell a team. Sad to see them go, but they are the best we have to offer. They are half brothers and were raised together since birth. You can lay these guys off for a period of time and they will be the same team when you put them back to work. They have both pulled with other horses and helped train a younger team we have going. They will pull double or single and even though they act like brothers, the work hard together. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 801-361-6772 Coggins. MA72
2004 AQHA Blue Roan Stallion x TR Flashy Badger x Mr Illuminator and out of Rolling Sue x High Rolling Roany. Big. Stout. Good looking blue roan stallion that produces color. He has been used to pasture breed and is good to work around. Broke to ride and is ready to add to your breeding program or take to the arena. Coggins. MA82 LUMBERJACK - 2004 Blonde John Mule. Here is 4 yr old Belgian cross mule. He is truly a gentle giant. Not only is he one of the biggest mules I’ve ever owned, but he is the kindest. He has been packed during two elk seasons and has been ridden all over the San Luis Valley in Colorado and northern New Mexico. I’ve ponied lots of colts on him and logged him extensively. He is good about his ears, bridling, trims easily, loads quickly and stands when tied. He hobbles and can be staked out by any foot. He really does have a kind, gentle soul. This mule is well on his way to being a solid using/trail mule for years to come. Current on vaccinations/worming. For more info call 970-785-1183 Coggins. MA83 2002 AQHA Sorrel Stallion x Nonstop Bubblin x Nonstop Jet and out of Chics Chuckle x Laughing Bar Boy. Here is a rare deal you don’t want to miss. Bubba has successful bloodlines that have proven to win. He has great ground manners and is a very smooth ride. He has a nice barrel pattern and is a stallion you can trust. He has only been collected and his foals look great. Don’t miss out on this. Coggins. MA84
2002 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Nonstop Bubblin x Nonstop Jet and out of CM Bronsins Gay widow x PC Bronsin. Here is a finished barrel horse with a lot of desire. She is looking for the opportunity to prove herself. She has consistent 1D times and hauls excellent. She has respectful ground manners and this is an opportunity you should not pass up. Coggins. MA85 1998 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Cowboy Medley x Jet A Van and out of Dashin To Six x Six Fols. Pretty broodmare that is a great mother. She has proven bloodlines that can be crossed to make outstanding barrel horses. She’s a very quiet horse that could also be used on the trail for all ages. Coggins. MA86 2002 AQHA Bay Mare x Nonstop Bubblin x Nonstop Jet and out of Tarver Sassy Reba x Mr Roan Hancock. Here is a good looking, solid built mare. She’s consistently getting faster on barrel patterns and her bloodlines have promise in other performance areas. She would make a great all around rodeo horse. Coggins. MA87
THE ROAN - 2003 Grade Bay Roan Gelding. Big, strong ranch gelding. I’ve owned him and started him when he was two. Used in the summer riding the Froze to Death Grazing District, used in the feedlot, and calving/branding for the PV Ranch. He will watch a cow, runs good to cattle to rope off of, works a rope, you can get off and doctor something. He’s heavy boned and has big black feet. No bumps or scars, 100% sound. He’ll go all day. Current on West Nile (3 way) will need booster this spring. For more info call 406-342-5650. Coggins. MA91 2003 AQHA Palomino Mare x Frenchmans Guy x Sun Frost and out of Folks Lady Luck x Final Conquest. ROM in race, awesome barrel horse and all around mare. 14.2 hands, gorgeous mare with pretty head. I raised her and have ridden her all over. She has been used to move cattle from pasture and lots of trail riding. Very sure footed. Well started on barrels but due to personal injury I was unable to finish her out, my reason for selling. Tons of talent and potential. She clips, shoes, hauls well and like her name she has a lot of Try. More info 507-352-4160. Coggins. MA95 HIGH ROLLING CLOUD - 2005 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding x Gumbo Roany x High Rolling Roany and out of Smokeys Rich Roller x Smokeys Fool. Gunner stands 16.1 and weighs 1300 lbs, has been rode for two years in lots of big rough country. You can do any ranch job on him: gather cattle, open gates, work pens, doctor outside or drag calves to the fire. He has no bad habits and tries his best to get along and do his job. Very kind and gentle and wants to be your best friend. I have owned him since I purchased him from Ray Beecher as a weanling. Safe and sound. For more info call 406-232-1869 Coggins. MA97
RED GUMBO BOY - 2008 AQHA Red Roan Stallion x Hairpin Red Boy x Hancocks Blue Boy and out of BR Gumbo Rose x Gumbo Roany. Foundation breeding at its best, twelve times to Joe Hancock on top side through his sire from Broken Bones Cattle Company. Gumbo Roany on the bottom. Here is a standout roan yearling with a nice square hip, lots of size, and very gentle. Four socks and strip. Mature at 15.2 For more info call 406-232-1869 Coggins. MA98 BIG FRANK - 2003 Grade Bay Gelding. He stands 15.3 hands and weighs 1500 lbs, wears a size 2 shoe. Very gentle horse, never bucked a day in his life. We have hunted deer off this horse in south Arkansas and packed on him as well. He has a real nice slow lope, is easily caught, and very easy to handle. For more info call 870-814-7275 Coggins. MA104 BIG JIM - 2004 Grade Sorrel and White Paint Gelding. He stands 17 hands and weighs 1600 lbs. He is ¾ paint/quarter horse and ¼ draft. He is a very eloquent mover and has a really nice slow lope, walks fast, and has a lot of bend and flex. We have fox and coyote hunted with dogs many nights with this horse. Never bucked a day in his life. Truly a gentle giant. For more info call 870-814-7275 Coggins. MA105
HAWK - 2004 Grade Black Gelding. Coal black. He stands 15.3 hands and weighs 1300 lbs. Had this horse since he was a colt and he’s never bucked a day in his life. He has had lots of outside use and pulls very hard from the saddle horn. He has had countless deer shot off his back. Tied dogs to his tail and drug wild boars out of the woods with him. Has a good slow lope and walks fast so you can cover a lot of ground. He is a very nice gelding with no blemishes. For more info call 870-814-7275 Coggins. MA106 TOM - 2003 Grade Blue Roan Gelding. He stands 15.3 hands and weighs 1450 lbs, wears a size 2 shoe. He is extremely gentle, has never bucked in his life. He’s had a lot of outside use and will pull anything you hook to him. He has a very nice slow lope. My dad has been riding this horse deer and squirrel hunting. He is a nice all around using horse that anyone can ride. For more info call 870-814-7275 Coggins. MA107 POPCORN - 2002 Grade Black and White Overo Paint Gelding. He is 13.3 hands. This pony has been ridden on trails and has a good fast walk and good slow lope. Has been ridden by an elderly man. He rides and handles like a big horse. For more info call 870-814-7275 Coggins. MA108
PEANUT - 2000 Grade Chestnut and White Paint Gelding. He is 13.3 hands. This pony has been hunted off of a lot. He has a nice slow lope, stops, backs with no buck or rear. He has been ridden by an elderly man. Has a good handle and rides like a big horse. For more info call 870-814-7275 Coggins. MA109 2000 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Financially x Dash for Cash and out of Sum Lil Princess x Totally At Ease. Jake has seen and done it all. With his pedigree there is nothing he can’t do, so if you’re looking for a horse you can use all day and trust with your family and kids, don’t miss him. He’s dog gentle with no issues. Coggins. MA110 2001 APHA Solid Paint Sorrel Gelding x Moes Painted Moon x Majestic Moon and out of Ladies Own x Torromega. This gelding is the real deal. He is a perfect horse for anybody and is light reined with no vices. He does everything just right. He’s been used in 4-H, trail riding and can really cover ground. He’s been hunted on and pushed cattle. My 5 yr old daughter arena rides him. Coggins. MA111
2005 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Skip Premiere x Classical Skipper and out of Skip My Linda x Tender Legend. Bob is an outstanding son of World champion Skip Premiere, sire of World show top 10 placers in trail and western pleasure. Here is a good looking, well put together gelding. He’s been used as a guide horse for Rocky Mountain Outfitters at Sundance Stables the past 2 years. He’s been on the trail between 2 and 5 hours per day. He has ponied horses, dragged horses. He is great in the arena or on the trail. There’s not an obstacle that bothers him. He sets a good pace and has no vices. Shoes, loads, ties, and trailers great. Rides bareback or saddled. He goes in water, over bridges, drops and slides down hills, trails deluxe. Coggins. MA112 PANCHO & CISCO - 2001 & 2002 Grade Black and White Percheron Cross Geldings. They both stand 15.3 hands and weigh approximately 1350 lbs. They are gentle in every way and drive, ride and pack. They are a very nice parade team that have shown in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade (WY) and the Rose Bowl Parade (CA), just to name a few. They have been used on the ranch for a feed team, to drag meadows and to haul guests at the dude ranch. They are a good traveling team; they are safe, sure and sound. For more info 307-272-6635. Coggins. MA113 MORRIS - 2003 Grade Red Roan Gelding. Morris is a big, stout, 6 yr ld red roan gelding, percheron quarter horse cross. Morris as been in hunting camps, packed on, also works cattle. Shoes and loads easily. Can catch him anywhere, loves to be with people. MA117
BLUE - 2002 Grade Gray Gelding. Blue is a stout, gray, 7 yr old. He has been in hunting camps, we have packed on him, works cattle well. Shoes and loads, and is easy to catch. He is very gentle, loves to be around people. MA118 2007 AQHA Sorrel Stallion x Little Skip N Buddy x Exelaris and out of Cinnabarparr Button x Zanparrville. With Zan Parr Bar, Ima Cool Skip and Masters Tradition on his registration papers, this young stallion has the potential to be a world class sire. He’s halter broke, has a kind eye and is good natured. He sells as a breeding stallion due to a knee injury on the left foreleg. This is a rare opportunity to obtain the finest AQHA bloodlines known, all packed into one very red package. Coggins. MA126 2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Little Skip N Buddy x Exelaris and out of Cinnabar Scooter Go x Sir Poppy Go. Skeeter is a very athletic and willing student…eager to please, quick to respond and easy to handle and ride. He’s as good natured as they come with kind eyes and a gentle soul. With his coon tail, roaning in flank area and gorgeous head, he’s been a head turner since he was foaled. He’s been behind cows/calves steady for 45 days and is ready to either go further in that direction or start a new project. Versatility is in his blood and is you ask him, he can do it. Coggins. MA127
2006 AQHA Sorrel Stallion x Little Skip N Buddy x Exelaris and out of Twist And Scratch x Barjo Twist. Jigs will go the distance for you, whichever directions you may choose. With world champion bloodlines on his registration papers he has the potential to be a premier stud for your mares, putting cow, speed and flashy good looks into his foals. He is a people horse, very gentle with kind eyes and good natured disposition. He is a willing and extremely athletic student with a solid 45 days behind cows/calves. Get the best of both with this young stallion…put him behind your mares as well as your cattle. Coggins. MA128 DAN - 2005 Grade Red Roan Gelding. Dan is a big, pretty 4yr old, half draft gelding. He stands 16 hands and is broke to drive with his brother Dick, who also is in the sale. He has been used for giving wagon rides and has also been trail ridden a bunch. He is always quiet and gentle. He lopes circles in the arena, side passes and backs up nice and soft. Coggins. MA135 EAGLE - 2001 Grade Black Draft Cross Gelding. Eagle is a very pretty, shapey 8 yr old, black draft cross who has been used by an outfitter all his life. He both packs and rides. Eagle is gentle and calm and good to be around and handle. He lopes circles in the arena, side passes and backs up, and is soft in the bridle. More info 307-737-2146. Coggins. MA136
KATIE - 2005 Grade Gray Molly Mule. Katie is a very shapey, eye catching mule with a fancy steel gray color. She stands 15.3 hands and weighs 1150 lbs. She has a nice round hip and a cute head. She is very gentle and rides good. She has been on lots of trail rides in the mountains and used on the ranch. She lopes nice circles, turns around nice, side passes and backs up. She is very soft in the mouth and ribs and will be very responsive. About anybody would get along with this mule. More info 307-737-2146. Coggins. MA137 MAGGIE - 2004 Grade Buckskin Molly Mule. Maggie is out of a Quarter Horse mare with both Jet Deck and Leo on her papers and a registered jack named Black Gambler. She will stand 15 hands and shed’s out to be a very pretty buckskin mule. She is gentle to be around, good to catch, good about her feet and ears. This mule is riding really nice and has the potential to be a very high dollar eventing or show mule. If you want a real classy mule to go on with, be smart and look her over. More info 307-737-2146. Coggins. MA138 1993 AQHA Black Gelding x Millers Gray Baron x Destiny Win and out of Snips Equity Dawn x Snip O Gold. Baron is a world-caliber calf horse, plain and simple. Fast, quiet in the box, never need a jerk line again. Scores great, stops straight and hard, really holds the calf nice. Was ridden by Casey Minton the last year Casey won the year end calf roper award in the California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association. Baron is a terrific breakaway horse as well. Several thousands of dollars won on him by several different riders. Baron is a really easy keeper with no bad habits whatsoever. Great big feet and bone, has never been lame even under heavy work. Has been out on pasture for the last two years, through no fault of his own and is just getting legged up again and is ready to go. Foundation bred and built like one is supposed to be. If you’re looking for a calf or breakaway horse that you can just step on and go win with, this is your horse. Coggins. MA140

1997 AQHA/APHA Chestnut Stallion x Sonny Conquest x Sonny’s Super Star and out of Pistol Packin Queen x Gunrunner Sonny. Second dam, Queen Bee Quick by John B Quick - AAA. This stallion is double registered in the AQHA and the APHA. Sires color from both paint and quarter horse mares. More info 406-385-2568. MA143 2004 AQHA Bay Roan Mare x Bodee Boonsmal x Peptoboonsmal and out of Hickorys Jane x Doc’s Hickory. This is a beautiful bay roan mare by Bodee Boonsmal, a 2 million dollar sire and NCHA and NRCHA leading sire, and out of the great Doc Hickory daughter, Hickorys Jane, LTE $96,000+ and has produced earners of over $137,000. This mare has 6 AQHA points of which 3 are for this year in the working cow horse. She is in barrel training and has won money. Don’t pass up this great mare. Coggins. More info 402-857-3587. MA160 DICK - 2004 Grade Paint Gelding. Dick is the driving mate to Dan, who is also in the sale. They have given lots of wagon rides together. Dick is a shapey draft cross, who stands 15.3 hands. He is 5 years old and very calm and gentle. He is also broke to ride. He is soft in the mouth and ribs. He lopes nice circles, side passes and backs up good. He has also been on lots of trail rides! More info 307-737-2146. Coggins. MA171
2006 AQHA Blue Roan Stallion x Plenty Blueberry x Plenty Try and out of Figure Four To Blue x Eddie Blue Hancock. Blueberry is a true blue roan stallion with no markings. He stands 15.1 hands, is gentle and has a great disposition. He has had a lot of outside riding on the ranch moving cows. For more info call 406-429-2538. MA173 2008 AQHA Blue Roan Mare x Rojo Blue Twist x Azure Rojo and out of Little Red Cache x Cache Country. A true blue roan filly. She is gentle and easy to work with. With her gentle and easy disposition she would make a good riding mare. Or put her in the broodmare bunch and raise blue roans. Eligible for the CCQHA Breeders Futurity. For more info call 406-429-2538. MA174
BILL - 1999 Grade Sorrel Draft Cross Gelding. Bill is a stout built, nice gelding that can pack big people and is still just 15 hands tall and easy to get on. Bill walks out nice and keeps up. He has also been driven. Bill gets along well with other horses. He is a unique looking gelding with a white brockle face. Current on all vaccinations and worming. Shod, for more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA179 JED - 1996 Grade Black Gelding. Jed is a bid, strong, gentle dude horse that has packed both adults and kids up and down the trail on hourly rides. He is fairly unflappable and a real campaigner. Jed is easy to show and gets along well with other horses. He is a good reliable 16 hand gelding who keeps his weight on winter grass pasture. Jed is ready to go to work or be a great family horse. Easy to shoe and load, current on all vaccinations and worming. Shod, for more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA180 2000 AQHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding x Jewels Color Smart x Color Me Smart and out of Sparkles N Kisses x Jedi Dude. This is a willing, nice looking paint gelding that loves people. He is easy to catch and will follow you around like a pet. Sparky’s breeding goes back to Smart Little Lena. He has been trail ridden. We used Sparky to run over 100 horses ten miles and he got the job done. Sparky is a stout built 15.3 hand gelding that is good to handle, shoe and load. Current on all vaccinations and worming. Shod, for more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA181
TIGER - 1999 Grade Buckskin Gelding. Tiger is one impressive, big 16 hand tiger striped buckskin mountain and ranch horse. You can lead the string, dude him or drag calves at a branding. We have used Tiger several seasons in our wilderness camp, and nothing in the mountains bothers him. Broke to picket and hobble, gets along well with other horses. Double tough and travels with a big stride. Tiger has been ridden in parades, and gets a lot of comments about his size, color and disposition. Whether you’re leading a sting of mules over the divide or need a horse for an inexperienced friend, Tiger is the gelding. Easy to shoe and load. Current on all vaccinations and worming. Shod, for more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA182 1997 National Spotted Saddle Horse Association Black & White Gelding x Diamante Negro x Despierto and out of Bud’s Easter Bunny x Red Bud’s Rascal. Duke is a speedy 14 hand flashy paint horse that can really cover country. He likes to go and is fun to ride. Duke gets along well with other horses. Current on all vaccinations and worming. Shod, for more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA183 1998 TWHBEA Chestnut Gelding x Gen’s Armed And Dangerous x Pride’s Generator and out of Fantastic Favorite x Pride’s Favorite. Gunner is a very well broke mountains gelding. He has led the pack string and been ridden by clients. He can walk incredibly fast, but will slow down with necessary. Gunner is a good looking walking horse with a wonderful, comfortable stride. Catch him easy, and jump him bareback with a halter. Gunner is good to shoe and load. He crosses water and deadfall and can ride him alone or with company. Gentle and fun. For more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins.MA184
JOSIE - 2002 Grade Bay Molly Mule. Josie is a 14 hand mule with a cute head and stout body. She has been packed and duded extensively in the mountains. Josie is suitable for any level rider. She is sweet, tough and willing. Josie is not afraid of deadfall, water, corduroy bridges or bears. She fits right in and keeps up in line. Good to bridle, shoe and catch. Stands still to get on. Current on all vaccinations and worming. For more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA185 CASSIE - 2002 Grade Black Molly Mule. Black with white points. Cassie is one stout, 15.2 hand pack mule. She has been used extensively in our wilderness camp for three years. Cassie will pack duffle, tents, meat, bridge planks or anything else you can load on her, wherever you want to take her. Cassie keeps up and walks fast. She loves people and is easy to catch. Good to shoe. Been ridden. Cassie is a real sweetheart. Current on all vaccinations and worming. For more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA186 GEORGE - 2004 Grade Bay John Mule. George is a nice, 15.1 hand easy going riding and pack mule. George is out of a Tennessee walking mare, but does not gait, just walks fast with a long stride. George is easy to bridle and good to shoe and catch. He stands still to get on. He has mountains and trail experience and is a nice young mule. Current on all vaccinations and worming. For more info call 406-222-7455 or visit Coggins. MA187
CARL - 2000 Grade Blue Roan Draft Cross Gelding. Stands 15.3 hands and weighs 1300 lbs. ¼ draft, QH cross, blue roan gelding. Carl has been used as a ranch horse; doctoring yearlings and moving cattle through some of W4’s toughest country. Carl can pull anything you dally to. He has also been used to halter break and start colts. Carl could continue as a ranch horse or work in any outfitters string. More info 307-272-4563. Coggins. MA209 CROWBAR - 2004 Grade Blue Roan Draft Cross Gelding. Nice 16 hand, 1300 lb, ¼ draft, QH cross, 5 yr old, true blue roan gelding. He travels good, been ridden outside and around cattle. This gelding drives single, lopes nice circles and drags a log, also been used to pony colts. He is very gentle and easy to catch. Would make a great ranch or outfitter horse. Coggins. More info 307-272-4563. MA210 2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Rainbow Sugar x Sonny Sugar and out of Reo Queen Beat x Socks To Beat. Flame was started as a 3 yr old and calved on this spring. He is a flashy gelding with a flaxen mane and tail and keen head. Coggins. MA217
TUCK - 2002 Grade Buckskin Gelding. Tuck is a 7 yr old buckskin grade QH gelding. Used on ranch and for pleasure riding. Easy to catch, loads, stands well for farrier and bathes. Classy looking and big enough to be a rope horse. Approx. 15.1 hands, 1100 lbs. Coggins. MA218 BARNEY - 2002 Grade Dun Fjord Gelding. Barney is a really cute Fjord gelding that we have been riding all this winter. He is easy to catch, is an easy keeper and has good black feet and a lot of bone. He will make a super family or dude horse. We have been riding out in the hills. He has been exposed to highway traffic, dogs, etc. and does really well. He travels up and down the hills and will go all day. A nice gelding to be around. Coggins. More info 208-659-8371. MA220 BUDDY - 1998 Grade Buckskin Fjord Gelding. Barney is a super sweet Fjord gelding that has been there and done that. He will catch you and is a dream to be around. He has good black feet and a lot of bone. He has been rode in the hills and is highway traffic safe. He is stout enough to carry anyone all day, he is the perfect family or dude horse. Buddy is safe, sound and a really fun horse to have around. More info 208-659-8371. Coggins. MA221
JACK - 2003 Grade Gray Gelding. This is a big gray ranch horse that’s been there and done that. He’ll go all day, is gentle to ride and will pull from the horn. Easy to catch and load and he’s got the speed. Come take a Jack for a test ride, or call 208-530-0829 for more info. Coggins. MA223 DOLLY - 2003 Grade Sorrel Mare. Cute little sorrel mare that’s been ridden in the mountains and done some ranch work. She’ll catch your eye and is nice to be around. She’ll make you happy and likes a job. Come take a look. Coggins. MA224 RAZZLE - 1996 Grade Sorrel Gelding. Very gentle and easy to ride. My wife rides Razzle most of the time. We just have too many horses and not enough feed. Easy to show and load. Current on West Nile shots. Stands 14.3 hands. MA225
1998 AQHA Gray Gelding x Quincy Blueberry x Blueboy Quincy and out of Shadows Dream Girl x Mitchells Dream. Barney is a good 16.3 hands. He’s very gentle, I’ve driven him with Jack this winter. He can feed the cows and then saddle him and chase one in. Here’s a good looking gelding. Coggins. MA226 JACK - 2003 Grade Gray Gelding. Jack is a percheron cross who rides and drives very gentle. I use him to break colts to drive. He is a good saddle horse for anyone. He’s a real eye catcher. Coggins. MA227 RED - 2005 Grade Sorrel Gelding. Red is a cute draft cross. He’s very gentle, loves people. He rides very well and drives just as good. Coggins. MA228
JON - 2006 Grade Roan Gelding. Jen is broke to drive, very gentle and ready to ride. Hope to have a few rides on him. He’s a percheron cross, nice gelding with a fancy color. Coggins. MA229 JOE - 2006 Grade Gray Gelding. Joe is a percheron cross. He’s very gentle and broke to drive. Joe and Jon are half brothers, will make a nice driving team. Coggins. MA230 SUGAR COOKIE - 2005 Grade Palomino Mare. Beautiful French-cream palomino mare. 4 years old, stands 14.2 hands. Easy to trim, shoe and work with her feet. Up to date on vaccinations and worming. Loads great into slant and/or straight trailers. Used as trail horse, on cattle round ups, and pleasure riding in the country. Athletic with performance horse potential. Not for timid riders. Ready for a life long occupation. Coggins. MA231
HIDALGO - 2005 Grade Sorrel & White Paint Gelding. Outstanding trail and outfitters horse, used in camp since he was 2 years old. Hidalgo is a big 4 year old we raised on the ranch. This colt stands 16 hands and can really cover the country. John Mitchell broke this colt, and as everyone knows they cover a lot of country out there. Our son has ridden this horse for the last 2 years. He is sound and ready to go. Only selling because our son has moved and we have too many young ones to ride. Coggins. MA232 HAPPY - 1994 Grade Appy Gelding. Yes, Happy is an appy. Stands around 14 hands tall. If you are looking for a babysitter, he is the horse for the job. Turn him out for a year, catch him, throw the kids on him and have no worries. Coggins. MA233 EJ - 2000 Grade Brown/White Paint Gelding. He was an older man’s horse who died from cancer about 3 months ago. I bought him from the estate. He hadn’t been rode is a couple of years. I saddled him up and put a snaffle in his mouth and he rode off great. I trotted him around the mountains, he knew where his feet were in the rocks. Seems gentle, weighs around 1250 lbs, and I picked up all his feet easily. If I find a hole in this horse, I will let it be know before we sell him in the ring. Coggins. MA234
BODIE - 2000 Grade Dun/White Paint Gelding. Bodie is a big, flashy paint. He is an easy keeper that has been used for all kinds of work. From doctoring and branding calves at the ranch to being a pickup horse at the arena. I’m not going to pickup at as many rodeos this summer and Bodie is too nice of a gelding to let sit and go to waste. If you want one to make money on, this is him. Coggins. MA235 SIS - 2003 Grade Sorrel Mare. We raised this mate and have used her on the ranch. She is good looking with a kind eye. Very athletic and willing to please. She could go in any direction. Never has offered to buck. Coggins. MA236 2000 AQHA Bay Mare x Ebo Chick x Mr Bo Chick and out of Marks Amber x Mark’s Sunny Boy. We bought this mare as a potential broodmare and just never got around to breeding her. Now that we are down sizing the number of colts we raise, we decided to let her go. We have just been using her to pair out on and just day to day when we need her. Daisy has never offered to buck, is good to show and has a big motor. Coggins. MA237
2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Shawns Commander x Codys Rickashay and out of Moore May Frost x Jack Can Do Moore. Ninja is named because he has a kicking problem, don’t worry. He isn’t the biggest horse, but he might have the biggest heart. My son weaned him at two months, so that he could use the mare to pickup on that summer. It stunted his growth, but not his try. His mother was a great pickup horse that we sold and currently has been placing in the 1D’s as a barrel horse. Ninja has a lot of go in the mountains, and a big whoa when you need it. Looking for a down the road high school rodeo horse, he stands a good chance of being it. We have roped the lead steer on him and used him to gather the winter pasture. Coggins. MA238 1995 APHA Buckskin Tobiano Mare x Royal Touch O Gold x Queen’s Ran Some and out of Tinkys Doll x Cupids Tinky Tee. Ranch broke, blemish left front ankle, skin tag, will not go lame from it, had it since she was born, from barbwire. MA241 HUTCH - 2005 Grade Bay John Mule. Stands 15.3 hands that will easily exceed 16 hands when full grown. Great withers, has done some sorting pen work. Will come to you in the pasture and is easy to catch and leads behind a our-wheeler. Good with his feet and ears, loads, clips and is not bothered by road traffic. A young mule with a load of potential that could do well in many aspects of competition. MA245
BACON - 2002 Grade Paint Gelding. Nice, stocky built horse, he stands about 14.2 hands. Bacon has a very nice handle and good comfortable ride. He has been a lesson horse for both English riding and western riding. He does great in the arena and has been in the mountains plenty. Great 4-H prospect and is that prime age. No vices, guaranteed sound. He has been with us for a while and is a joy to ride, anyone can ride this horse. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 801-361-6772. Coggins. MA247 CHICO - 2002 Grade Gray Gelding. Good looking horse. This guy will get you noticed. He is put together nice, no blemishes, gorgeous long mane and tail. This guy has been all over the Wind River, Wasatch Mountains and everywhere in between. He does great in the mountains and will go where you point him. Nice handle, not too tall, about 14.3 hands and stocky, he is a very nice made horse. He is guaranteed sound and you will love the attention he gets you, great color. Just coming into the prime of his life and is ready for someone to turn him into what they want. He is a great 4H prospect, heel horse prospect, or just a nice mountain horse. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 801-361-6772. Coggins. MA248 2003 AQHA Brown Gelding x What A Warrior Chex x Warrior Command and out of CSJR Delight x Raise The Class. Big, tall, gentle horse, stands about 15.3 hands. Nice, solid horse anyone can ride, he has been roped on, been on the trail with many dudes at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort. He is a big puppy dog horse that will go where you want, smooth traveler and easy going. He is a nice addition to anyone’s outfit. Cooleo is one of those horses that is gentle to be around and will not throw you any surprises. Lay him off for the winter and he is the same horse come springtime, he is ready to go. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 801-361-6772. Coggins. MA249
LITTLE JON - 2005 Grade Chestnut Draft Cross Gelding. Big and gentle is the only way to describe this guy. We started him last year and never had any problems. He’s very easy going and trainable. Stands about 16.2 hands and is built for packing any size load. Gentle enough for kids and would be a great addition to any hunting camp, dude outfit or family wanting a big horse for a big job. Nothing surprises this guy, he will go where you point him and do what is asked. He has a nice handle and moves real nice. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 801-361-6772. Coggins. MA250 2002 APHA Gray Gelding x Koolers Tinky Joe x California Kooler and out of Rocket Silhouette x Smooth City Shadow. Good looking, nice build and easy going. Mac is put together nice, big boned and stout. He has been around and will do any job asked. Gentle for anyone to ride. He will go where he is pointed and has a nice one hand neck rein handle. He stands 15.2 hands and has been ranch employed all his life. He’s been roped on outside and doctored lots of pasture cattle. He’s good looking, talented, smooth traveling, dependable and gentle. Anyone would be proud to own this gelding form the serious rancher to the recreational rider. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 801-361-6772. Coggins. MA251 SKID - 2000 Grade Black Gelding. Big, tall, stout made horse stands 15.3 hands. This guy is a real cowboy looking horse. He has done a little of everything. He has been on of the wranglers favorites to ride. Smooth, ground covering walk and has a real nice handle. He has been hunted on, packed out elk and deer, been used roping, started on barrels and poles and handles it all. He would suit anyone looking for a real well rounded horse that has been exposed to a lot. He is guaranteed sound, good boned and nice, solid black foot on all four corners. For more info call 801-361-6772. Coggins. MA252
2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Bassetts Irish Oak x Paddys Irish Whiskey and out of Fanny Of The Opera x Daves Top Smoke. Paddy is a fancy ranch gelding from a proven program. He was born, raised and made in rough country and knows how to travel. Has a ground covering walk. Done most everything on the ranch. Really good to rope on, tracks well and will work a rope. Has heeled a dozen steers in the arena. Was extremely quiet in the box, good on the corner, and never got chargy. Definite heel prospect. Coggins. MA254 KENO - 2006 Grade Sorrel Gelding. 15 plus hands, and YES HE IS A SORREL….If you can get past the color, he is built for ranch work. Good withers, and takes a deep cinch. Best of all is his mind…If you were to randomly pick 100 three year olds and evaluate them for calmness, quietness under pressure, ability to get along with other stock, and quickness to learn…he would be in the top 8 if not the top 5. Green broke, has done pen sorting, and good with road traffic. Loads, trims, and good with his feet. Easy to catch out in open pasture. MA255 SMOKE - 1996 Bay Molly Mule. Gentle, ride and drive. 15+ hands and friendly. Saddle and harness easy. She has always been with Scorch Coggins. MA260

SCORCH - 1993 Bay Molly Mule. Gentle. 15 hands. Ride and drive. Very easy to like. Saddle and harness & trim easy. She has always been with Smoke. Coggins. MA261

TIGGER - 2004 Bay John Mule. 14 hands. I rasied him; worked with him each year. As a 3 year old we packed him on an elk hunt in Colorado. He did very well. Working on him now for riding. Easy to catch - He will come looking for you. Coggins. MA262 2002 AQHA Dun Gelding. Dunny has been used on the ranch for the last 3 years. Great to ride in the mountains! Surefooted and travels out. Started heeling and tying down on last fall. Will make a nice heel/breakaway horse. Lots of years left. For more info: 307-851-0951 Coggins. MA265 2002 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Lil Raider Dandy x Fancys Dandy Bark out of Brandy Red Lady x Fancy Red Bar Boy. Waylon is a really nice ranch horse. Smooth to ride, sure footed in the mountains, and you can rope anything you want. Started healing and tying down on. Will make an awesome heel horse! Easy to catch, shoe and worm. Great little horse! For more info: 307-851-0951 Coggins. MA266
2002 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Lil Raider Dandy x Fancys Dandy Bark out of Brandy Red Lady x Fancy Red Bar Boy. Waylon is a really nice ranch horse. Smooth to ride, sure footed in the mountains, and you can rope anything you want. Started healing and tying down on. Will make an awesome heel horse! Easy to catch, shoe and worm. Great little horse! For more info: 307-851-0951 Coggins. MA266 1995 AQHA Palomino Mare x Rods Crystal Marty x Zombi Clark Bar and out of Misty Youra Dun x Flaxeys Burner. Goldie is a sweetheart. Meets you at the gate and loves attention. We have used her here on the ranch, for team penning and she has done some roping. 308-991-8548 Coggins. MA270 2006 APHA Blue Roan Overo Mare x Hancock Mine x Last Apache Joe and out of buckle Bunny McCue x coal Power McCue. This colorful filly has a good mind and a nice start. She should go on and make someone an excellent saddle horse. 308-991-8548 Coggins. MA271
Application - 2008 AQHA Gray Stallion. Tubby is a stout made little horse that will be big enough to do any job when he grows up and he will look nice doing it. Check him out! 308-991-8548 Coggins. MA 272 Application - 2008 AQHA Red Roan Mare. Tootsy is a good looking filly with a world of possibilities. Has a good disposition and is ready for a new home. 308-991-8548 Coggins. MA273 2003 AQHA Bay Gelding x El Mistral x El Roco and out of Miz Jean Lafitte TB x Up Sharpen. Very nice, well bread gelding with 60 days riding. Used to pack in the mountains. Easy to shoe. Current on all shots and worming. MA276
PAINT PONY - 2000 Sorrel Tobiano gelding. Well-built, stocky horse with lots of heart. Used in a feedlot, ranch work and roping calves. Lots of miles in the mountains. Very good traveler, will out-walk and out-work most horses. Easy to shoe. Nice all around horse. All shots and worming current. MA277 2005 AQHA Bay Gelding x Sun Bar Hickory x Sugar Frost Boy and out of Dry Golden Chick x Puro Chic. A real pretty bay gelding that has had about 90 days of professional reining training. He has all the qualities you are looking for in a performance horse. Coggins. MA278 REX - 2004 Gray John Mule. Rex is an awesome put together 14.3 hand horse mule. Broke to saddle and pack. We have not started riding him yet but may by sale day. He has the color and conformation to be a great saddle mule, he is willing to please and a sucker for treats, but needs to gain your trust to be caught in the big pasture. Give him some TLC and he’ll go any direction you want to take him. Rex is a really nice young mule ready and willing to learn more. Don’t pass up this opportunity at a great prospect. MA282
CRAWFORD - 2004 Red Roan Jack Donkey. Crawford is a beautiful red roan Mammoth Jack, 58” tall. He loves people and is great around kids. He runs with geldings and mules without separation. Easy to catch, lead, load and clip. Puts beautiful color on the ground. We do not live cover with him, as we did not want our mares injuring him. Crawford would make a great condition to any breeding program, and he’s better to listen to than any rooster I know. We will be sad to see him go, but we have to cut back. MA283 1998 AQHA Bay Gelding x All Night High x On A High and out of Truckle Bunny x Up N Truckle. This barrel horse came off the Oklahoma Racetrack with several wins befor he was trained for barrel racing. He has had training by professional barrel horse trainer Lyndee Stairs. This gelding has a lot of potential but owner has to sell due to time constraints. He is extremely gentle and bombproof with allot of speed. He needs to be hauled consistently. Currently has been placing in 2D. MA284 2004 APHA Sorrel Tobiano/Overo Gelding x Smoken White Diamonds x Montana Smoke and out of Sonnys Cameo Doll x Sir Sonny Bar. Own Great Grandson of Mr Gun Smoke, AQHA 157,943. NCHA Certificate of Ability, NCHA $8476, AQHA Superior Cutting, AQHA Show ROM sire: AQHA Honor Roll Performance, AQHA Superior Performance, APHA ROM Cutting. Has been under training by Pat Mitchell. This horse can go all day. MA287
2004 AQHA Brown Gelding x Cool mania x Ima Cool Skip and out of Larks Lady King x Button High Lark. This big, handsome, dark gray gelding has 60 rides. About 30 in the arena and 30 in the brush and trail. He is an easy catch in any size pasture. Crosses water, shoes, and hauls easily. Has neck rain and good ground manners. Not ready for beginning rider yet but should be in another year. Coggins. MA294 MIGHTY MOUSE - 2006 Rose/Gray Belgian/Paint Cross Gelding. Sired by Barele Du Ben x Shadow Hill Mentor and out of Connies Top Cat x Top Cat Robin. 14.3 hands, 975 lbs. Bought as yearling, hoping he’d grow, but hasn’t gotten big, so selling. Will make a great all-around ranch/trail/pleasure/driving horse. Quiet, sensible, willing, honest and kind. Safe enough for intermediate junior, sturdy enough for adult. Raised in breaky rangeland - surefooted and smart. Rides out in the lead, or follows cheerfully. Worked 60 days by professional trainer/owner. No buck, rear, spook or kick. Ties, loads, crosses water and ponies well. Good with feet and clippers. Comfortable balanced gaits; forward walk. Mouse loves humans, is easy to catch and affectionate. He will also fetch your dropped hat. Coggins. MA295 1996 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Frankie Baby x Doc’s Remedy and out of Sunnys First Flame x Poco Flame. Caramel Palomino, exceptional in every way. He is quiet, gentle and anyone can ride him; 8 yrs to 80 yrs old. Ride him single or double, bareback or saddled. Great in the arena. Rides up the leads, wonderful mover. Big, stout horse, easy keeper. Has worked cattle, hunted, packed and many hours on trail. Great pedigree. He shoes, clips, ties and trailers easy. You won’t be disappointed. Coggins. MA306
2007 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Beckwith Button Jay x Beckwith Playboy and out of SNW Miss Doc Hancock x Hancock Leo Dream. If you’re looking for color and pedigree here it is! Doc O Dynamite’s great grandson. Nice colt - ready to start. Athletic enough for arena or ranch. MA317 SARGE - 2003 Bay 1/2 Draft Gelding. Sired by grade Percheron stud and Quarter horse mare. AS tough as they come. He’s been my guide horse for the last two years. Coggins. MA323 COWBOY - 2005 Bay ½ Draft Gelding. This has been my twelve year old daughter’s project. Very gentle. Used in hunting camp for Wrangle horse. Would be ready for Dude string this fall. Coggins. MA324
CHIC - 2005 ½ Draft Paint Gelding. Used as guide horse last fall and packed. Has great start. No buck. Would be ready for dude string for this fall. Coggins. MA325 JASMUN - 1997 Black Molly Mule. Rides, packs. We’ve used her for 5 years in our hunting business. She is our best kitchen mule. Will pack anything that you canload. Very gentle. Would make a good kids mule. Coggins. MA326 CHILI PEPPER - 2002 Grade Roan Gelding. Nice sorrel with roan in flanks and flaxen mane and tail. Been used on the ranch and in the mountains. Roped some, trail rode and hunted a lot. He’s nice to look at and ride. Crosses water, logs and bridges, has good feet and shoes easily. Coggins. MA197
LIL JOHNNY - 1999 Grade John Mule. Nice little kid safe mule. Stands 12 hands, stout little john mule that’s been packed in the wilderness a lot. He rides really nice and you can rope or crack a bull whip off of him. An 11 yr old boy has used him extensively riding in the mountains gathering horses and just horsing around. Coggins. MA198 2003 APHA Palomino Overo Gelding x Shadows Sure Fancy x Sonny Super Star and out of Versas Inspiration x Versa Star. Check Me Twice is a 6 yr old palomino gelding. He stands at 15.2 hands and weighs 1300 lbs. I have owned this horse for a couple of years and he has been my personal horse. I have done everything off this horse’s back. I have hunted deer in south Arkansas, hog hunted, shot off him, drug deer and hogs out of the wood with him. I have roped outside on him a lot, doctored calves and caught cattle in the open with him. I have taken him to the local parades, team penning and ranch sorting and he will really watch and cut a cow. My 7 yr old boy and 13 year old girl have rode him everywhere. He is very flashy, good looking, good all around using gelding that anyone can ride. Coggins. MA222 2007 AQHA Black Stallion x Colonel Jac Picanic x JB Power Ten and out of Zips Diamond Bell x Darks Diamond Dancer. He is a coal black stallion prospect sired by our black double bred Colonel Freckles Stallion and out of a palomino mare that traces back to Sonny Dee Bar and Baron Bell. The ground work has been completed on this young stallion or gelding prospect if you wish. You will appreciate the way this young horse is made as well as his color and breeding. Current on shots and worming. Coggins. MA279
2007 APHA Buckskin Paint Stallion x High Country Ghost x Exclusive Ghost and out of Tackys Pink Lady x Tackys Beau. Uniquely marked buckskin tobiano/overo stallion prospect sired by our High Country Ghost stallion and out of a Cremello Quarter horse mare that traces back to Tackadial and Skips Badland. The ground work has been completed on this young stallion or gelding prospect if you wish. You will appreciate not only his unique color but his tremendous conformation and attitude. He is one of a kind. Current on shots and worming. Coggins. MA280 2007 Bay Tobiano Stallion x Zans Crème Delight x Zans Rebel Buck and out of HC Miss Good Time x High Country Ghost. Buckskin Tobiano stallion prospect by our Perlino Quarter horse stallion Zans Crème Delight and out of a High Country Ghost daughter who is in turn out a running Quarter horse mare by Pueblo Pro. The ground work has been completed on this young stallion or gelding prospect if you wish. You will appreciate the color, conformation and quickness of this young athlete. Current on shots and worming. Coggins. MA281 HICKORY - 2002 Blue Roan Quarter Horse. Big, stout gelting. Quiet and gentle. Broke to ride and drive. Good looking with a very nice head. Coggins. MA303
BOGIE - 2001 Bay Grade Mare. Bogie is a perfect wrangler horse for a guest ranch or outfitter. She is well broke to wrangle in horses, lead rides, or even put intermediate guests on. She has been roped off some and has drug calves. Perfect, big hard black feet. Great to shoe. Good handle. Doesn’t tire out. Good size, ¼ Belgian. 16+ hands. NO buck. Shod. Coggins. MA329 GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY - 1998 Brown Molly Mule. Ms. Molly is a striking brown molly mule. Has an exceptional build. She stand 15 hands and weighs 1150#, is well muscled and has a good foot on her. She has been ridden all over Montana, is a point and go type of mule. She crosses water, bridges and logs; is good footed in rough terrain. And you will not find another mule, who can out walk her. She is guaranteed sound, UTD on worming and farrier. MA341 WAKLIN N HIGH COTTON - 2002 Black John Mule. Walker was raised by our family. He is a black john mule with four stocking legs. He will stand tied all day long, and is good for the farrier. He is a sturdy size mule, 14.3, has good feet and nice conformation. He can be ridden bareback with a halter, or saddle him up once a year and head out. He has been ridden on just about eveyr trail in MT, ID and WY. He is broke with a neck rein and has a nice soft lope. He has also been used to chek fences, sort pairs and doctored a few outside. He is good with his feet in roudh terrain, crosses water and logs, has been exposed to game. We think he is flashy and fancy enough to make a competitive show mule. When he was younger he was packed extensively, but as of late, been ridden in the mountains. He is hardy, has a good smooth ground covering gate. Walker is one who receives allot of attention and compliments. He is guaranteed sound. UTD on worming and farrier. MA342
2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Ponita Pistol x Peponita and out of Nifty Notion x Old Pueblo. Pretty nice gelding ready and bred to go any direction. Been roped on outside and rode in rough country. Nice traveler and good to shoe. Coggins. MA349 2004 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding x Gfr Blazen Spurs x Spur My Britches and out of Lees Little Dolly x Doc Horn Evane. Blue is a big stout gelding. He was raised and trained by Pete Piatz. He has been in rough country and done ranch work. A very nice gelding. Coggins. MA352 2005 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Mare x Commander Riminic and out of Ladys April Love x Connys Bandit Love. A pretty paint mare that has been trained in reining cowhorse with limited show experience. She could make a great horse the whole family would enjoy. Coggins. MA353
2006 APHA Sorrel Solid Gelding x Laredo Blud x Mecom Blue and out of Ladys April Love x Connys Bandit Love. He is big and solid and we’ve used him to move cows, rope and gather. He will make a great all-around using horse. Coggins. MA354 2006 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Amando Pistolero x Playgun and out of Peppy sans Valentine x Peppy san Quemada. We have used him for all ranch activities, sorting, branding, etc. He is very cowy and would make a great rope horse or solid ranch horse. He just keeps getting better. Coggins MA355 2005 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Blue Spark Olena x Shining Spark and out of San Rose Red x Blue Drifting Smoke. Flashy, red roan gelding with lots of athleticism. Will watch a cow and has been worked on the flag and live cattle. He lopes smooth and has an ice turn-around. He’s got great potential for any performance style horse. Coggins. MA356
2000 AQHA Bay Gelding x Daddy’s Partner x Partnership and out of Sissy Speed x American Speed. Barrel/heading horse. Gentle, athletic with allot of speed. Can do any type of ranch work. Roped steers all summer and this winter. Been hauled to barrel jackpots all winter. Running 2D times with lots more to give. Easy to ride, shoe, do anything with. Ready to haul and go. MA377 VALENTINE - 2003 Grade Bay Roan Mare. Sweet, pretty mare that is the perfect hard to find size. She’s been used to bring the roping steers back to the chute by a 9yr old boy. Also been trail ridden a ton and goes where she is pointed. Super gentle and laid back. Valentine would work out for the whole family to enjoy. Lots of color, shape and a baby doll head. Safe and 100% sound. For more info call 608-604-0333. Coggins. MA385 LITTLE JOE - 1996 Bay Pony He stands 13.2 hands. He has been used extensively in the mountains and on the ranch. He also has been used in Jr. rodeos and O-mok-sees this past year. The kids have moved to other horses so Little Joe needs a home that will use him. He does need a kid that has some riding experience as he has lots of spunk. He loads, shoes and clips great. Don’t pass this little guy up. Coggins. MA391
1998 APHA Dun Solid Gelding x Cowboys Pistoleo x Ima Poppingpistol and out of Miss CJ Max x Sooner Express. Ranch broke gelding has been calved on, doctor calves and yearling, pulls calf sled, big stout, gentle. Loads, trims & shoes. Crosses water and ditches. Has been hunted on and has packed elk. For more info: 406-670-5037 MA392   2005 Grullo Draft Cross Gelding. OUTFITTERS TAKE A LOOK HERE. Jackson is a 16+ hand gelding that is super gentle. He has been used this fall and winter in AZ as a dude horse and has also been used to give lessons on as well and has been used in clinics too. He is a super willing gelding that will do anything asked of him. He has a great disposition and is very people friendly. He will stand quiet and patiently for you to get on and is used to having amounting block used. He will travel out by himself or with a group and doesn’t care if he is in the front, back or middle. Not a sour bone in his body. 100% safe, sound and sane. Coggins. MA398 TRUMAN - 1999 Sorrel Haflinger Gelding. Has been used this fall and winter in AZ as a dude and lesson horse. He has been used in clnics and is a very patient gelding that anybody can get along with. He is super gentle and is a great family, trail horse. He is the perfect size for an adult to ride and gentle enough for the kids. He is also cart broke. He has a great personality and is a fun horse to have around. 100% safe, sound and sane. Coggins. MA399
RIO - 1997 Grade Brown Gelding. 16.2 hands, 1300# ranch broke gelding. Been used for all aspects of ranch work. Good or bad weather always rides off the same. Used to gather, sort outside and in the feed lot, doctor calves and yearlings, drug calves to the fire. Night calved on, pull the calf sled, been to some ranch rodeos. Easy to shoe and load. Has a lot of bottom. Can really cover the country. Not for a green rider. Watch for video. Coggins. MA404 BEATRICE - 2006 Black and White Paint Half Draft Mare. Good gentle horse. Easy to get along with. Matches well with our gelding Rastus also consigned to this sale. Coggins. MA406 FLORENCE, FLO, SARAH & SUE - 2002 and 2001 Grade Black Percheron/QH Mare Team. All four are black with a star in forehead. Drive the very best on all equipment, parades, weddings, sleigh rides. 4 up at hand or 4 abreast. MA07
2003 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Peggys Gay Cash x Miss N Cash and out of Southern Bell Bayou x Billy Billy Bayou. A finished barrel racing mare that has been hauled to indoor and outdoor arenas. She is a 20 horse with limited hauling. She has lots of speed and quick turns. She is quiet in and out of the arena. Started on pole bending. Very genle and good to be around. Coggins. MA420 CURLY SUE - 1997 Grade Grey Mare. She is ½ Baskir Curly horse so she is hypoallergenic. She has good bone and foot. She has been used for brandings and ridden outside allot. She is a follower. Coggins. MA426 MISTER - 2003 Grade APHC Leopard Gelding. Purchased as a weanling from Leachmans, only one owner. This colt has been done right, no buck . . Ever. Loads, clips, bathes, ties, hauls. Been used in mountains, over water, timber, hauled to pennings to become exposed to cattle. Has the most willing mind you‘ll find. This young horse can go on to do anything, rope, pleasure, English, trail. Recently trimmed and wormed will be current on vaccination at time of sale. Don‘t pass this young gelding up. He is 15.3 and a leopard MA428  
CONCHO - 2004 Grade Palomino Gelding. Concho is a nice gentle gelding with color - has been used on the ranch to gather and sort cattle also rode in the mountains. He is very willing and nice to ride with a great mind and disposition. Has an ice big foot and very smooth traveler. Very gentle and good to be around. 100% sound. Coggins. MA430 CHOYAS STAGEHOP DITTO - 2003 Grade Bay Gelding. Sired by Golds Sunchoya x Gold Standard and out of Stage Hop x Stage Bird Rocky. MA444 FRANK - 1998 Grade Belgian Mule John. 16.2 hands. Broke to ride, drive and pack. This Amish trained dynamic duo has worked on the farm and been to hunting camp. Packed ok, dudes and kids. Sells as a team with Maggie. MA448

MAGGIE - 1994 Sorrel Grade Belgian Mule John 16.3 hands. Broke to ride, drive and pack. This Amish trained dynamic duo has worked on the farm and been to hunting camp. Packed ok, dudes and kids. Sells as a team with Frank. MA449

DOLLY - 1997 Grade Bay Molly Mule. She’s a very nice mule. She 15 hands, broke to ride, drive and pack. She has been to the mountains several times packing out elk. She has an ice fast walk, exceptionally nice mule. MA455 2001 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Leo Perino x Mr Super Jack and out of Lavera Ladd x Ribbon Skipper. Well broke and gentle. Trained by Greg Brokaw. Been used for calving and sorting cows. Been to hunting camp several times. Drug out elk and packed on. Coggins MA456 2003 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Maudies Kipty Jet x Kipty Jet and out of Ms Tinkys Showdown. A very gentle, dependable ranch horse. A real go with the flow kinda guy. Surefooted, #1 shoe, not clumsy. Very cowy and leggy. Well started, team roping on head side. Ropes in a snaffle and no tie down/ no box issues. Quiet. Coggins. MA458
2004 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Double Shi Skippa x Shi Bar Skip and out of Country Cowgirl Can x Some Lucky Dude. This is a nice young gelding that stands 15 H. We have used him at brandings and we have tracked the heel-o-matic with him. Flagged team ropings on him. He has a gentle disposition and a great personality. Should make a nice rope horse prospect or just keep him on the ranch. 100% sound. Coggins. MA459 2002 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Witch Docs Reed x Skippers Roan Wolf and out of Sammie Lynx x Colonel Billynx. A big strong well built gelding that stands 15 hands. Have used him to gather and sort cattle. We have tracked steers on him, used as a flag horse at team ropings. He is a very easy mover, has natural stop gaits. He has a gentle disposition. Should make a great head horse prospect. 100% sound. Coggins. MA460 2001 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Fred C Hancock x Mutton Puncher and out of Flying Moon Delight x Mar’s Delight. Here is a classy, well made buckskin gelding, stands 15.1 hands. This is a well bred horse that is easy to look at. Rides good outside and has been used around cattle. Very gentle to be around. 100% sound. Coggins. MA461
2005 AQHA Red Dun Gelding x Sugar Bars Tough x Sonny Sugar and out of Jewels Smoky Queen x Smoky’s Bonanza. Here is a big solid made dun gelding that stands 15.2 hands. Foundation bred. Rides outside good, has a ground covering walk. Gentle disposition. Should make a good performance horse prospect or ranch horse. 100% sound. Coggins. MA462 2003 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Ultimate Magic x Magic Cash and out of Bonanza Bar Dee. Here is a well put together buckskin gelding that stands 15.2 hands. Been used to gather and sort cattle. Been rode outside allot and is a good traveler. Has been used to flag team ropings. Was used last fall as a search and rescue horse. Very gentle disposition. 100% Sound. Coggins. MA 463 1993 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x GO Jo Don x Go Etta and out of Elvira Wins x Mon Go. Head Horse, scores good runs really hard. Super good in the box and has allot of rate. Has been to National HS Finals and barreled in college. Fantastic for any roper. Also he is a very good hazing horse. MA473
DISCO - 2002 Red Dun Grade Gelding. He is a super thick and shapey small horse that stands about 14 hands tall. He’s a nice colored red dun with some chrome and is very athletic and has done all the ranch chores and knows his job. He’s a big horse in a small package and has a big walk. He’s well broke and would make a very nice heel horse. Current worming and farrier. For more info call: 605-685-8060 Coggins. MA485 1991 AMHA Bay Mare x Bethesda Avenger x Wawayanda Garfield and out of Misty May x Foxy Rex Lamont. He has been used on the ranch and make a good trail horse. Morgan’s make great mountain horses, lots of stamina, good feet and an easy keeper. Coggins. MA488 1996 AMHA Bay Gelding x Tara’s Supreme Fox x Tara’s Shechinah and out of Orcland Supreme Miss x Orcland Supreme. Has been used in the mountains. Morgan’s make great mountain horses, lots of stamina, good feet and an easy keeper. He is well disciplined and been professionally trained. Coggins. MA489
TRAVELER - 2009 Grade Gray Gelding. Rides really nice. Super gentle, very broke. Anyone can ride. Been used for ranch work, trail rides, can swing a rope on him, has a great potential to do anything you want. Coggins. MA490 BIG DADDY D - 1999 Grade Gray Gelding. This is a great horse broke for anything. Gathered cows, Has drug calves to the fire, he can barrel race, pole bend and rope. Great for kids, junior rode horse or gymkahna or just a pleasure horse. Coggins MA491 2001 AQHA Bay Gelding x Cant Stay Zipped x Zippo Pine Bar and out of Pitchfork Scooter x Isle Dial. A well bred gelding in the prime of his life. Gentle and has absolutely no hump or buck to him. He’s been on countless trail rides and has been exposed to allot. Really looks good in the summer with all of his winter hair shed out. He has just been used for trail rides so far, but has a big body frame to go to work on the ranch. He is also in the AQHA incentive Fund. He is one that can go in any direction and is problem free. Sound. For more information Coggins. MA536
2003 AQHA Gray Gelding x Tee J Silver Bow x Tee J Double Jackie and out of Dollys Sun Frost x Larsons Sugar Frost. He is one outstanding gelding. He’s been used for all phases of ranch work from doctoring cattle to checking fence lines. Goes where he is pointed and never refuses or acts up. Doesn’t spook or look for the boogie man around the corner, and has never tacked up tight or offered to buck. Crosses water and logs without hesitation and is sure footed. He is really handy broke with a one hand neck rein, pivots on a hind foot, and lopes nice circles. I cant’ say anything bad about this gelding and he would make a super nice rope horse prospect. 100% sound in every way. For more information Coggins. MA537 2002 AQHA Gray Gelding x Tuff Buddy Cash x Hard Cash Dash and out of KD Wachter Maiden x KD Stormy Bay. He is a big stand up gelding with allot of cowboy look to him. Really handy broke and has a big stop. A big time arena prospect, with his pedigree and talent he should take you to the top. Big enough to pull anything you want to latch on to. 100% sound in every way. For more information Coggins. MA538 2003 AQHA Dun Gelding x Sonny Osiris x Judge Me Sonny and out of Poco Tuffy Jewel x Poco Tuffy Won. He is a well made gelding. He’s got a ton of color with all dark points and a black mane and tail. He is gentle to be around and super nice prospect for any direction. He’s had allot o fwet saddle pads and lots of outside miles. Turns on hi hind end and learns very quick. Sound. For more information Coggins. MA539
2004 APHA Buckskin Overo Gelding x Gundys Rascal x Cool Rascal and out of Dueces Blue CC x Deuce Hancock. He is a loud colored buckskin paint. Very gentle and has never offered to buck. He’s been on tons of trail rides and handles with a one hand neck rein. Very personable and loves attention. Hard to find gelding with his whole life ahead of him. Sound and up to date on his shots. For more information Coggins. MA540 2001 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Rays Comanche Sorrel x San Peppys Hand and out of Poco Miss Hand x Poco Diego 007. He is a solid made gelding with allot of shape and bone. You can use him hard all day, everyday. Rides with a one hand neck rein and has a big country covering walk. He lopes nice, circles and would make a great calf roping prospect. Royally bred from top to bottom. Sound in everyway. For more information Coggins. MA541 ROPE HORSE DELUXE!!

182 AQHA Perf Points!! Superior Heading!! Superior Heeling!!

1997 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x The Dignitary X The Intimidator and out of Teslas Hot N Smokin x Hobbys Hot Set Up. Superior heading, superior heeling. 182 Performance Points. 49 Halter points. 29 all around Ch AQHA Incentive Fund. Coggins. More info 503-720-4731. MA 548

2001 Bay Solid Gelding x San U Doc x Elbe Doc and out of Kevs Doc Bruce x Bandaros Mr Tough. Stout made cowbred, stands 15.1, used on ranch and taken on hunting trips, has also been packed on. Current worming, shots and shod. Coggins. MA556 2001 AQHA Gray Gelding x Dash For Cash Dan x Power of Cash and out of Ronnys Gray Lady x Mr Kicker Roan . Attractive Gray Gelding, stands 15.1, medium muscle, good foot and bone. Gentle and nice to be around. Ridden on ranch and in the mountains elk hunting. Current on worming, shots and shod. Coggins. MA557 2000 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Dee Bars Imprint x Doc’s Dee Bar and out of Whiskey First Class x Whiskey Gold. Nice ranch rode gelding. Easy to catch, saddle, shoe and load. Coggins. MA89