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Text the word Billings to 313131 to receive our latest text notifications!

Our next On Premise Regular Horse Sale

JUNE 25 & 26
Featuring Performance Horses
including a session of ONLINE horses (all sell at Billings Livestock)

FRIDAY: 3 p.m. SPECIAL Preview HorsePalace
Arena Exit 437 on I-90 Preview event order:
Barrel Horses - Pole Horses -
Cutting Horses - Saddle/Ride/Team Roping Horses

SATURDAY: 8 a.m. Loose Horses Sell
9 a.m. Preview (weather permitting) BLS Arena
12 Noon Sale Time

SUNDAY: 8 a.m. Cowboy Church BLS Sale Arena

  ROPE, RIDE, RANCH or RECREATE, these sales will have it all.

All classes of horses sell including mares, geldings, stallions, prospects and young stock.
This sale is stuffed FULL of good horses. Come see us.

NOTICE: Consignors as of April 1, 2017 all catalog/supplement horses (any horse being lead or ridden through the arena) are required to have a current EIA (coggins) test. Including babies being sold on the side. This includes horses from the State of Montana.

Call us 406-245-4151 or email us at



(update is not the actual catalog and does not contain hip/sale numbers)

Please note that as of August 1, 2019 Billings Livestock will no longer be offering the OPEN CONSIGNMENT portion of our sales.

#cowboyslivehere - #thisisBLS - #goodhorses

Credibility and Dependability are important to us at Billings Livestock Horse Sales.
At Billings Livestock Horse Sales, all horses that are ridden through the ring and sell as a result of being ridden through the ring, are GUARANTEED SOUND until Monday Noon following the Saturday Sale and Tuesday Noon following the Sunday Sale unless otherwise stated from the block. To further define our policy, if the horse sells at 6 p.m. on the Saturday of our sale, the horse will be guaranteed sound for an additional 42 hours - Noon on Monday.
What we here at BLS Horse Sales consider sound is: Sight out of both eyes, good in the air, hit the ground sound on all four, and not to crib.

Bred mares - mares can be sold two ways:  EXPOSED - defined as "Exposed to a stallion" not guaranteed as bred, but may be.  OR - GUARANTEED BRED - the mare is sold BRED.
Your confidence in our sale does make a difference!   See you at the sale - and remember - at BLS, We Like Horses!

Upcoming Sales Horse Photos   SEE PHOTOS OF SALE HORSES
Consignments listed below by sale - e-mail us at to request a complete catalog 

A FILE number for each horse follows the consignment information and description.  This number is a reference number that you can use when you call our office for additional information on the particular consignment.  THIS IS NOT THE HIP NUMBER OR SALE NUMBER ORDER.   This number is simply a tool for you to utilize prior to the publishing of the catalog to further research a consignment. Click the link listed above as Current Catalog for full hip order 10 days before the sale date.

Reference numbers for each session will follow each horse description and are as follows:








ONLINE – SHILOH – 2012 GRADE Flaxen Mane & Tail Sorrel Belgian/Haflinger Cross Gelding. 15.2 hands. Broke to ride and drive. Been trail ridden and a good sure footed horse that has been everywhere in the mountains. He has led a pack string. He crosses rivers and bridges and has been in parades. A very gentle gelding. He has a big motor and will go nonstop. This gelding is impressive and speaks for himself. Come check him out. 307-620-5561 or 307-272-4379. Coggins. JO1

ONLINE – LUCKY – 2013 GRADE Chocolate Palomino Belgian/Standardbred Cross Gelding. 16.1 hands. Broke to ride and drive single or double and traffic broke. Been everywhere in the mountains. Has rode next to buffalo, bear, and elk. Worked at a guest ranch working with anybody from 3 year olds to seniors. Steps out and goes where you point him. Friendly and sweet to the core. A gentle in your pocket kind of horse with a unique personality. Been across everything you can think of rivers, bridges, teeter totters, and tarps. Led pack strings. A nice solid anybody kind of horse. Come look at him you won’t be disappointed. Sound. 307-620-5561 or 307-272-4379  Coggins. JO2

ONLINE – YELLOW VAQUERO – 2016 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Rojo Vaquero x Mr Red Man Hancock out of Hollywood Pal Sal x Timberlake Dude. BIG TIME rope horse prospect. Been trained and rode by Justin Lucht since he was a 2 year old. This gelding has had a full time ranch job for 2 1/2 years.  He is sure footed in rough terrain, good crossing water and downed timber. Has roped all classes of cattle. Has been used to pick up bucking horses. Dally short, step off at the trailer and kiss to him, he'll pull whatever he's attached to right on in. He runs hard to cattle. Good to shoe, tie and load.  He is ready for the arena. Handy trained in every way. He's gentle and keeps his composure when put into a tight spot. His dam has produced many fine performance horses in her long career. Rojo Vaquero was known for his trainability, correct conformation and athleticism. There won't be any more as we lost him 5 years ago. Come see Yellow Vaquero in person, it will be worth the trip. For more information call or text Justin at 307-272-5903. Coggins. JO3

ONLINE – GAY BAR MOON – 2018 APHA Chestnut Tobiano Gelding x Gay Bar Lucky Jac x Sugs Tru Luck out of WS Moondancer x Fly MeBrightMoon. Draco’s (Gay Bar Moon) sire Gay Bar Lucky Jac is a 6 time World Champion and a 2 time Reserve World Champion! He was named 2014 APHA World Show All Around Western Performance Horse and Oscar Criglar Cattle award winner. Draco could be a strong reiner, and although he has not worked cattle, he doesn't shy from them. He is willing and ready to go to any discipline wherever you want to take him. Ready to please, smart, willing to learn. 970-222-7176. Coggins. JO4

ONLINE – SOMBRE DE LA LUNA – 2011 GRADE Brown Mustang Mare. This gorgeous, well built 15hh mare has the heart of a lion and will try her heart out with anything asked of her. Smart and great minded, she's quick to learn. It won't take long until she becomes your favorite go to horse on the ranch. From dragging logs to being put behind cows, jumping over ditches or fallen trees, arena work and simply just trail riding (she loves water) she could go in any direction. This great mare loves to please and shows potential to be very cowy. Ropes have been swung on her and around her, not an eye has been batted. With her outstanding demeanor, you can put anyone on her and she will walk all day or work all day. She loads and hauls nicely. This lovely mare would be an excellent addition to your herd as she presents not only looks and a solid build, but the will, try and heart to do absolutely anything for her rider. 970-443-7873. Coggins. JO5

ONLINE – SENSATONS VALENTINE – 2015 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Sugarwood Sensation x Driftwood Sensation out of Hairpin Golden Red x Valentine Red Rogers. Bridger is a well started, go anywhere, through and over anything horse. He loads, backs out, stands, leads, trims and shod all with manners. He is bred for cows but has not had a lot of experience with them as of yet. He will stay on one though and allow himself to be lead well. Ropes have been thrown off him and he has dragged logs etc. Good mind, willing and wants to please. 15.3 hands. Looking for a partner and wanting to hook up. This is your buddy for life if you want one.719-502-9324. Coggins. JO6

ONLINE – PICOS COWTOWN – 2013 AQHA Bay Gelding x Mr Gallo Del Cielo x Gallo Del Cielo out of Charmin Pico Cross x Tari Pines For You. Stout, quick footed, well broke. Scores great, breaks flat, runs hard to cattle and has a great move and face. Pico is a horse the whole family can enjoy. From upper lever roper to the kids. He is a good looking athlete that you can head, heel and calf rope on. He has been to South Point WSTR Finals heading and heeling.  We have an arena in Wickenburg, AZ with cattle to try him on. Call for more videos and pictures. Robin 602-910-0396 Picos Cowtown - YouTube  Coggins. JO7

ONLINE – BENTON – 2013 GRADE Gray Gelding. 16.3h. Benton is one for the entire family. He can be turned out for 6 months or rode every day and you will have the same horse. He can do it all. Rough country, water, bridges, or be an excellent head horse prospect. Beginner or advanced, he will work accordingly. 406-596-1242.  Coggins. JO8

ONLINE – SAN COLONELS BLAZE – 2010 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Peppy San Colonel x San Colonel out of Sky View Samy Bueno x Dear Carol Special. Blaze stands at 14.1HH. He's drug calves to the fire, practiced heeling and breakaway, and knows the barrel and pole pattern. He's been used for ranch work, loves to be loved, and would make any little cowboy or cowgirl a best friend. He's got more whoa than go, which makes him perfect for kids. 406-450-1577. San Colonels Blaze Palomino Gelding - YouTube Coggins. JO9

ONLINE – CHAMP – 2012 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. 15.1 hands. Powerful build and handsome. Champ is a "Git-R-Done" type of horse, has never offered to buck but is more of a cowboy horse than a child’s horse.  Mostly ranched on, also roped on and is a fun horse to ride. Ridden by my 15 year old daughter. Check him out in the preview. 307-467-5343. Coggins. JO10

ONLINE – TRUMP – 2009 GRADE Black Paint Pony Gelding. 48in pony gelding. Handsome, kind, and gentle. Rides and drives. One of the prettiest pony geldings I have ever seen. Check Trump out on the preview. 307-467-5343. Coggins. JO11

ONLINE – HAPPY – 2008 GRADE Appaloosa Pony Gelding. 48in pony gelding.  The perfect size and very easy going.  Broke to ride and good with his feet.  Check him out in the preview. 307-467-5343. Coggins. JO12

ONLINE – DAN & DOLLY – 2007 GRADE Brown & White Draft Pony Gelding/Mare. Well matched, standing 54in tall. You can do whatever you want with them.  Ride or drive, neck rein, side pass.  They have also been roped on.  Mostly been rode the last while.  Check them out in the preview. 307-467-5343. Coggins. JO13/JO14

ONLINE – PISTOL – 2016 GRADE Black Paint Gelding. Extra, extra gentle, broke to ride and drive.  Pistol has been ridden in the hills and mountains.  We have roped with him in the branding pen and outside as well.  He stays gentle with time off.  No hump or buck and he drives as nice as he rides.  Pistol would make a wonderful carriage horse.  Traffic safe and sound in every way.  Contact for video footage being rode and driven. 307-281-2273. Coggins. JO15

ONLINE – RUGER – 2012 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Very well broke to ride.  We have used Ruger for all aspects of ranch work and roped in the arena with him.  He is a solid, honest ranch gelding. Stands 15 hands and has a small scar on a front foot. 307-281-2273. Coggins. JO16

ONLINE – BUGSY – 2010 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. 15 hands. Bugsy is a fancy gelding, very well broke and has had a lot of experience in feed lots and on the ranch.  He stays gentle with time off.  He is fun to ride on trails as well as the ranch.  He is fancy to look at with no scars or blemishes. 307-281-2273. Coggins. JO17

ONLINE – COMMANCHE – 2014 GRADE Leopard Appaloosa Gelding. 15hh. Commanche is a great all around horse. He has done everything from ranch work, trail riding and arena work. Rides out alone or in groups. Traffic safe. Good with dogs. No maintenance or health issues. Sound in every way. 701-934-1000 or 218-689-7209. Coggins. JO18

ONLINE – A HARDY GIN – 2012 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Easy Continental x Continental Chad out of Meet Miss Olena x Sweet Meet. I have owned Goldie for 5 years. Stands 15.1 weighs 1100 lbs. I have used him on the ranch calving, branding, sorting, loading trucks.  Goldie is easy to catch, shoe, hobble broke and will load into a trailer. He crosses water, logs and really walks down the trail at a nice long walk. He is a nice gentle gelding. Is UTD on immunizations and worming. Sam Redding 406-666-2330 or 406-665-7161. Coggins. JO19

ONLINE – LDR TROOPER – 2014 GVHS Piebald Gelding x LDR Whiskey x Pompeii out of Lone Dove’s Anya x The Lion King. LDR Trooper is Registration #GV06285, going back to Pompeii on the top and The Lion King on the bottom.  He is a 14.1 hand seven-year-old mega-sweet stout black and white Gypsy Vanner gelding. He has an excellent neck rein and will give to leg pressure.  Trooper will catch you. He is easy to shoe and jumps right in a trailer.  He gets along with all the other horses and mules.  Trooper has an average walk until you ask him to step up, and he can really travel.  He has a soft lope.  He has been ground driven but not hitched. He is fine with dogs. He will stand to get on and off. He likes attention and has a respectful, kind disposition. Trooper has the long flowing mane and huge tail known to the breed, but he is also a fun broke responsive family trail horse. We have given him a real job in the Montana mountains. Current on wormer, and EWT/Flu/Rhino vaccinations. Online and phone bids welcome at and delivery available. For more photos, info, and video contact or (406)222-7455. Coggins. JO20

ONLINE – OTIS – 2016 GRADE Chromed Out Dun Gelding. Otis is a one of a kind gelding! He is the perfect balance of a ranch horse, GENTLE and PRETTY. Otis has put his time in working- he has gathered, sorted, penned, roped and doctored cattle. He has been used extensively on the ranch as well as at the salebarn. He will sidepass to open and close gates and push cattle up loading ramps. But don’t worry, cowpony is just a portion of his resume! Otis is amenable to non-cowboy activities. He is a dream to trail ride on! He crosses water, logs and bridges with ease and confidence. He even enjoys obstacle courses with tarps and teeter totters. Otis rides well out by himself or with a group. Concerned that this beauty is too tall to mount easily?? Well don’t be! Otis will sidepass over to a mounting block or whatever you clammer up on so that you can mount comfortably. Otis is an absolute gentleman on the ground also. He stands quietly when tied. He is great to shoe and bathe. He willing loads in any trailer and will back or lead out. Otis is a sweet guy when he’s turned out as well. He is not aggressive to other horses or mules and is easy to catch. Please call 651-303-7056 to discuss this great horse.  Coggins. JO21

ONLINE – KAUFFMANS FLASHY BUDDY – 2018 NASDHA Black Tobiano Gelding x H.G’s Lynn Jr x Linnview Did-It Bob out of Kauffmans Flashy Millie x Farbig Buddy. Bud is a 3 year old Registered Spotted Draft Gelding. This beautiful boy stands at 16.2HH and is very well put together. Raised right here on the ranch. He has been put to use doctoring cattle, tagging calves, and has been lightly started during roping practice heading and healing out of the box. He is broke to drive as well, and does great pulling the buggy. Bud is kind and so eager to please, no matter what you are asking him to do! FMI, please feel free to CALL (landline, no texts) 406.980.0252 and for more pictures and video, check out   We will update the album with more pictures and videos as we take them! Coggins. JO24

ONLINE – CHROME TIME CAT – 2017 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x RS Cats Starlight x High Brow Cat out of ALotta Little Lena x PeptoTime. Your dream horse come true! Chrome is a gorgeous blaze face, stocking legged sorrel gelding that has a disposition out of this world. He is gentle, gentle, excellent mover and really watches a cow. He rides around the best and anyone can ride him. His pedigree is tops in the cow horse world. He’s great to shoe, will stand tied for hours and follows you whenever you’re with him. Great to get on for old ladies or old men. Up to date on floating, shoeing and worming. For more info or video please call Mimi at 406-672-3371 or 307-763-9468. Coggins. JO25

ONLINE – SBC JOE CY – 2020 AQHA Brown Gelding x Daimon’s Tale x Tale Of The Cat out of FQHR Grulla My Dream x Goldun Poco Storm. This gorgeous colt is by a grandson of the immortal Storm Cat out of a cow-bred mare.  Sire, Daimon’s Tale also sired the winner of the ND Grass Roots futurity and Derby. Words fail me in describing this baby. Do yourself a favor and look him up on sale day. I couldn’t build one better! 701-471-1304. Coggins. JO26

ONLINE – SBC BEST DAY EVER – 2020 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x Be A Diamond Someday x Dash For Perks out of Intent To Charge x A Goin Boone. Very stylish colt by a promising young sire, Be A Diamond Someday out of an outstanding mare with an impeccable pedigree. Incentives; Homegrown Classic, 5 State, and PESI.  Stallion manager intends to enroll Somedar in Future Fortunes as soon as he is eligible. This colt has a healed scar on the left side of his neck.  Not a soundness issue. 701-471-1304. Coggins. JO27

ONLINE – WEE ZP DOC O MOLLY – 2014 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Zan Parrs Poco x Zan Parr Arrow out of Wee Doc O Molly x Doc O Montana. Jlo is a solid breakaway horse. she tracks, scores solid, and fires hard off of the corner. She has competed on a high school and college rodeo level. I also started Jlo on the barrels and team roping (heading). Great to ride on trails and move cows. Easy to haul, bath, shoe, and good with other horses. 208-690-9187. Coggins. JO28

ONLINE – TM SAKEM CARL – 2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Sorrel Gelding x TM Sakem Drift x Sun Frost Country out of Jazzy Little Pepper x Annies Little Pepper. Carl is a 2011 model sorrel gelding with chrome hind socks and face strip.  He is big boned and shapely.  A "been-there-done-that" all-around gentleman, Carl has been trail ridden and cattle driven.  At 15.2 hands, you can rope and crack whips off him. Easy keeper, stands for farrier, loads and will go through anything you ask him to. Please note that Carl had a wire cut as a young foal on his front right fetlock just above hoof that healed without incident and has always been sound per vet and farrier.   605-906-2319. Coggins. JO29

ONLINE – EARL – 2006 GRADE White Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross Gelding. Earl stands 15.3hds and is broke to ride and drive. Earl is as quiet and gentle as they come. Perfect trail riding horse and is as smooth as glass. His previous job was pulling Santa on a sleigh around Minnesota. We will be posting videos on our YouTube page from now until sale. Located by Sioux Falls, SD. Any questions email at or call/text 605-201-0682.  Coggins. JO30

ONLINE – LULA BELLE – 2010 GRADE Paint Molly Mule. Here’s a fancy built mule with gorgeous dun roan paint color. Wow! But as pretty as she is, her disposition still out shines her color. Lula Belle is one that anyone in the family can enjoy. She is a joy to be around both on the ground or in the saddle. She stands quietly to be groomed, saddled and bridled. She is a lady for her feet and ears to be handled. Lula Belle rides well inside or out, alone or in a group. She is confident over man-made obstacles such as tarps, bridges and teeter totters. She will drag logs without batting an eye. And with her true family friendly demeanor, she is good with dogs. Lula Belle has been extensively trail ridden in all types of terrain. Just point and go. She will cross any water, log or deadfall. She navigates steep terrain with calm and ease. She is a sturdy mule that is all around enjoyable to be around.  Please call 651-303-7056 to discuss this sweet gal. Coggins. JO31

ONLINE – CHICK POCO PEPPY BAR – 2005 AQHA Palomino Mare x Star Cup Mister x Poco Star Cup out of Watch Peppy Pine x Missn Peppys Diamond. Coco likes people. She is an into your pocket type of mare. Rode, worked her first 5 years than moved to the pasture for broodmare duty. She has no bad habits, gentle and quiet, easy to catch in pasture, handles well anywhere she is. An easy keeper that gets along with other horses very well. Born on our ranch, a chocolate palomino color when born with black hooves and dark skin and since then always been a golden palomino. A fantastic broodmare, great mother and milks like a Jersey cow. Always been healthy with no special medical care. She has a scar on her left hind leg that never has bothered her. Her colts have good stout legs. Coco is very cowy, her mother was very cowy and Coco is a good mother. She loads very easy in trailer. we are short on grass, long on grasshoppers and we have to cut back so she has to go. Her breeding goes back to Poco Bedrosol #0511916 on the sire side and on dam side back to Missin Spark  #2685370. Coco is exposed to Dualan Ray Cat #5685565 for spring colt in 2022. He goes back to Hybrow Cat on his dam side to Peptoboonsmal and Peppy San Badger. Very quiet stud that is easy to handle, does not bite, likes people. Sound. 406-347-5357. Coggins. JO32

ONLINE – SWEETLOVINONWHISKEY – 2020 AQHA Brown Stallion x TS Irish Whiskey x Paddys Irish Whiskey out of MM Key To The Gold x Firewater Jets. This colts pedigree speaks for itself. With cow sense and speed, you can go any direction with this colt. Halter broke, ties, and loads. 605-999-3268. Coggins. JO33

ONLINE – MM KEY TO THE GOLD – 2008 AQHA Brown Mare x Firewater Jets x Fire Water Flit out of BurstForFirst Molly x No Brakes Now. This mares pedigree is packed with speed! Going back to The Signature who has produced some of the top speed index offspring in the Quarter horse world and Firewater Flit who is one of this generations top barrel producers! This mare is bred back to Fame Flit and Fling!!! With Dash to Fame, Firewater Flit, and Streak A Fling all being on her offspring's papers, you will have 3 of this generations top barrel producers all in one!! The colt will also be eligible for 5 State Breeders, Royal Crown and FF!! 605-999-3268. Coggins. JO34

ONLINE – ROCK STAR – 2013 GRADE Gray Draft Cross Gelding. Rock Star marks all the boxes! He’s big, he’s handsome, he’s well broke, he’s sound and most importantly he’s gentle! Rock Star has worked on and off in the feed yard for several years, and at the sale barn on sale day! He’s awesome outside, with other horses or alone, he doesn’t mother up. Go ahead and take your rope down he’s roped some live cattle and the smarty. Rock Star is also a seasoned parade horse. He’s a very smooth traveler making a long day enjoyable. Work or play he handles everything without issues. 541-571-6606. Coggins. JO35

ONLINE – CHILI BEAN – 2014 GRADE Red Roan Appaloosa Pony Gelding. Who’s got the coolest little horse here? Well I think I do! Chili is the real deal. He stands approximately 13.2, he’s well made, has a foot and bone like a big horse, he’s sound, gentle and he is broke, broke, broke! I’ve ridden Chili in the feedlot, at the sale barn, in the mountains and he’s had arena work. He’s a big traveler outside, we’ve roped and doctored on him, he’s quiet pulling cattle, opens and closes gates on the left side, the right side, or you can back thru it. Chili and I have been lots of miles together and they’ve all been good, he rides with others or alone, doesn’t get herd bound, ties and stands quietly, gets along with others and is good to catch. Use him on the ranch, trail ride, playdays or horse show he’ll give you 💯 every ride. Chili is well rounded, he doesn’t get silly he’s kind and I just think he’s a pretty special little guy! 541-571-6606. Coggins. JO36

ONLINE – GIGI – 2017 GRADE Palomino Mare. 14.1 hands, 800 pound ranch mare. Gigi has been used in all aspects of ranching from catching and doctoring cows in Texas to working on a ranch in South Dakota the last two months. From pushing, gathering and dragging calves to the fire. She’s quick footed and can go all day. Easy to saddle and an easy keeper. FMI 832-405-0746. Coggins. JO37

ONLINE – RUSTY – 2007 GRADE Line Back Dun Gelding. Rusty is a 15.2 hand 1100 pound line back dun gelding. he is a been there done that kind of horse that was used as a pick up horse up until he was 12 as well as being a ranch horse. He has been headed on out of the box and has a single hand neck rein. we have used him to catch stray livestock on the freeways and interstate. He has pushed, gathered, roped and doctored sheep, cows and horses. Rusty has been used in several ranch rodeos and will track a cow as long as you want to chase one. He pulls strong from the horn and has been through parades and rode through plenty of fast food restaurants. You won’t find a horse that’s been more places and done more than this one. FMI 832-405-0746. Coggins. JO38

ONLINE – LOVIN THE SPOTLIGHT – 2017 AQHA Palomino Gelding x BRT Spotlight x BRT Limited Edition out of Mia Esperanza x Slip Mia Magic. He’s got the looks! Buddy is a big beautiful Barbi horse with the kindest eye that just wants to please. You can’t find a fault in this guy’s conformation. He’s 15.2+ with a good wither and 1,300 lbs. Buddy has seen a little bit of everything. He is good in the mountains whether you are riding or packing him, crosses water and goes through the thick brush. He side passes to open and close gates. Brings steers up the alley at jackpots and handles the noise and commotion well. Has a soft mouth and responds well to what you ask of him. He loads and backs out of the trailer, bathes, ground drives and puts his head down to bridle. Gets along with other horses in a herd. He has spent many hours tied up and doesn’t paw, pull back or hump up when you saddle him. Buddy is built to do any kind of job you give him, and then go win the next halter class. Text Kaley for videos 970-629-9341. Coggins. JO39

ONLINE – JERRYS SMART MAJOR – 2010 AQHA Bay Gelding x Jerrys Smarts x Smart Little Jerry out of LT Miss Major Pistol x GP Pistol Pete. Who doesn’t want to ride the prettiest horse!! Well Jerry will catch people’s eye no matter where you take him! He is a shiny bay that stands that perfect 15.0 HH and Jerry is that prime age of 11. He is a very good mover, has a great smooth lope and good with his leads. He has been ridden on the trails in the mountains and in the desert. Jerry is good in the rocks and crossing water. He is easy to catch, very gentle and has great ground manners too. He has been hauled to Jackpots in the heeling and breakaway roping. He is extremely fast footed and would be a great heel horse or breakaway horse for the competitive roper. Jerry is good to shoe, clip and bath and is UTD on deworming and dental work.  780-515-0715 Coggins. JO40

ONLINE – INVITED BY CHARLIE – 2014 ApHC Bay Gelding x Colored By Charlie x Don’t Skip Charlie out of Only Sweet Invites x An Early Invitation. Charlie is a very gentle really pretty headed 15.3 hand Appaloosa that is 3/4 Quarter Horse. He has been ridden down the trail and on the ranch by all levels of riders. Charlie has been used to gather horses, start colts, move cattle and pony colts. He is really easy to catch and be around and likes people, he is good with other horses, to load, haul and shoe. He is good with the arena toys such as tarps, bull whips and balls. Charlie will sidepass and has a one handed neck rein. For more info please call Jeff or Christina at 307-752-9319 or 307 752 8197 or go to  Coggins. JO41

ONLINE – SUNNY – 2013 GRADE Palomino John Mule. This 14-1 hand mule has been a 13 year old boys main trail animal for the last 3 years. Sunny is kind and gentle, will ride off confidently and independently, and is the perfect mount for a lady, youth, or midsized rider. Sunny has been used in the Broken Hart pack string and does a good job as a pack animal also quiet, reliable, and confident! FMI and videos 406-539-0650. Coggins. JO42

ONLINE – WARRIOR BLUE MACK 2012 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding x Blue Satin Warrior x Blue Belle Warrior out of WC Peppy Feature x Peppy San Feature. Super is just that. He is a finished heel horse built like a tank that is sure to get noticed. Super is a solid ready to go heel horse that has been hauled and won money on from the World Series Ropings and all the jackpots. He has been rode by 9 ropers down to 4's.  He knows what a days work is from working cows on the desert to cold mornings up the mountain. He crosses water, wooden bridges, and marshes. He's got tons of talent with looks to go along with. Super is quick footed and has a big deep stop. He is fancy broke, soft in the bridle and has a nice spin to him. Super has been my personal horse for quite some time now and does his part to get you to the pay window. He is a real deal heel horse ready to go, probably not a beginner horse. Located in Southern Utah, questions call or text Chelsy at 435-592-6934. Coggins. JO45

ONLINE – SB ZIP N SILK – 2014 AQHA Buckskin Mare x Show Buck Dell Max x Silver Buckles out of Custum Ziped Graci x Zippo Can Do. Honey is a super nice mare who stands 15 hands. She has had 90 days professional reining training, has been roped off of, and has gone down miles and miles of trails. She has been exposed to cattle and seems to enjoy it. Not a spooky bone in her body. Anyone with some experience can ride her. Barefoot. No soundness or health issues. No vices or maintenance. Loads great, stands for farrier. No kick, buck, etc. Up to date on farrier and vet. 612-283-0159. Coggins. JO46

ONLINE – VW DRIFT VALENTINE – 2019 AQHA Black Gelding x Blue Kirk x Leo Hancock Hayes out of Drifts Valentine x Drifts Chip. Drift stands 15 hands. He has been nicely started and has 10 rides on him currently but will have a few more by sale day. Just not having the time I thought I would to completely finish him. Very gentle, loads well, stands for the farrier. Super willing. UTD on farrier, vet. 612-283-0159. Coggins. JO47

ONLINE – ALIVENFIREN IN TEXAS – 2013 AQHA Brown Gelding x Alive N Firen x Fire Water Flit out of WR Oh Too Rock x Texas High Dasher. Gunsmoke is a finished barrel and pole horse. He has clocked 2 D times indoors and outdoors, with very limited hauling. We have roped the hot heels on him. He is fast and really likes to turn. The only thing that keeps him from being a top barrel horse is he needs to go to more races. He has no barrel or soundness issues. FMI 307-250-7358. Coggins. JO48

ONLINE – WHATTA BABY DOLL – 2014 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Oh Whatta Boy x Dash For Perks out of Go Bugs Baby Doll x Bugged With Honor. Pebbles is trained on barrels and poles. She has been hauled and exhibitioned indoors and out. She makes a perfect barrel and pole pattern. She has had some outside riding and she is very good to ride outside. She has no barrel or soundness issues. FMI 307-250-4339. Coggins. JO49

ONLINE – LILLY – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Molly Mule. Gentle mare mule that has been used in the feed yard and packed on. Ridden by children, a family mule. You can handle her feet and ears. 918-839-6070. Coggins. JO50

ONLINE – JOS MIST – 2015 AQHA Sorrel x Jo High Jinks x Stearns Bar Jo Jo out of Bubs High Mist x High Roan Mist. Rusty is 15.3 hands, handles nice, opens and closes gates, moves off your feet, loads great.  I’ve sorted pairs on him, he shoes easily, pasture ropes, drug calves to the fire, he crosses water and will go anywhere all day long. Rusty has a huge motor.  This horse is extremely athletic with remarkable speed. He could work into a great head horse, or go to the barrels. I have started him roping and he is good in the box and starting to hook onto the steers well, you won’t get outrun by a steer. 406-498-8175. Coggins. JO51

ONLINE – SONNYS SILVER STRIKE – 2015 AQHA Grullo Gelding x HKR Bad Silver Jag x Mr Blue Harlan out of Brandy From Dee Bar x Sonnys Brandy. Jag is a handsome, gentle gelding that’s a Cadillac to ride both in and out of the arena. He’s excellent on trails, walks on a loose rein, and doesn’t look for things to spook from, and absolutely traffic safe. He is super easy to navigate with a one hand neck rein, can be as handy as you ask him to be but sure enjoys taking it easy tootling down the trail. Jag is smooth and collected in the arena, lopes cadence circles, takes his leads with ease, and soft in the face. This mousey colored 15.1hh gelding is easy to catch, gentle to be around and handle, great for the farrier and baths, loads and hauls with ease, and stays broke with long periods of time off. He’s ready for your next adventure together! Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info call Kyle at 608-434-4789 or visit  Coggins. JO52

ONLINE – JAFAR – 2014 GRADE Bay Gelding. Jafar is a big, beautiful, bay gelding. He stands 16.+ hands and has a big stride nice smooth walk, trot, and lope. Jafar has been ridden all over the mountains from Utah to Wyoming. I sent him to Mcnabb Livestock for a tune up the first week of May and they will bring him to the sale. He rides both western and English, is soft and supple and gentle goes where you point him. Young enough to be made into anything you want old enough to not cause hassle. Jafar has a good one handed neck rein. For more info call Clancy McNabb at 307-250-0900, to see a video or about being able to see him before the sale. Coggins. JO53

ONLINE – JD JET SANDS – 2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Sands Brian x Sheiks Sand out of TJC Skipa Bridget x Skippa Lent. Jet is a beautiful cherry sorrel gelding with lots of shape, he has that cute head that everyone looks for with that big soft eye and he has a nice round hip. Jet is very easy to catch in the pasture, just jump on and ride him back to the barn bareback in a halter. Jet crosses creeks and down timber with ease. Jet is great on the mountain trails, goes exactly where you point him and is sure footed. Jet has been used to trail cows and gather. He will cross all the trail obstacles with ease. Jet loads into the trailer and backs out.  He is good with his feet and loves his bath and grooming. Jet gets along with other horses, dogs, llamas, pigs, and poultry. He'll ride with a group or all by himself. We welcome you to come to the ranch and test ride him. You are also welcome to have a PPE done with any vet in Park County Wyoming at buyers expense. For more info call us at 307-250-9655 or follow us on Facebook Coggins. JO54

ONLINE – COLORFUL INQUISITION – 2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding x Inquisitions x Mr Sockett out of MsImpressiveJetaCzar x Ima Jetta Czar. Atlas is 16.3 hands weighing 1200 lbs. Atlas is a great horse for youth to do 4H on or go to shows with English or western. He was shown in APHA by youth and an autistic child. He side passes, half passes, pivots, backs, picks up both leads without hesitation and is soft in the bridle. Atlas not only excels in the arena but on the ranch and trail too, from roping, moving cows, crossing bridges, water, and down timber, point him and he will go alone or with a group. Atlas is great to catch in a big area. He is good to bathe, clip, and loads in and out of a trailer. Atlas has been ridden with the drill team and did well and carries a flag as well. A PPE is welcomed at buyers expense. All are welcome to come try this handsome guy out! For more information please contact Liz at (307)-254-2653. Coggins. JO55

ONLINE – BLANTON BLUE – 2016 AQHA Bay Mare x SHS Pardner Blanton x Skoal Bandit Blanton out of Fascinating Blue x CC Blues Lover Boy. A sharp package in an easy to ride frame of approximately 14.1 hands. But don’t let her smaller stature fool you, this gal can walk right on out, head down, ready for work.  She has been used in the yards, gone out on the ranch, been ridden by different people so she’s not a one person kinda gal – but there is not a person she has met that she doesn’t like. Been ridden around lots of vehicles, cows, dogs, nothing sways her. A cowy mare with a GREAT disposition, can spin a hole in the ground if you want, quick footed – in the good way – and SHARP! With how responsive and workable she is, I would have taken her into any cowhorse event – cutting, reined cowhorse and I KNOW she would excel. ONLY reason she is for sale is that my health isn’t allowing me to ride, not that that matters to this lady because she makes sure I’m safe when I’m on board. I’m not tech savy enough to get a YouTube together, but if you text me, I can send you some videos on her and I will be happy to go over everything. 406-591-7847. Coggins. JO56

ONLINE – KING SCOTCH BAR – 2017 AQHA Bay Gelding x Whisper In Scotch x Scotch Bar Time out of Rosey Showdown x Showdown Zee.  His topside includes the power horse Scotch Bar Time - Hall of Fame AQHA in 2009 & NSBA in 2002; AQHA #3 all-time ranked Sire (1186 foals); Offspring Earned 42,992 points; 54 AQHA Champions; 219 Superior winners; 597 ROMs winners – and keeps going back to King quite a few times.  The bottom goes back to Sugar Bars. But Scotch holds his own out in the working field – a gentle demeanor that makes him usable on the trails, in the feedlot, working the yards and out on the ranch. Scotch stays gentle and is ready for any job you want to give him. At only 4 years old, he is ready to take on any job you want. ONLY reason Scotch is for sale is that my health isn’t allowing me to ride. I’m not tech savy enough to get a YouTube together, but if you text me, I can send you some videos on him and I will be happy to go over everything. 406-591-7847. Coggins. JO57

ONLINE – RANDY – 2009 GRADE Bay Gelding. Randy is a 16HH gentle giant who is broke to ride and drive. Randy has been a pleasure to own, our kids love to ride and climb all over him. He is safe, sane and stays broke. He is fun to drive and looks good doing it. From moving cows to parades, Randy is your guy. 307-281-2273. Coggins. JO58

ONLINE – FANTASTIC DAKOTA – 2017 AQHA Gray Mare x JessCuzICan x Feature Mr Jess out of Fantastic Ellie x Dashin Is Easy. Grey is 15.1 and is gorgeous. She won $6,600.00 on the track as a 2 and 3 year old. Sent to a trainer for 2 months this winter. She has worked cows and is eager to work. She is UTD on worming, vaccinations, teeth, chiropractic, and platinum supplement program. She is picking up both leads, flexing, counter arcing and has a good stop. She loads and stands for farrier. Started to pattern her on the barrels. She is a great 2022 futurity prospect. Scar on left fetlock is only cosmetic. She is completely sound. She has a great disposition and no buck. Take her to the arena or use her as a broodmare. Certified North Dakota Bred. This mare is put together and ready for her next job. FMI 208-906-6974. Coggins. JO59

ONLINE – CLASSY CHICKYDEE – 2016 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Its Royal Time x Chicks Beduino out of April Wins With Ease x Final Conquest. Sorrel mare with flaxen mane and tail. Stands 15 hands and is flashy. She has been hauled to three large barrel events this spring and is your next futurity horse. She picked up a check at MonDak. She improves with every run. Chick has been started in breakaway and poles. She is super catty and insanely athletic. She is on a regular chiropractic, teeth, trim, and platinum supplement program. Scar on right hind that is only cosmetic. She is sound and needs no maintenance. She can go all day long and is a serious 1D horse with time and hauling. She is not for beginners, this mare is all business and wants to work. Easy to catch, load, and stands for farrier. She is the real deal with more hauling. FMI and video of runs 208-369-1526. Coggins JO60

ONLINE – RYDER – 2013 GRADE Red Dun Gelding. 16.1 and 1250 pounds. Ryder has incredible foot and bone with a nice short back. Excellent disposition and is the first one to meet you at the gate. He has been on elk hunts in steep, rocky Wyoming terrain. He absolutely loves working cows. He is willing to do anything you ask of him. You can turn him out all winter and jump right back on him. He is a very easy keeper. No buck and is very safe. He is a keeper and tough one to let go. He turns heads wherever we go. This is your husbands horse. UTD on everything. FMI 701-641-1590. Coggins. JO61

ONLINE – LEO – 2008 GRADE Leopard Appaloosa/Percheron Cross Gelding. 16 hands. Ride, drives, traffic safe. FMI 218-689-7209 or 701-934-1000. Coggins. JO62

ONLINE – CHIMMY CHANGA – 2016 GRADE Leopard Appaloosa Gelding. 15 hands. We have owned Chimmy since he was a 2 year old. He is broke to ride and drive. He is traffic safe. Good with dogs. Great all around guy! Has been on hundreds of miles of trails throughout MN. He ties to high line and overnight camps beautifully. Sound in every way. FMI 218-689-7209 or 701-934-1000. Coggins. JO63

ONLINE – BO – 2010 GRADE Bay Lusitano/Quarter Cross Gelding. 15.1h 1050 Bo was raised on an Arizona ranch. He is a nice quiet horse that will give you all he has all day long. I don’t know if he has a bottom, I sure haven’t found it. We have used him for general ranch work, he is a big circle type horse. He is very broke, but not fancy broke. I don’t think you can be out run on him. If he has any holes, I would say he gets a little attitude (no buck, just pushy) when he is on spring grass. Just dry lot him and he is fine. He is soft in the face, has a good stop and has all the moves needed to sort or get the job done in the corral. Just a good solid using horse. He loads, stands tied, good with his feet, good with fly spray, flags, tarps, and easy to catch. 307-257-3447, text works best but I will call back in the evening. Coggins JO64

ONLINE – CH TRAVELIN’ TOY – 2007 MFTHBA Smokey Black Gelding x It Must Be Dun x Roxie B’s Golden Comet G out of Miss Jamaican Rum x Dynamite R. Steele is a papered Missouri Fox Trotter gelding who stands 15.1 Hands and is broke to ride and pack. He is sound, stocky and sure-footed. He would make an excellent addition to the pack line! Stands tied and is patient for the farrier, grooming, chiropractor, gearing up, etc.. Been both hobbled and highlined; leads, and ponies like an absolute gem! Easy keeper and trailers awesome. He is an easy going love bug from the ground. Has been exposed to all sorts of livestock, wildlife, equipment, ranch and trail environments and situations. He is smooth and can easily cover miles and miles of ground and go all day, albeit a lot of horse, so best suited for a more experienced rider vs. a beginner. 406-853-8811. JO65

ONLINE – ROSIE – 2010 GRADE Black Mini Mare. Quiet, kid-broke black mini mare. She stands about 39 inches tall. She loads right up and stands really well for the farrier. She doesn't pull back or have any vices. She has run barrels at the Cody Nite Rodeo but that was a few years back. 307-231-1144. Coggins. JO66

ONLINE – THE TEXAS MINION – 2013 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Ricochet Valentine x Ricochet Tucker out of Sylvia Tidy Star x Mills County King. Tex has been used in the wheat pasture all winter and has been used in a 50,000 head feed yard. Started very good in the arena and is ready to go on. 214-463-8407. Coggins. JO67

ONLINE – KW THREEBARS DESPERO – 2009 AQHA Bay Gelding x Bar Diamond Quirt x AR Docs Little Oak out of Ms Three Moores Star x Mr Silvertone Jack. Great around cattle and great with calves. Been roping off him during doctoring and brandings. Good, smooth gait. Freshly shod, had teeth floated 9/1/2020. 307-202-1035. Coggins. JO68

ONLINE – SQUIRT GUN – 2017 GRADE Sorrel Quarter Pony Gelding. Squirt Gun is a cool 13.3H. He lopes nice circles in the arena, picks up both leads, and moves off leg pressure. He would make a really cool heel or breakaway horse. We have used Squirt Gun to gather cattle, sort, load trucks and is started roping the dummy. Squirt Gun carries the flag, pushes the big ball all over the arena, you can bounce it anywhere or bounce it with a friend. He doesn't mind the slickers or tarp all over him. Squirt Gun crosses the obstacle course with ease, goes through all the creeks, thick brush, over logs and up and down steep hills. We ride him by the highway, on a relaxing ride out in the meadow and on the ranch working cattle. Squirt Gun stands to be tied and bathed. He is good in a pen with other horses or in a stall. Squirt Gun is a really cool young pony gelding that is the perfect size for smaller adults to ride as well. Squirt Gun is prefect for the older kids to ride on the ranch with Dad or a nice prospect to go rope on in the arena. Current on shoes and worming. Sound. FMI Call 406-897-4717 videos on CS Performance Horses on Facebook. Coggins. JO69

ONLINE – LUCKY – 2011 GRADE Golden Palomino Gelding. Lucky is a tailor made golden palomino gelding with a snow white mane and tail. He stands 15.1 hands, has foot and bone to last a life time. Lucky has been used on the ranch his whole life. He is one hand broke and knows what a days work is. He picks up both leads, lopes nice circles, good stop and nice turn around. Lucky side passes both ways, opens and closes. We have ridden him down the trail, through the creeks, thick brush, over down fall and up and down steep hills. He has gathered thousands of cattle, loaded trucks, sorted pairs, doctored and drug calves at brandings. Here is a stand out gelding that is only 10 years old and is well broke. Sound. Current on shoes and worming. FMI Call 406-897-4717 videos on CS Performance Horses on Facebook.Lucky - YouTube Coggins. JO70

ONLINE – KA DIRKS DOLLY LEXUS – 2019 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Dirks Blue Lexus x Hancocks Blue Dirk out of JT Hancock Blue Bee x JT Henry Hancock. Beautiful at 14.3 hands. Extremely willing to learn, good mind, not spooky, and will make someone a very nice horse. Easy to catch, very gentle. Started under saddle, with 20 rides. No soundness or medical issues. Loads easily, stands tied and good for farrier. Started the right way and can go in any direction. UTD on farrier and vet. Feel free to call with any questions, 612-272-4553. Coggins. JO71

ONLINE – PEACHES – 2008 GRADE Red Paint Gelding. If you’re wanting one to stand out, Peaches is for you. He stands 15.2 and is absolutely gentle, he has been a trail horse most of his life. We have exposed him to some ranch use this spring so he has seen cattle and gathered. He should work for most riders. He’s good to catch, stands tied, hauls and travels well. He will ride out alone across the pasture, no issues leaving the yard and will ride around the arena. Smooth traveling, sure footed with enough bone and size he will handle any rider. 701-771-7152. Coggins. JO72

ONLINE – FRENCHY – 2012 GRADE Buckskin Appaloosa Gelding. Frenchy is one unique individual. We have been riding him as a ranch horse this spring, sorting pairs, trailing and shipping cattle. He stands 15 hands and has a smooth lope and big walk. Previous years he was hauled to the badlands in North Dakota and trail rode. He is sure footed anywhere you go and will cross logs and walk into water with ease. He has a mane and tail with darker pigmentation around his eyes and mouth. 701-771-7152. Coggins. JO73

ONLINE – NORMAN – 2010 GRADE Bay Gelding. Norman is a been there done that ranch horse. He will stand 14.3 with plenty of bone and foot on him. He’s one that we keep close to the yard knowing we can grab him in a pinch and get any job done. He has been used in local ranch rodeos the last few years. Indoor and outdoor arenas he still worked the same. He’s a nice horse to have around for ranch use but would excel as a trail horse also. He’s seen a job and continue working or go on the weekends. 701-771-7152. Coggins. JO74

ONLINE – DH ZANNIE BUZZ – 2014 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Buzz Word x Special Effort out of Fairlea Zannie Lena x Colonel Pic. Ranch horse deluxe that stands 14.3 hands. Big motor and very catty. Been heeled on in the arena, big stopper. Has the potential to be a high caliber pro rodeo horse. Hauled to the mountains several years for elk hunting. Royally bred, sound. 701-425-9915.Coggins. JO75

ONLINE – THOMAS – 2009 GRADE Gray Gelding. 15.3 Strong, sound, Very smooth, takes leads, Has been a head horse in the arena, branded, sorted, gathered on the ranch, Good to open gates, crosses rivers, great trail horse, excellent ground manors, good for farrier. More pictures available. 530-366-6125. Coggins. JO76

ONLINE – POWDER ON DANA – 2008 AQHA Black Gelding x PG HancocksGunPowder x PG GunPowder out of Danas Last Becaco x Danas Last. 15.1 stout built, has been used for roping, sorting and gathering. Good on trails, easy to catch, trailers well, very smooth, changes leads, good walk. More pictures available. 530-366-6125. Coggins. JO77

ONLINE – MICK JAGGER – 2016 GRADE Gray Gelding. 14.4 hands. Mick Jagger is the eye catcher in any pen, he is put together perfect. He is ready to go in any direction you want to take him, ranch, trail, rodeo, or English. He is always the first one to meet you at the gate and will follow you around just wanting you to love on him. Our 4 and 2 year old ride him around bare back and with a saddle and crawl all over and under him and it doesn't bother him one bit. He gets along great with anything he is penned with, NO KICK, NO BIT, and NO BUCK. We just got his teeth floated, and all new shoes put on him.  307-250-1783 Coggins. JO78

ONLINE – ROSS CREEK REDDY BEE – 2009 AQHA Chestnut Mare x Rio Money Talks x Doc’s Hickory out of Abners Girl x Smart Little Abner. Bee is small but hardy. I have put many miles on her moving cattle, riding trail, and roping calves at brandings. She can go all day and has seen a ton!  I bought her as a cutting reject - that being said she is very quick and can stop as hard as any horse I've been on. She has team roped a few times but mostly has done ranch work. 406-660-1306. Coggins. JO79

ONLINE – SPADE RICK 2010 AQHA Brown Gelding x Range Delivery x JHigh Brow Cat out of Gypsys Little Pep x Freckles Little Pep. This is a cowboys horse. Sound, quick footed and can go all day long.  He has drug calves, will sort pairs and has been used to doctor yearlings. He will watch a cow and has been used to rope cows. He has never been hauled off the ranch. 214-463-8407 Coggins. JO80

ONLINE – BOONSMAL BUDDY – 2008 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Hickorys Little Boon x Peptoboonsmal out of Super Te Babydoll x Rockys Super Rooster. Boone is a been there, done that ranch horse with the foundation look to him and a modern pedigree and enough substance to las a lifetime. He has done all the ranch chores including dragging calves at brandings, doctoring in the pasture to sorting and shipping calves in the fall and has even been used to pick up broncs. He is stout from the horn and super handy in the sorting pen.  There isn’t much Boone hasn’t done. 214-463-8407 Coggins. JO81

ONLINE – WAFFLES – 2012 GRADE Gray Paint Pony Gelding. Waffles is the pony that all the kids love to ride at our place. This cute, 39 inch little booger is so kind and gentle that the smaller and most inexperienced kids can ride and handle him. However, Waffles is broke and trained so good that the kids can do so much with him when they are ready. Waffles will go anywhere you point him and he will do it easily. Waffles will walk, trot and lope as good as Dad's horse and stop and turn around too.  This is a very safe and well trained little feller with no issues of any kind.  To watch his video go to YouTube and search Waffles BLS June Sale. Please call 612-810-5455 with any questions. Coggins. JO82

ONLINE – DAISY – 2008 GRADE Chestnut Pony Mare. Daisy is a great size little pony standing about 12 hands. The kids have ridden her on the ranch and in the arena. They love running through the pond with her. She is gentle and quiet. We have let younger 1st time kids ride her around the arena. Clayton chases cows on her and trail rides her. They ride her bareback, double and triple. Call 612-810-5455 for more information.  Coggins. JO83

ONLINE – NACHO – 2009 GRADE Bay Gelding. This guy is the REAL DEAL and the Ultimate family rodeo horse. 15.2hh, #4 header and up can rope off him. Scores flat footed, leaves off your hand, he runs hard, rates off and handles cattle like a dream.  He stands up nice and square in the corner and very easy to move around to face.  After the run drop your reins and he walks away.  He has a solid barrel pattern on him and has been run in the juniors, no alley issues, doesn't get hot.  He is used in the feedlot and to ranch on.  He has snubbed colts, and ponies horses of any size.  Anyone can ride this guy, he hauls great and just had a full vet workover.  Video at  403-312-4880 Located in Southern Alberta, will be available for preview on the Friday. Coggins. JO84

ONLINE – HOLLYWOOD – 2015 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Hollywood is an eye catching, 14.1 hand, gelding. Hollywood has a big hip, lots of shape and a nice short back, making for a perfect combination. He has a long flowing mane and a long thick tail that drags on the ground. He has been ridden out in the wide open and through all different types of terrain on the trails and in the arena.  Hollywood has worked the feedlot and pastures.  He will be available for preview Friday in Billings.  For up to date video of Hollywood please visit the C7 Horse Training page on Facebook. 403-312-4880. Coggins. JO85

ONLINE – PEPPY OLENAS FOX – 2012 APHA Buckskin Tobiano Gelding x Olenas Peppy Fox x Coke Olenas Pep out of Mystic Amber Eyes x Cowboy King R. Bentley is a rare handsome buckskin tobiano paint gelding. Standing 15H tall he is sure footed and built to last! He has been ridden all over the country through all types of terrain and obstacles. Bentley will make it easy to travel all day and cover the country with his excellent long trot. He is exceptionally smooth and such a pleasure to ride. He will go wherever you point him and is eager to please! He is an excellent addition into any family! 970-420-1536. Coggins. JO86

ONLINE – CHQH FRECKLES REMEDY – 2017 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x CHQH Von Dakinic x Von Remedy out of CHQH Colonels Eagle x Colonel Ti Cutter. 15 hands. Well started used as turn back horse. Very gentle, no bad habits. 605-881-2480. Coggins. JO87

ONLINE – SUN BREAKS INTERN – 2011 AQHA Gray Mare x SE Signature Diamond x Chivato Chubasco out of SE Romp N Wine x Wine For The Times. 14.3 hands. Beautiful, needs an experienced rider. Broke very well! Very friendly and first one to greet you at the gate. 605-881-0135. Coggins. JO88

ONLINE – HICKORYS IRISH DOC – 2002 AQHA Bay Gelding x Zan Freckles Hickory x Docs Hickory out of Miss Irish Doc x Doc A Lou. Hickory is a great gelding, he has been there, done that. He's a money earning trained reiner. He's great for kids or adults. Good on the trail, outside and in the arena.  He's been roped off of and he's been in the mountains.  He'd be an awesome queening or youth horse for kid that wanted to do 4H or some local events or shows.  FMI call Jesse 307-699-1191. Coggins. JO89

ONLINE – BAGGER -2011 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. He is the perfect dude horse, been used for trail rides. He is also a great ranch horse who will get the job done and keep you safe. 307-250-1783. Coggins. JO90

ONLINE – MRI SAILING IN SMOKE – 2013 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Tri The PepSmoke x Mr PepSmoke out of Devil Gray Bar x Devil Bar Pal. Smokey Joe is a stunning, 1200lbs dappled palomino grey gelding.  His unusual coloring draws attention everywhere he goes. This boy is a big mover and covers some ground. He has been used on the ranch and in the mountains on trails. Smokey is light in the bit and is used to light spurs, moves off leg pressure well and has a beautiful stop.  He is suited best for an intermediate to experienced rider due to size, strength and forward movement.  You can really get the job done and go all day long with Smokey.  He does have slight scar tissue in right eye that doesn't affect him.  Smokey ties, loads saddled or unsaddled, and stands for the farrier well.  This is the big boy you don’t want to miss! Strong legs and good feet can go barefoot or shod. Athletic and stunningly beautiful wrapped into the same package! 406-261-0594. Coggins. JO91

ONLINE – WAR PAINT – 2013 GRADE Blue Roan & Gray Paint Pony Gelding. Amish broke to ride or drive. He's done everything from trails, parades, working cattle and pulling kids on sleds through the pasture. He enjoys having a job to do and likes to please. 307-622-0492. Coggins. JO92

ONLINE – GEORGIA – 2004 GRADE Bay Quarter Pony Mare. 13.1 hands. Georgia is sound and safe with absolutely no buck. She loves going out to move cows and will cover country and never tire. Don't let her age fool you, she is a goer in every sense of the word. She is kind and friendly and will meet you at the gate. Georgia has been taken to rodeos and play days so is good with commotion.  She stands for farrier. She has been used as a lesson pony in the round pen for beginners, however outside of a round pen she would be best suited to an intermediate to handy kid or woman due to her energy level and want to do her job. Georgia has a split in each ear and a scar on her upper right eyelid. None affect ears or sight. 307-254-4432. Coggins. JO93

ONLINE – MARS-MONTROSE JACKS OR BETTER – 2018 AMHR/ASPC Black Mare x Zephyr Woods All Jacked Up x Ericas Tiny Trotter Of Wallstreet out of WA-Full Snips Jamie x WA Full Buds Sweet Snip. Fancy is a double registered black mare. Fancy is halter broke only, leads, loads, ties well.  Fancy lives up to her nickname. Will make a proud addition to her new family. She is double papered with the AMERICAN SHETLAND PONY CLUB and the AMERICAN MINIATURE HORSE!! Would be great for having beautiful babies! 936-577-7357. Coggins. JO94

ONLINE – FR MACHO RUBY – 2014 AQHA Red Roan Mare x XXX Macho Hancock x Rooster Drifthancock out of Frankie Freckles x Hot Sizzlin Red. Ruby is a gorgeous 7-year-old registered red roan mare. She’s stoutly built with good bone. Ruby has been used in the feedlot, to gather, doctor, and brand cattle and has been ridden on trails. She follows the roping dummy, pulls a railroad tie, has been pen-roping calves, and was started out of the box earlier this year. Ruby rides very smooth but can cover ground quickly. She retains her training on each ride and is ready to pick up where you left off. My young children are safe to sit on her as she’s even tempered, and have been led through events on her. She is comfortable in chaos and level-headed in any setting. Ruby is ready to go to work at whatever job you give her. Ruby’s sire goes back to Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Driftwood, King, and Leo. On the dam side she traces to Colonel Freckles and Dry Doc. 208-305-8965  Coggins. JO95

ONLINE – BUENO COTTONWOOD – 2011 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Poco Muy Bueno x Poco Lighting out of Cottonwood Sons Ivio x Sons Rey Jay. Einstein stands 15.1 hands, 1300 lbs and wears a size 2 shoe. He has been used in the mountains and desert moving and gathering cows. He has been on the ranch his whole life and used doctoring, sorting, and branding calves. He has been the wife’s main mount on the ranch and everyday use. This horse has a mane that goes to the point of his shoulder and a tail that drags the ground. 208-954-3374. JO96

ONLINE – VATO – 2011 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Vato has been used on the ranch, gentle and super easy to get along with. Has been in the branding pen as well as been doctoring outside. he travels well and is just a really good using horse. He stands 15.2 hands, weighs 1200 lbs, wears a size 1 shoe. 208-954-3374. JO97

ONLINE – GORDY – 2009 GRADE Smutty Buckskin Gelding. Gordy is a handsome 12 year old 16.2 hand smutty buckskin gelding, Gordy has been used in English and western, and also shown in English pleasure and also shown in western is 4H events and fun shows. He has also been used on the ranch checking and sorting pairs, as well as been pasture roped off some. He is solid and safe for anyone, good to shoe, trim, good to catch, been trail ridden alot as well. Traffic safe, not spooky, goes anywhere he is asked. Rides bareback great, good with other horses. An easy keeper that requires no maintenance, good for baths, to clip, load and unload. Good all-around, solid family horse. 402-202-4960. Coggins. JO98

ONLINE – PEBBLES – 2013 GRADE Sorrel Paint Pony Gelding. Pebbles is one cool 34 inch paint pony gelding. Pebbles has been used for lead line and as a pet and has also been started driving and is doing great. He loves kids, plumb gentle, no founder, no maintenance. Great safe pony for your kids to learn to handle horses and saddle and care for. VIDEO- Website- Call or Text 605-838-7124. Coggins. JO99

ONLINE – PUMPKIN – 2008 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Pumpkin is one drop dead gorgeous buckskin gelding. 15.1 hands and has as much shape and eye appeal as a man could ask for. He has been used extensively for trail riding, overnight camping trips, and state parks, riding through the Big Horn Mountains, as well as all over in the Black Hills. He is a stand up in trail riding, has been lightly used on the ranch checking and sorting pairs. Very broke and super fun to ride. Very level headed, not spooky and is safe. He has solid, good feet and doesn’t require any maintenance being good to trim and shoe. Clean legged, very easy keeper, good with other horses, great to catch, loves attention. Walks, trots, lopes around great, ponied the kids ponies off him. Super easy to ride and get along with. Video-  Website- Call or Text 605-838-7124. Coggins. JO100

ONLINE – CUTE N REBEL – 2012 AQHA Bay Gelding x Chucks Depth Bars x Mr Docs Dakota out of High Brow Cutie x High Whitch. Frost is one handsome, clean made, 15 hand, well bred gelding. He has been lightly used on the ranch. Very athletic, started on the barrel pattern, super smart and super willing. An all-around super nice young gelding that has tons of potential in the roping pen or the barrel arena. Website- Call or text Kyle 402-841-7763. Coggins. JO101

ONLINE – SIZZLER – 2013 GRADE Bay Appaloosa Gelding. Sizzler is super fancy, 15.2 hand, drop dead gorgeous appaloosa gelding. Sizzler has been used on the ranch checking pairs sorting and used in the branding pen. He has a very nice handle, walk trot lopes around extremely nice, he is very athletic and wants to work. He is a very rare find type of dude. He is gentle, clean legged, good feet, good all-around using horse or trail riding horse at the prime of his life, ready to go any direction. Website- Call or text Kyle 402-841-7763. Coggins. JO102

ONLINE – SANGRIA 2009 GRADE Black Molly Mule. Sangria is one cool mule! 14.3 hands and BROKE BROKE BROKE! Gentle for anyone to ride, she rides around better than most quarter horses. She has a great one hand neck rein. Walks, trots, lopes beautiful circles. She has been hog hunted on in Arizona. used for all tasks on the ranch from the branding pen, pasture roping doctoring, sorting pairs, calving out and much more. She is as user broke as you would ever want, has great solid black feet and good to shoe and trim. She is amazing to catch; she meets you at the gate and if you’re in the pasture she is always following you around. She is like a puppy dog, loves scratching and brushing. Saddles and bridles great, good to load and unload, not spooky at all. Super level headed, traffic safe, very sure footed, no buck, rear, kick, bite or runoff in this gal. She is the real deal mule here! Website- Video- Call or Text Kyle 402-841-7763. Coggins. JO103

ONLINE – CUPCAKE – 2010 GRADE Dun Quarter Pony Cross Mare. Cupcake is a super chunky, cute, 14 hand quarter pony mare. She is very fancy broke, has a super neck rein, lopes around beautiful. She has been used in 4H, also been used on the ranch sorting pairs, and used in branding pen. Also been in fun shows and play day events, and lots of trail riding miles. She is always level headed, not spooky at all. Rides for any level of rider from a beginner kids to adults, she is big enough for the entire family to enjoy. She is great to catch just walk up to her anywhere you find her. She rides bareback great, she is like riding a marshmallow. Good to trim and shoe, has good solid dark feet. Good to load and unload. Good all-around little mare for the whole family to enjoy and that’s safe for all ages. Website- Video- Call or Text Pam 605-838-7124. Coggins. JO104

ONLINE – JELLY BEAN – 2014 GRADE Grullo & White Mini Pony Mare. Jelly Bean is one cute, 30 inch pony mare and is as cute as they come! She has been used for leadline, pony wheel at the fairs and just kids playing with her brushing braiding and loving on her. She is very sweet, great with kids to climb all over and under her. She saddles good, has been harnessed a few times and she isn’t far off of pulling a cart, I think she would take to it great. Stands good, good for baths, good to trim her feet {Not foundered but does has a foot that turns in the hind end}. She loads and unloads good, easy keeper, no kick, buck, rear or bite. Good, safe pony for your kids to enjoy. Website-  Video-  Call or Text Pam 605-838-7124. Coggins. JO105

ONLINE – KROS GINGER ALLE – 2007 AQHA Buckskin Mare x Kros Blue Buck x Krog Classy Cowboy out of Kros Ginger x NJAS Silver Bars. Samantha is a very pretty mare that stands 15 hands. She is as gentle as a puppy dog, super laid back. Been used as a trail horse and riding around the farm. She loves attention, calm to handle on the ground and very laid back riding. She doesn’t have a fancy handle but safe for anyone to ride. Good footed, clean legged, easy keeper, no maintenance at all. Catch her were you find her. Loads and unloads good. All around a gentle, cute mare. Website- Call or Text 402-841-7763. Coggins. JO106

ONLINE – KIRBY – 2006 GRADE Bay Gelding. Kirby is a very pretty 15 hand gelding. Kirby has been used on the ranch alot, is very broke with a super neck rein. Walks, trots, lopes around very nice. he is great down the trails, not spooky, traffic safe, crosses water, goes through timber great. Level headed, very easy to ride, anyone can get along with him. He is super nice and gentle for the entire family to enjoy. Website- Video-  Call or Text 605-838-7124. Coggins. JO107

ONLINE – MS PEPPY – 2007 GRADE Sorrel Mare. 15 hands and she is built like a brick house. She has had 2 years cutting training and has been our go to sorting horse when we gather cattle. She has been on and used at a big cattle ranch in west Texas and used daily for many years. she is the kind that doesn’t get fresh and is the same horse today as she will be in 2 years, you won’t find one any broker. You can ride her with your feet or one finger, she will spin on a dime and has a big stop. She is one of a kind mare. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO108

ONLINE – MO – 2015 GRADE Palomino Gelding. 14.1 hands tall, he has been used in the feed yard and on a big ranch in Texas. He rides one handed and has the right shape and color. He will be gentle for anyone. He has a very nice lope, big stop, and easy back up. He rides with a loose rein, no buck, same horse every time. He has been ridden miles and miles, easy to catch and very gentle to be around. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO109

ONLINE – DUCE – 2013 GRADE Sorrel Pony Gelding. 12.5 hands tall. Duce has been used as a ranch pony his whole life by kids and adults. Don’t let his size fool you, he rides just like a big horse. Has good feet, and can go all day. We have drug calves to the fire on him and pushed steers up and gathered many cows on him. He’s easy to catch and very gentle, no buck, nor no bad habits. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO110

ONLINE – SISSY 2004 GRADE Black Draft Cross Mare. 15.2 hands. Sissy is super sweet and gentle, very easy going. She is broke to ride and also drives. Sissy was used to pull feed wagons on the farm in her younger days. She also pulled carriages in downtown Houston, Texas for a few years. She easy to catch, has good feet, nice to ride down the trails as well. Sissy can and will do anything she's asked. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO111

ONLINE – MS TENNESSEE SCOTCH – 2005 APHA Dun Mare x Hot Scotch Mister x Hot Scotch Man out of Miss Lucky Sonny x JMK Sugar Ray Sonny. 16 hands. Has 30 plus points in the halter class and is broke to ride, very gentle. We used her to trail ride. She is big and has lots of shape and easy on the eyes. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO112

ONLINE – SADIE – 2014 GRADE Palomino Haflinger Mare. 51 inches tall, super sweet and gentle to be around. Broke to ride and also drive. Easy to catch, easy going and no buck was used in parades and on the trails. She has been exposed to a haflinger stud. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO113

ONLINE – PENNY – 2007 GRADE Pony Mare. 41 inches. She has been through it all. Gentle for anyone from lead line to doing it yourself. She has pushed more steers up the arena then we can count. She has packed around a small tribe of kids at one time. She is absolutely the biggest sweetheart, has no buck, no kick, easy to catch, gentle all the way around. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO114

ONLINE – ESCAPEBYAWHISPER – 2016 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare x Awesome Whisper x Whispered Obsession out of Elle Tee Majorette x LT Kid. 15.1 hands. Super gentle and started the right way. She has been used in Western Pleasure and halter shows. We have ridden her in tail rides and even pushed cattle on her. She will do anything she is asked and has a good mind and would make a great prospect. Has no buck, no bad habits and very easy going. A real eye catcher. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO115

ONLINE – HULK – 2019 GRADE Bay Gelding. 15.1 hands and is still growing. Hulk is super gentle and easy going. We have been using him on the trails and in the back of the sale barn binging cattle up. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, no buck and he is eager to learn. He has good feet and can handle a good days ride, is easy to catch and get along with any horse. This colt has lots of potential and would make a great prospect for anyone. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO116

ONLINE – ACE – 2010 GRADE Black Gelding. 14.3 hands. We have used him for every aspect of ranch work. The kids ride him, he will be gentle for anyone that can hold the reins. He will be easy to catch, gets along with other horses and will go all day long. We ride him on the trails and down the road all the time. He is an honest, safe gelding and is coal black with a lil chrome. 432-250-7863. Coggins. JO117

ONLINE – BUCKWHEAT – 2008 GRADE Dun Gelding. Buckwheat is a handsome, 15.2 hand, gorgeous dun gelding. Buckwheat is very well broke with a super one hand neck rein. he has been ranched on, used in branding pen, sorted pairs and pasture roping. has also been trail ridden alot, not spooky, traffic safe, crosses water, through timber, carries the flag, rides over tarps, saddles and bridles good, loads/unloads/hauls good. Buckwheat would be an awesome 4H horse, he knows his leads, does a fantastic slow lope, level headed and very fun to ride. He is traffic safe, good to catch, good to trim/shoe. All around nice, broke, handsome gelding. Website- Video-  Call or Text Pam 605-838-7124. Coggins. JO118

ONLINE – PEPTOS DRY SMOKE – 2014 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Peptos Holy Ghost x Peptoboonsmal out of Smokin Lena Jo x Docs Dry Monkey. Marv is a talented gelding that has seen all aspects of ranch and feedlot work. Drug a pile calves, lots of outside doctoring, and a ton of sorting. He’s got a lot of cow and is very enjoyable to ride. Really easy to catch, load, and shoe. He’s excelled tremendously as a solid ranch horse, pull the cinch and go. FMI call 406-580-0290. Coggins. JO119

ONLINE – SQUIRTS PEPPY BADGER – 2010 AQHA Gray Mare x Steel Grey Squirt x Steel Grey Twist out of Ima Peppys Dream x Peppy San Prince. Halsey is a gentle mare that has been used in every aspect.  She is great outside, crosses water well and will go anywhere you need her to.  She has been hauled heading, heeling, and to several breakaways.  She is quiet, sound, easy to shoe, and hauls well.  She's soft to ride, flexes well, and picks up her leads. Take her down the trail or to the arena. 14.3 hands and 1050 lbs. 928-308-4684. Coggins. JO120

ONLINE – LIGHTMYSILVERSPOON – 2016 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Spoonful Of Sweets x Hes A Peptospoonful out of Annas Silver Light x Little Til Light. This handsome gelding has done everything on the ranch. Has been to several parades. Queens and rodeo committees ride him. Just started picking up broncs on him. Very gentle. 561-379-5463. Coggins. JO121

ONLINE – TWO EYED CASHLEO – 2014 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Leo Equal Cash x Ima Maudie Too out of Skips Two Eyed Twist x Eyed Bea Jack. Leo is a gorgeous chocolate palomino. Built right and boy what a looker. He is 15h, athletic, great barrel or rope prospect. Takes a good rider. Good with tarps and has been good to work on. Has a smooth ride, good with farrier, has a nice big foot, and is sound. Utd on shots. 218-838-3023. Coggins. JO122

ONLINE – KODA – 2010 GRADE Bay Overo Paint/QH/Draft Cross Gelding. Koda is built and a great size, 15h. Great trail horse, smooth ride, and doesn't take an expert. Advanced beginners have been riding him, he has a nice, quiet personality. He has pushed some cattle also. Would be a great addition to any ranch or family. He is good with the farrier and is sound, has a nice big foot. UTD on shots. 218-838-3023. Coggins. JO123

ONLINE – BET SHESA SUGAR CAT – 2018 APHA Sorrel Solid Mare x Bet Hesa Cat x High Brow Cat out of Willanic x Dynamite Goes Kaboom. Solid sorrel paint that is solid built.  Has been in NRCHA training with Travis Young since January 2021. Was started as a 2 year old on the ranch and used in the fall to gather yearlings. She was used at the sale barn some as well. She is smart and has a sweet as sugar "horsenality". 406-351-1720. Coggins. JO124

ONLINE – FLINT – 2010 GRADE Black Paint Pony Gelding. Broke to ride and drive for any level of rider. Check him out day of sale. Kid safe and friendly. 406-323-8035. Coggins. JO125

ONLINE – QUICK CASH LEGEND – 2016 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Ropers Legend x Laughing Dakota Cash out of Missin Busy Bars x Frenchmans Trademark. Roper is a big stand up palomino gelding. He stands around 15.1 and has lots of bone and foot. Roper was used this spring to sort pairs to pasture. Roper stands to be shod, clip and bath. Has a nice big stride and an easy way of moving. Sound. 641-373-6324. Coggins. JO126

ONLINE – GOLD – 2010 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Gold has been my main ranch horse for the past five years. He is well versed in all aspects of ranch work, moves well off the leg. I’ve rode him in the mountains as well as packed elk. You can turn him out all winter and get on and go in the spring. He will go all day, he will drag calves to the fire, just an all-around dependable horse. 406-291-6811 Coggins. J10

ONLINE – HELLYER A GEM - 2015 AQHA Gray Mare x Yosmokite Sam x Montana Gunsmoke out of Hellyer Wild x Wild Card. Ruby is a beautiful grey mare with a lot of eye appeal. She has a kind demeanor that travels from the ground to her back. Ruby has a nice steady gait in the mountains and on the trail, and also a sharp stop, turn and lope where you can roll a cig on the horn. She has been roped off of, gathered cattle, started on the barrel pattern, and works the flag well. This mare is a true athlete and could go any direction. She truly is a pleasure to have on the place. Right knee has small blemish, but guaranteed sound. X-rays and ultrasounds are clean, and on file. 509-723-3483. Coggins. J27

ONLINE – KS FROST STORM – 2017 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x PC Soxen Wood x PC Sun Wood out of Eternal Miss Dusty x MR Plenty Dust. Retro is a super nice, good looking, easy going, and loves people. He has a friendly personality and is the first one to meet you at the gate. He rides around nice. Lopes calm and collected. Retro is soft in the bridle and only wants to please. He has a great start on him and ready to go any direction! He's at that age that makes him perfect to make your own. Whether it is in the arena, trails, or mountains this is a good horse for you. Chelsy 435-592-6934 Coggins. JO127

ONLINE – YOU GRAY FROST – 2006 AQHA Gray Gelding x Pat Cowan x Sun Frost out of Red Bach Bar x Roan Feature. Big gray gelding. This gelding is easy catch, handle and ride. He takes his leads, sidepasses, smooth transition between gaits and is not lazy. He loads and hauls great. Easy to stall or hot fence. Been used for trail riding, hunting, and moving cows. Patterned on barrels and poles. 307-359-6080. Coggins. JO128

ONLINE - HONDO – 2014 GRADE Black Gelding. 15.2 h, 1250 lbs. Hondo is super friendly, with chrome to go with it.  He has been in the string for a couple of years and has always been gentle.  He walks out nicely and is great out on a pleasure ride or up in the mountains at hunting camp. He has carried clients that haven't ever been on a horse before while working in the outfitting camp in the fall.  He is solid without any spook on the trail. We have trailed cattle with him during the summer and is traffic safe as well. Gentle on the ground, easy for the kids to take care of. Young enough to still take any direction, rides with a neck rein and collects up for his reverse. No blemishes or vices. 208-521-3754 Coggins. JO129

ONLINE - COOPER – 2008 GRADE Bay Gelding. 15.3 h, 1200 lbs. Cooper has been a solid, reliable family trail, pleasure horse for the last 5 years. He was used in the arena as a barrel/pole horse prior to that. If you want a horse that knows how to swing the reins and walk down the trail, this is the type. He is dependable, and can be used in big, steep country. He has packed gear and all kinds of games. He will lead a string or follow behind without giving any issues. Cooper has been ridden by beginner adults and intermediate kids. Sound, no blemishes. 208-521-3754 Coggins. JO130

ONLINE - OKIE – 2010 GRADE Red Roan Gelding. Okie is well-made, very gentle, well broke. He stands 15.1h.  He has a nice soft neck rein with a good stop and reverse. He travels out well and rides good alone or in groups. Has been used for trail riding, ranch work and turned back some in the cutting pen.  He is easy to bridle, saddle, trim and load. Okie should fit any level rider. He gets along well with other horses.  He is blemish free and always been healthy. Video YouTube search Okie BLS June sale. 701-391-9587 Coggins. JO131

ONLINE - GENERAL – 2014 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. General is 15.2 h. Well put together. He has been used primarily as a ranch horse up to this point but would excel at anything you choose for him. He would make a nice mountain horse or arena horse. He has a nice rein and good stop and back. He travels good outside and doesn't hesitate at any kind of obstacles.  He gets along well with other horses. He is good to saddle, bridle, trim and load. General has always been healthy and sound. He has no blemishes. YouTube search General BLS June Sale. 701-391-9587 Coggins. JO132

ONLINE - ACE – 2014 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Ace stands 14.3 h and is as wide as he is tall. He has a great personality and quiet calm disposition. He loves attention and being caught. He is very soft rein and good stop and back. He has been rides lots of miles outside thru various terrains. He is low headed and a good traveler. He isn't spooky or jumpy and goes wherever you ask him to. He is good with water, bridges and downfall. He is the kind of horse anyone can ride and enjoy. You can lay him off for long periods of time and he stays gentle. Good to saddle, bridle, shoe and load. No buck. Always been healthy and sound and blemish free.  Buy Ace with confidence you will love him when you get him home. YouTube search (Ace BLS June sale) for his video. 701-391-9587 Coggins. JO133

ONLINE - SPRUCE – 2014 GRADE Bay Gelding. Spruce is 15 h. Athletic, has been lightly started in the arena but used more outside on the ranch. Spruce has the ability to make a good head horse if you want to go on with him or keep using him for the ranch chores. Always healthy and sound. Blemish free. YouTube search (Spruce BLS June sale) for his video. 701-391-9587 Coggins. JO134

ONLINE – ROSIE – 2015 GRADE Bay Mare. Rosie is a big beautiful bay mare that stands over 16 hands tall. She has worked feed lots and pushed cattle many days. Has been used in the branding pen also. One hand neck reins and goes all day. Loads and stands for the farrier. Has done it all and is ready to go to work. 612-283-0159. Coggins JO135

ONLINE – HANCOCKS SUNNY REBEL – 2009 AQHA Blue Roan Mare x Joe Sage Hancock x Plenty Sage Hancock out of Sunny Sue Music x Adobe Rebel. Salty has been used for all aspects of ranch work and has been to the branding pen many times. Nice ground covering gaits. Big stout mare that will go all day. Has been ridden by children also. This mare is broke and has looks to boot! 612-283-0159. Coggins JO136

ONLINE – MAVERICK – 2014 GRADE Paint Draft/Quarter Horse Gelding. He has gathered and sorted pairs and been to the brandings. He has also been ridden in the mountains and hills. MAVERICK is a beautiful, unique colored paint that catches everyone's eye. He is one hand broke and so much fun to ride! 507-840-1131. Coggins. JO137

ONLINE – DM SMART LIL CISCO – 2010 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x SCQH Mi Cisco Frost out of PC Cisco Frost out of Ima Lil Magnific x Peppys Lil Wil. Cisco is a well broke 14.3 hand gelding. He has gathered and doctored in the pastures, been trail ridden and is easy to get along with. Pretty, well bred, buckskin horse. 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO138

ONLINE – COWHUNTIN BAYOU BOOM – 2013 AQHA Dun Gelding x ShinenFuelTheBuggy x Fuel N Shine out of SS Bayou Chex x Blue Bayou Boon. BOOM is an exceptionally nice gelding. He's been ranch ridden and used his whole life. He has pasture roped several outside cattle, drug calves at the brandings and snubbed colts to halter break. He's good to catch, saddle, and ride. Very gentle and has good ground manners. Boom is easy to get along with. He's a nice, well bred horse. 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO139

ONLINE – PAGES MR BLUE – 2007 AQHA Grullo Gelding x Sons Final Chance x The Last Son out of Pages Blue Diamond x Rapid Waylon. GORDY is an extremely pretty horse that is just as gentle!!! He's an excellent horse on the trails, good in rough country and will cross water and go over deadfall.  Gordy has been ridden mostly by women his whole life. He's good with the farrier and loads and hauls easy. He's always good to catch, saddle, and ride. He rides the same every time! Gordy is such a nice, honest horse to suit anyone's needs. 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO140

ONLINE – SPOONS BUTTERFLY CAT - 2014 APHA Red Roan Solid Gelding x Spoonsfuls Serendipty x Hes A Peptospoonful out of Cats Haida Butterfly x Cat Prints. CAT is a cute, little 14 hand gelding that is handy broke and gentle. He's been ranch ridden his whole life...drug calves, sorted and doctored on, has also been heeled on. Cat is a little horse with a big ole heart....He's gentle, honest, and safe for anyone's use. 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO141

ONLINE – TINSPEED FIRST CLUE – 2015 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding x Tinspeed x Tin Man out of Clues First Valentine x Obvious First Clue. NIGEL is an outstanding, well bred, beautiful paint gelding. He's been ridden by a teenage girl for the past 2 years. He's very quiet and gentle and he will go wherever you point him. He stands for the farrier and is easy to get along with. Nigel rides off on a loose rein. Very nice young gelding for any occupation. 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO142

ONLINE – FIREWATERS TITAN – 2014 APHA Palomino Tobiano Gelding x Dash For Firewater x Zanton Firewater out of Shaylas Pattie x Hawk Talk. TITAN is an extremely pretty paint horse. He's been used to calve on and has prowled the pastures. He's a nice, free moving horse and is very talented and athletic. He's good to ride and get along with and is ready for any occupation! 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO143

ONLINE – SNIPPYS FROSTY DRIFT – 2018 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Wuz N Shup x Sadies Frosty Drift out of Yo Cowgirl Cowan x Pat Cowan. Here's a nice young horse that we've rode all spring. We've calved and trailed cattle on him and have used him to pen back at the sale barn. He's good minded with alot of talent and ability.  He goes all day and is ready to be started on the barrels or the roping pen. 507-840-1212. Coggins. JO144

ONLINE – DIXIE KING BEGGAR – 2017 AQHA Brown Gelding x King Hancock Beggar x JP FirstClass Beggar out of TLB Dixies Chunk x Kansas Big Dundee. King is a really laid back, gentle, level-headed and easy going gelding that just about anyone can ride. You can do anything with him, he walks up to you to be caught and he is very broke for his age. He has been used on the ranch to do all ranch chores. Pasture ropes as well as started in the arena. Ridden by all ages and experience levels. He has seen a lot, done a lot and been a lot of miles for a young horse!  Nice horse in every way! 612-309-6843. Coggins. JO145

ONLINE – HENRYETTA – 2009 GRADE Brown Molly Mule. Henryetta is a very good natured gentle molly mule that has been packed and worked. Good about her ears and feet. Very nice mule to be around. 918-839-6070. Coggins. JO146

ONLINE – BS WRANGLIN FREECASH – 2016 AQHA Black Gelding x Free Company x Dis Dudes A Dash out of BS Wrangler Babe x Doc Red Babe. Big, attractive looking gelding that is in the prime of his life.  He has a very smooth way of traveling and covering the country.  Lopes off collected and good leaded in the arena. Turns arounds over his hocks evertime you ask him. Very athletic, free moving and willing to get any job done. He is ready to go back to the ranch for a full time job or to the arena to further his career as a barrel horse or head horse. Very outstanding gelding with a promising future. 507-840-2255. Coggins. JO147

ONLINE – SR JOSH DANGIT – 2013 AQHA Grullo Solid Gelding x DJS Jacks Dandy Dun x The Roan Fiddler out of Abbys Black Angel x Ramblan Poco Deal. Big, upstanding gelding that has been used on the ranch. He has gathered stock and checked pastures. He is ready for a full time job back on the ranch. Big, using made gelding with his whole life ahead of him. 507-840-2255. Coggins. JO148

ONLINE – BOOMER – 2013 GRADE Dun Gelding. Ranch born and raised gelding. He has done all phases of daywork and has covered a lot of miles in big country. He will go all day long and never refuse a task. Honest using horse that can get any job done. 507-840-2255. Coggins. JO149

ONLINE – BENTLEY – 2011 GRADE Black Gelding. He has been there, done that. Seasoned, tried and true ranch broke gelding. He has done all levels of work from calving, sorting, doctoring to roping in the pastures. He is gentle for all ages to be around and handle. All-purpose broke gelding that is for all level of riders to get along with. Very versatile horse that can do any job and take care of anyone. 507-840-2255. Coggins. JO150


SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – THUNDERSTIPES – 2007 AQHA Red Dun Gelding x Lena My Way x Smart Little Lena out of Marsalas Smudgy Rose x Marsala Badger. Good, solid bridle horse, big stopper, nice to be around. This horse is as broke as they come. He will plus in the reining and cow horse pen and is very consistent. He is a HUGE stopper and will spin a hole in the ground. The cow work is his strong suit, as he is very cowy and athletic. Thunderstripes is very versatile, has earned both NRCHA and NCHA money. Thunderstripes has qualified to go to the NRCHA world three times! He is easy to clip, ties, hauls great! He is also an amazing trail horse! This horse would be great for a non pro looking for a horse to take them to the next level in reined cow horse or any other direction they want to go. He is definitely a confidence builder. Thunderstripes will continue to be shown and ridden on the trails until sold. He’s just a good all-around horse.  X-rays available. 208-817-1494. Coggins. JOS1

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – MILEHIGH STYLISH GUY – 2015 AQHA Bay Gelding x High Stylish Oak x Docs Stylish Oak out of Lil LOpen Annie x Zippo Jack Bar. 15.1 hands. Head horse ready to haul.  Use him on the ranch during the week, jackpot on the weekends. Has the size and strength you want and is laid back until you ask for it.  Good to be around and knows his job. 303-638-0301. Coggins. JOS2

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – AU LIL MISS HICKORY – 2019 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Speak Lotta Sioux x A Shiner Named Sioux out of High Time Sunshine x High Brow Hickory. Prospect. 14.1 hands. She’s a cutie with a blaze and three socks. Check out her papers, she is bred to be either a reined cow horse or a cutter. Dam is an own daughter of High Brow Hickory. Started and will have 40 rides by sale time.  Has been an easy to start, willing filly.  Ready for the training pen.  303-638-0301. Coggins. JOS3

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – PRETTY HOUSE WIFE – 2011 AQHA Sorrel Mare x CD Olena x Doc O’Lena out of Shiners Pretty Woman x Shining Spark. 15 Hands. Broodmare in foal to the good cutting Horse Smokin Trona (LTE $114,000) for an early May foal.  Own daughter of CD Olena. She was used as a head horse, been used in team sorting and on the ranch before joining broodmare band, producer of 5 foals.  Sells broodmare sound. Easy to breed either live cover or AI.  303-638-0301. Coggins. JOS4

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – AU BAR POCOS DOC – 2020 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Speak Lotta Sioux x A Shiner Named Sioux out of Pretty House Wife x CD Olena. Sorrel yearling with the conformation and breeding to be a reined cowhorse, head horse or ranch versatility horse. His dam is an own daughter of CD Olena. His sire is the son of a Shiner Named Sioux and was high selling horse June 2020 at BLS as a head horse.  Check out the breeding, this one is SPECIAL!  303-638-0301. Coggins. JOS5

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SBC BUBBLE OFF PLUMB – 2020 AQHA PENDING Buckskin Stallion x Johnny Reb Jackson x Confederate Leader out of AStar Is Roan x Cowboy Medley. Sired by the late Pink Buckle stallion Johnny Reb Jackson out of a Jet A Van mare. Tall, elegant colt, correct in every way. Incentives include; Pink Buckle, Ruby Buckle, Future Fortunes, Triple Crown, Royal Crown, Blue Collar Breeders, and Select Sires. 701-471-1304. Coggins. JOS6

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SBC SAY HIS NAME – 2020 AQHA PENDING Bay Stallion x As Good As Nick Gets x Dr Nick Bar out of BP Lady Success x Cartel Success. Sired by Victory Farms stallion, As Good As Nick Gets out of a royally bred daughter of Cartel Success.  This handsome colt is bred to excel! Incentives; Pink Buckle, Ruby Buckle, and Select Stallion Stakes. 701-471-1304. Coggins. JOS7

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – A BUCKAROO BADGER – 2019 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding x Fresnos Poco Badger x Badger Starlight out of BarTwo Honey In My Te x Mr Ice Te. Wow!! That’s the first thing you say when you see this handsome guy! Roo was born right here on our place, he’s very easy on the eyes, straight on all four corners, he’s healthy and ready to start a career. His sire Fresno’s Poco Badger is an NRCHA $$ earner, World Show Qualifier and was taken out of retirement at age 17 to win the ORCHA All Around Cowhorse Award. We love riding his offspring! Roo is gentle, he’s smart and a pretty mover. He’s up to date on worming and vaccinations. We’re pretty proud to call him ours and we think you’ll be just as proud. 541-571-6606. Coggins. JOS8

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – OLES RIO REMEDY – 2008 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Ole San Rio x Ole San out of Masters Sassy Girl x Master Remedy. Currently in training with John Snyder, "Rio" is a stout made, eye-catching gelding that is ready to put to work. Primarily used as a trail horse and turnback help in the cutting pen, he has been lightly started on the head side in the roping. Solid bones and correct conformation make him a head turner. By OLE SAN RIO(NCHA LTE $17K+) and out of the mare Masters Sassy Girl(NCHA LTE $18k+) by MASTER REMEDY, this attractive gelding's pedigree is rich with performance horse royalty. 970-568-0013. Coggins. JOS10

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – DUAL PURRFECTION – 2010 AQHA Bay Gelding x Cats Merada x High Brow Cat out of Duals Little Dolly x Dual Pep. BB is most famous for his appearance in the wildly popular television series YELLOWSTONE!!  This is “Jakes” personal horse in the series – seasons one through four - and has also been ridden by Teeter (Jennifer Landon) in season three and four, as well as multiple cast members!!  He’s a finished rope horse, head or heel, he will work a cow in the cutting pen, has had reined cowhorse training, too. On the series he’s been ranched on, roped on, trail ridden, exposed to sights and sounds of television crews and commotion from every direction, he has reshot scenes and is a tolerant individual.  Prior to his movie career, he was my main turnback horse at cuttings, my number one rope horse, and my number one go-to-gelding. Here is an opportunity to own a real movie star that comes with a complete western resume!! He’s the horse that stands in my barn that is the one we use for everything, all day long. Broke and rides like one is supposed to, he’s gentle and very kind, if I need to doctor a cow, he’s the guy. My daughter has used him in the barrels and also breakaway roping. Lots and lots to say about him, but in summary – he’s the business. Video currently in production. FMI or to try prior to sale day, contact Jake Ream 801.420.1971. Coggins. JOS11

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SMART ANNA BOONS – 2015 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Smart Boons x Peptoboonsmal out of Smart Anna Lena x Little Lena Doc. Great prospect for heel horse, team penning/sorting, barrels. This little mare could go in any direction as she was started in the reining discipline and has plenty of go. 509-301-5690. Coggins. JOS12

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – JAZZS LIL BOON – 2016 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Once In A Blu Boon x Peptoboonsmal out of Jazzs Little Joy x Dual Jazz. Jazz is a stout made, handsome son of Once In A Blu Boon that is not only talented, but extremely gentle. He has that “head horse look” to him with a big hip and a pretty head, lots of bone, and strawberry roan colored. He’s had cutting training and has also been roping the hot heels. Jazz is a smooth mover, lopes collected and flat, rides off your seat, and has a fancy handle. He is quiet out on the trails and along the highway, not spooky or flighty, and excellent with new obstacles. Jazz will saddle up gentle with long periods of time off, always willing and wants to please. He’s the type of horse that could go very far in the performance world but has no problem being a safe trail or ranch mount. We have owned this gelding since he was a 3 year old, we think he has a bright future ahead of him. Stands 15.1hh. Sound, current on deworming, shoes. Video @  For more information call Kyle at 608-434-4789 or Riley at 507-459-8654 or visit  Coggins. JOS13

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – EINSTEINS FINEST KID 2017 AQHA Red Dun Gelding x Einsteins Revolution x Great Resolve out of SDR The Finest Kid x Footworks Finest. Albert is a big hipped, smooth made gelding who is by Einsteins Revolution!  He has had extensive reining training as a youngster, he will spin, slide, has great body control, smooth moving, and will go any speed you ask. Albert has the look to take to the show pen in the ranch riding classes, and has the talent and mind to take you to the top. He is extremely gentle to be around, loves to be pampered, always saddles up gentle, and rides off without a fuss. Albert is great with obstacles, crosses wooden bridges, logs, tarps, good with a rope, and has even roped the machine a handful of times. He has the size and athleticism to make a head horse in no time at all. Albert rides quiet down the trails, along the busy highway, and through the ditches.  This is a super nice young gelding with a very bright future ahead of him! He stands 15.1hh. Sound, current on deworming, shoes.  For more info call Riley at 507-459-8654 or visit Coggins. JOS14

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – HX LITTLE GUN – 2015 AQHA Gray Gelding x Ima Little Peppier x Peppy San Badger out of Seven S Etta Gun x Real Gun. Wesson is a super cool, 14.3 hand, foundation bred ranch horse that has quite the resume. He’s drug calves to the fire at brandings, doctored sick cattle out in the pasture, sorted countless pairs, and has even heeled some steers in the arena. He is easy to operate point and go steering, super cowy and can work any gate on the ranch. Wesson has been making his living at the Zoetis-AQHA Best Remuda Award winning Muleshoe Ranch. There’s no telling how many cattle he’s seen and still has his whole life ahead of him. He is very quiet and gentle to handle and ride, but sometimes requires you to preheat the oven before you put in the biscuits. Take him back to the ranch or go on with him in the roping pen, this tailor made dapple gray gelding was born to work cattle!  Sound, current on deworming, shoes. For more info call Kyle at 608-434-4789 or visit Coggins. JOS15

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE –  SMOKIN PEPER  - 2008 AQHA Chestnut Mare x Quixote Whiskey Doc x Paddys Irish Whiskey out of Smokin Pep O Nita x Mr Salty Peponita. She has been used for all aspects of ranch work. Pepper has a solid foundation in the arena and has been used to pack in the mountains as well. She is gentle on the ground and the first one to meet you at the gate every day. She is extremely cowy and would excel being used to team pen or cut on if you so desire. Pepper would also suite any 4H kid or weekend trail rider as well. She is a pleasure to be around and we believe she's the type that you can take home and enjoy today and breed her later on. With her papers and color she is sure to throw some phenomenal colts in the future. Pepper is good to shoe, load and tie. Don't miss out on this sweet mare she is the type the whole family can enjoy. 307-254-3787. Coggins. JOS16

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SHINE SADIE SHINE – 2019 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Shine Chic Shine x Smart Chic Olena out of Spooks Stylin x Grays Starlight. A super nice prospect was in training with Mirjam Stillo. Full sister to many successful show horses.  Sound and ready to continue training. NRHA and NRBC enrolled. 507-993-9670. Coggins. JOS17

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SMARTY HAS STYLE – 2019 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Colonels Smart Spook x Smart Spook out of Starlights Stylish x Grays Starlight. A pretty filly out of a great Starlight mare was in training with Mirjan Stillo. Starlights Stylish first foal shown was a finalist at the 2020 NRHA Futurity level 3 with Mirjam Stillo. NRBC enrolled and NRHA nominated. 507-993-9670. Coggins. JOS18

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – VC BY MOONLIGHT – 2011 APHA Gray Solid Gelding x CS Flashlight x Royal Quick Dash out of Baby Martha x Marthas Six Moons. Super cool 16 hand gelding by CS FLASHLIGHT(si 106) out of a daughter of MARTHAS SIX MOONS. This is a really nice horse that has tons of speed and athleticism along with a sane and quiet mind. He was a Futurity horse who has some 1D earnings. He’s been used on the ranch, has some basic reining training and was started heading by Paul Griemsman last summer which he took right to!! He has straight legs, good bone and correct conformation...SOUND & SANE with NO vices or bad habits...easy to have around, wants to please and requires no maintenance! He’s quiet and will walk in and out of arena but is powerful with some go so probably not for a beginner or younger kid. Has old scar on upper outer left knee. Possum has upper level talent and I’d like him to go where he can excel so I’m happy to answer all questions...please call or text 307-689-3934 Coggins. JOS19

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – GOOD TO BET – 2015 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Sport N Bet x Rips Sport Model out of Good For The Soul x Roosters Shorty. Red Duck is a beautiful red roan that stands 15 hands tall.  He has been ridden on ranches across Texas and New Mexico.  He is so smooth! He has been roped on, used to sort and doctor cattle.  There is no spook in this horse.  He has been ridden by an older rancher and he is gentle for anyone.  Do not miss is gorgeous horse would be a great addition to any operation! Ranch, family, trail.  Red Duck has it all. 334-507-1386. Coggins. JOS20

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SJR BEARLY NUF PEPTO – 2013 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x One Time Pepto x Peptoboonsmal out of Bearly Nuf Cash x Miss N Cash. Radar stands 15 hands and weighs 1200 pounds. He has been trained a working cow horse and cutting horse. He is easy to shoe, catch, bathe and hauls wonderfully. He is an easy going, gentle gelding that would be a great addition to anyone wanting a horse than can do just about anything. He has been ranched on outside and is started on roping. Radar loves a treat and is great with other horses. Do you need a ranch horse? A trail, versatility, roping or cutting horse? You need Radar! 334-507-1386. Coggins. JOS21

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – THIRDSTRIKEYOUROUT – 2013 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Third Cutting x Boonlight Dancer out of Outreygeous Style x Dual Rey. Striker is gentle, friendly and full of personality.  He will meet you a the gate with a friendly hello! He is gentle for every member of your family to ride.  He isn't a horse that has to be ridden every day and when you do ride him he is quiet and a joy to ride.  He has had a lot of cattle roped on him outside.  He is a trained cutter and there is a lot of cow in Striker.  Broke to tarps, water, easy to shoe, hauls perfectly, gets along with other horses, he is up to date on shoes and teeth, and he loves to get a treat! If you are a novice, need a quite ranch horse, or want to start your kid in the cutting you need to bring Striker home.  He is a once in a lifetime gentleman's gelding. Young or old, Striker will be your best barn friend. 334-507-1386. Coggins. JOS22

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SG MISTER FRENCHMAN – 2016 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Frenchmans Six Dash x Frenchmans Guy out of Mistery Chic x Mister Dual Pep. Red is a "Ready to Haul" barrel horse that is Futurity eligible this year. This gelding is going very good on the barrels. Lana thought she wanted to do some futurities this year, however due to her recent rodeo success she changed her mind (imagine that)! I'm not going to keep this horse around in case she changes her mind again. He is too nice and need to be going now. Someone is going to do big things with him. His sire was the Jr World Champion Barrel Horse and a Proven 1D money earner. And he is out of a good daughter of Mister Dual Pep NCHA Money earner of over $43,000. Red is straight, correct and right in every way.  To watch his video go to Youtube and search SG Mister Frenchman BLS June Sale.  FMI call 612-810-5455. Coggins. JOS23

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – ALWAYS ENOUGH TIME – 2016 AQHA Red Roan Mare x Blue One Time x One Time Pepto out of Smart N Katsi x Smart Little Pepinic. Absolutely gorgeous NRCHA money earning roan mare. This mare has more style and eye appeal than you could ask for. 2019 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Novice Non Pro Futurity Finalist. This is a good honest mare that will plus all her maneuvers, stylish out of the herd, and gritty down the fence! She will excel at anything you choose to do with her. Come try her before sale day! For more info, pictures, and video contact Nicole 719-351-0051. Coggins. JOS25

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – DUAL SMOOTH TALKER – 2017 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Smooth Talkin Style x Smooth As A Cat out of Dual Reys Belle x Dual Rey. NRCHA money earning derby horse. This is a GOOD gelding!! Excellent minded, packed full of athletic ability, very smart on a cow, and good down the fence! Lightly started on the heel o matic and showing great promise to be a big time heel or calf horse. Dual Smooth Talker stands approx 14.1 but carries himself like a big horse. Gentle enough for a youth or novice rider. Come try him before sale day! For more info, pictures, and video please contact Nicole 719-351-0051. Coggins. JOS26

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – IMA MERADA BOONLIGHT – 2018 AQHA Chestnut Mare x Merada O Laney x Cats Merada out of No Roan Joan x Boonlight Dancer. She will have 90 days by sale date. Talented, good minded and really wants to work a cow. About 14.3 hands, goes low headed, great prospect for cutting or cowhorse. Sire was local Cutting Derby Champion. Have riding videos. 307-331-5472. Coggins. JOS27

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – SMITHS CANDY MAN -2010 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Playboys Whizstep x Shilo Whiz out of Little Candy Belle x Image Of Item. Playboy is one of the prettiest geldings you will see. At 15 hands and built like a tank, he can do any ranch work you may need done. He is no stranger to dragging calves to heeling steers at a rodeo. He would work best for an intermediate to confident rider. Playboy can be a little watchy but none the less will do his job every time. He is hobble broke and stands good for the farrier and can go all day. He is an easy keeper. Check out his papers as he has great genetics behind him. 701-818-8783. Coggins. JOS28

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE – LENAS BLUE ROAN – 2014 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding x Lenas Cee Boonsmal x Peptoboonsmal out of Haidas Ms King Glo x Haidas San Badger. Great cowboys ranch horse that has roped outside, used in the branding pen and extensive mountain riding leading pack strings. 307-217-1140. Coggins. JOS29

SONS & DAUGHTERS/ONLINE  - FRENCHIN FIRST - 2013 AQHA Gray Gelding x First Down French x Frenchmans Guy out of Backyard Betty x Haidas Pepinic. Skippy has been used extensively in all aspects of ranch work. He is 15.3, good bone, good feet. Easy keeper and good to rope on, in the pasture or the arena. Skippy has been shown as a head horse. He has been hauled to jackpots, and scores good. He has lots of run and rate in him. For more information call Luke Wiggins 406-865-0197 Coggins. JOS30



SONS & DAUGHTERS – DR KIT STARLIGHT – 2006 AQHA Black Gelding x Kit Starlight x Grays Starlight out of Peppy D Blue x Mr Peppy Doc. Coon is a flashy, sweet, easy to keep horse that was trained as a breakaway horse and transitioned over to the heading side. We have used him outside the arena as well to brand, move cows and he is a pleasure to ride. Easy to shoe, easy to haul and just an all-around great horse to be around. He has been hauled from Arizona to Montana and everywhere in between, from amateur to pro-rodeos, high school and college rodeos as well as all levels of jackpot team ropings. This guy is one you will want to add to your herd as he has a lot of get up and go, but is as easy as can be to keep. Turn out all winter and get right back on in the spring and he won't miss a beat!! Call with any questions and more videos 406-580-9736. Coggins. JS1

SONS & DAUGHTERS – LAZYJLFREDDYBENDER – 2017 AQHA Brown Gelding x High Rolling Rimrock x Rim Rocks A Poppin out of Driftin Lita Chex x Grullo Driftwood. Smooth, sharp, ranch, roping, barrel prospect. Professionally started and has had 120 days training. An all-around super attitude competitive gelding. Is ready to go to work or play. 208-220-3416. Coggins. JS2

SONS & DAUGHTERS – HANDCOCKS GENTLEJACK – 2019 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Handmade Hancock x Leo Hancock Hayes out of Di Peppy Rose x Conoco Peppy. Smart, cow savvy, sharp, halter broke gelding. Will be a very competitive barrel, roping, ranch, family, all around horse. He is very well bred on both sides. Sharp with a great disposition. 208-220-3416. Coggins. JS3

SONS & DAUGHTERS – IVORY LATIGO – 2019 AQHA Perlino Gelding x Latigo Leo x Shiners War Leo out of Driftin Lita Chex x Grullo Driftwood. He is just a sweetheart! Easy to be around. Halter broke, excellent blood lines with a body to match. He has blue eyes and a great disposition. 208-220-3416. Coggins. JS4

SONS & DAUGHTERS – SMOKIN TOTIN PEPTO – 2015 AQHA Gray Gelding x CTR Gun Totin Pepto x Playgun Olena out of Phoebes Smoking Gun x Young Gun. 15.1 hands. Cheyenne is a solid, gentle, fancy bred gelding that’s ready to handle any job. From heading steers in the arena, to the mountain trails, sorting cattle and loading trucks, or snubbing colts; Cheyenne is your guy. He’s the same kind, gentle, horse every time you saddle him up and he has plenty of experience to make him enjoyable every day. Cheyenne has a light mouth, a quiet mind, and a solid set of wheels under him. He can handle the long days, but he’s fancy enough for the ranch foreman, and gentle enough for the whole family.  Check out his video here  or on our website or contact Kera with any questions at 775-761-2626. Coggins. JS5

SONS & DAUGHTERS – MASQUED WITH A STAR – 2016 AQHA Bay Gelding x The Masqued Male x Chics In The Male out of Sparkin Sheyenne Dew x Sparkin Hot. 15.2 hands, 1,200#. Yukon is truly one of the best horses we have ever made and sold. He’s been our keeper for over a year and a half and has proven time and again that he’s reliable, safe, and solid in every situation. Turn him out for extended time or ride him daily and he’s the same horse. Yukon is GENTLE, follows you around looking for attention like an overgrown dog and has zero vices. He is solid on the trails, working cattle, as well as in the arena. Yukon is fancy broke and rides the way a good one should. He’s solid in the box, easy to ride to cattle with a nice move in the handle and a sharp face. I can’t say enough good about this horse and he will be greatly missed here. Watch his video at Https://  or on our website  Contact Kera with any questions at 775-761-2626. Coggins. JS6

SONS & DAUGHTERS – HAPPYS FLYING LADY – 2017 AQHA Gray Mare x Flying X Lad x Flying X Leolena out of Happys Jr Drift GW x Happy Trace. Stella is going to be someone’s next super star! This mare has a ton of talent and has an excellent 120 day start on her. Stella is super athletic and has an awesome stop. She rides around very collected and stays nice and soft all the time. Not one ounce of cold back in this one! And she does excellent with time off. You’d never even know she’d had a day off. She’s had ranch experience and has even been used to outride for a team of mules. Don’t miss out on this excellent prospect! 406-670-6190. Coggins. JS7

SONS & DAUGHTERS – DOC SMOKIN CASH – 2012 AQHA Grullo Gelding x Pepto Three Doc Bar x Mr Pepto 406 out of RT Smokin Cash x Cash From Thistle. Smoke is a nice minded trail gelding. He loves the trail and is brace and goes everywhere. He lopes his circles in the arena and has tracked the smarty steer.  He has been used to pony colts and taken amateur riders on the trail. Rides alone or in a group and has been hauled. Loads and trailers, ties and stands quiet for the farrier.  858-603-1168 Coggins. JS8

SONS & DAUGHTERS – FUELED BY A CICLONE – 2007 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Fueled By A Legacy x Glassy Oh Beau out of Sagewind Nevan x Ciclone Zone. Sully is a really gentle big boy. He is current on vaccines and dental work easy to show and loads and unloads well. Has a super nice lope. Has been used a gymkhanas. 307-421-6499. Coggins. JS9

SONS & DAUGHTERS – DRIFTIN LITA CHEX – 2009 AQHA Brown Mare x Grullo Driftwood x Drifts Chip out of Hangin Lita Chex x Idaho Hangin. A well-bred mare that throws some amazing offspring. One of her best traits is her disposition. She is gentle, easy to be around. Learns quickly and passes those traits to all of her offspring. Out of 3 different stud blood lines, she has had 5 geldings and 1 filly.  Sells with the filly on her side. 208-220-3416 Coggins. JS10



PATCHES – 2010 GRADE Black & White Molly Mule. Patches is super friendly and an easy rider. We have had anyone ride her and she can get the job done. Patches is a beautiful white and black patched mule. Best part she will even lay down for you if you have a hard time getting on. She has been on many trail ridings around North Dakota. Don't miss out on her. 701-320-6509. Coggins. J1

2009 AQHA Gray Gelding x Roanys Bar Zorro x Roany Upset out of Jewels On The Border x Border Beduino. 15.2 hands. Goose is a very well broke horse who has been everywhere. He has worked with cows, gone hunting and been on many trail rides and horse shows. He is a very big, beautiful gelding that is very well mannered on the ground and is an easy keeper. He is a smooth riding horse. Don't miss your opportunity to get a bid at this guy. 701-320-9333. Coggins. J2

2014 AQHA Red Dun Gelding x Catts Back In Black x Sophisticated Catt out of HR Catballou Spark x Generatin A Spark. Has done all types of ranch work. Has a motor and can cover a lot of country. Is good to shoe and trailers well. 307-254-1167. Coggins. J3

2015 APHA Black Overo Gelding x Ima Scenic Driftwood x Colonel Coosader out of Robins Royal Phoenix x Allen Lee. 15.3 hands. We have headed on him for the last two summers.  He has had a lot of outside miles.  He is easy on the eyes and fun to head on. Ready to go win at the ropings. He will have 30 days training under Paul Griemsman by sale date and will be shown by Paul at the sale. FMI 307-281-2273 and leave a message for Harvey. Coggins. J4

JOHN & JIMMY – 2015 & 2016 GRADE Flaxen Mane & Tail Sorrel Belgian Geldings. John is a big, good looking, super gentle gelding. Jimmy, this guy is big and good looking and matches up perfect with his brother John. These guys have pulled a handmade stagecoach all over Montana and Idaho. The two of them have went right down freeways, beside trucks. They have been in a lot of parades and rodeo arenas with huge crowds. They stand perfect for people to get on and off the stagecoach. John is super easy to catch and handle. He is good with feet and loads in trailer good. They have been in four lanes of traffic and handle fine. Excellent feet and loads good in horse trailer. Gene Bushnell 406-304-7611. Coggins. J5/J6

DIAMOND – 2011 GRADE Palomino ½ Belgian ½ Quarter Horse Gelding. Been used on the ranch as a guide horse. He stands 16.2 weighs 1,400lbs. He a good mover and has seen a lot of country. Just has too much go to make a guest horse. Needs experienced rider. 406-579-5948. Coggins. J7

2012 AQHA Gray Gelding x Tiny Bit Of Luck x Lucks Lucky out of Little Bit County x Webb County. 50 has been used as a kids barrel/pole horse, until the kids decided they wanted to rope. He has been used on miles and miles of trail rides. Been used for kids to mess around on and rodeo on. Has had tarps thrown on him, pool noodles, hula hoops, water gun fights, played horseback tag, stands by the trampoline while they jump on him. Been rode bareback and with a halter and lead rope. Responds expertly to leg pressure and an experienced rider can ride him bridleless. Kids used him to round up and chase cows. He rides out alone or in a group. Doesn't have to be in front but also isn't the last. Gets along with mares and geldings. He's been well loved and pampered. 701-500-5937. Coggins. J8

CARLIN – 2010 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Using type ranch horse. No buck or bad habits. Easy to shoe, stands all day tied, easy to load and haul. Nice, soft, mile eating trot. Too much horse for a beginner. Contact 360-901-4861 for more information and videos. Coggins. J9

GOLD – 2010 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Gold has been my main ranch horse for the past five years. He is well versed in all aspects of ranch work, moves well off the leg. I’ve rode him in the mountains as well as packed elk. You can turn him out all winter and get on and go in the spring. He will go all day, he will drag calves to the fire, just an all-around dependable horse. 406-291-6811 Coggins. J10

2017 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding x Weavers Streakin x Streakin Boon Dox out of Speed Hancoc x Hancock Husky. This blue roan has been outstanding in the mountains and used as a trail horse. He has been lightly started on the head side. He is good on the ground and to stand tied all day. 801-616-1666. Coggins. J11

2009 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x KKR How D Blue x Spur My Britches out of DL Zinger Dun It x Dun It 2000. He was used on the ranch. He is a solid, well-built cow or trail horse. He has been used for branding, mountain riding and packing. He is an all-around friendly, willing worker with lots of energy and bomb-proof. Coggins. J12

TINKER – 2009 GRADE Palomino Pony Gelding. 31 inches. Rides and drives. He sells with harness and wagon all ready to go. 307-467-5343. Coggins. J13

PAL – 2015 GRADE Dark Brown Pony Gelding. Pal stands 38 inches with dorsal stripe.  Quiet type and broke to ride. Goes anywhere and has done just about everything. He sells with bit, bridle, and pony saddle. 307-467-5343. Coggins. J14

LEVI – 2001ish – GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Solid ranch horse the kids have ridden. Easy keeper. Not for beginners. Can get grouchy. Coggins. J15

CHEREKEE – 2015 GRADE Red Paint Mare. Cherekee has been used on the ranch and for dragging calves at branding. Also in this four year period was used as an in department and out department horse at the Glasgow Livestock. Has been used around thousands of cattle. You can run cattle tubs like a dream and open and shut gates on her. She watches cattle, fun to ride, and has lots of energy. Coggins. J16

CHARRO – 2007 GRADE Black Paint Gelding. For two years Charro has been used on the ranch. He is started on roping and used at two brandings to drag calves. He has been used at the Glasgow Livestock as an in department horse. Been behind thousands of cattle, being ran into and bumped by mad cows does not bother him. Would probably make a good pick-up horse, has lots of bottom. Coggins. J17

2011 AQHA Sorrel Mare x Lynx Holly Doc x Lynx Lite out of Smokin Honey Chex x Docs Cody Chex. Blaze faced, stocking legged mare. She has been roped on in the arena, pasture, and branding corral. She has toted my 5 year old son around at little gymkhanas for the past 3 years and nothing bothers her. 307-359-5246 Coggins. J18

PETE – 2002 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Don’t let his age fool you!!! Pete is a big solid bay roan gelding. He has roped both ends in the arena and is a very solid honest horse. He has been to numerous ranch rodeos. He has had since he was a colt a slight bump on his from left leg but he hasn’t taken a lame step. Good hard black feet. 307-359-5246 Coggins. J19

DICE – 2014 GRADE Black Overo Paint Gelding. Dice is a huge made, gorgeous, 16.h overo paint gelding. This horse is a cowboys horse; lopes off, will pull anything you tie off to, more grit then I've seen in most horses. Can be a bit watchy on the ground. Stands tied, loads, crosses anything you point him at. Easy to trim or shoe, stays sound no matter how long his day is. this horse has no bottom, at same time he is not a hot horse. Easy going and level headed. Dice would make the perfect horse for any cowboy or rancher needing a new hand. 605-840-9492. Coggins. J20

ROOSTER – 2016 GRADE Dun Pony Gelding. Rooster has got to be one of the coolest ponies around! With a thick, short body and gorgeous color, he turns heads everywhere we go. Rooster has been used in the playdays here and there, but mostly for ranch work. From dragging small calves to the fire, checking fence or sorting pairs, he keeps up with the big guys. Always sure footed and easy to get on. Goes anywhere you point him. Loves attention sound and sane in every way. You don't find a pony like this every day.  Don't miss your chance to own this little badass. 605-840-9492. Coggins. J21

YETI – 2015 GRADE Gray Draft Cross Gelding. Yeti is, well like he looks in the picture, a unicorn. This horse has been home raised and used on the ranch his whole life. Yeti is the go to horse for any job. Loves attention, been used in the parade, and dressed as a unicorn even! This horse is super tough, with a no quit attitude.  Super smooth lope, goes through water, town and over bridges. Sure footed as a mountain goat has been used in the badlands to gather and rope strays. Sound and safe. 605-840-9492. Coggins. J22

KING – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. King is a 16.h tank of a gelding. This horse has been used on the ranch for every job you can throw at him. Easy to handle one handed neck rain, no bad habits. King is one of the main mounts we use for the kids, always willing to please and gentle to be around. If you’re looking for a handsome well-made gelding. This is your guy. 605-840-9492. Coggins. J23

RED – 2013 GRADE Sorrel Draft Cross Gelding. Red has been used on the ranch and trails his whole life. Great to pack and will pack anything. Does good in a line and will follow along. Crosses anything and goes where pointed. Sound and gentle. Coggins. J24

BOURBON – 2009 GRADE Dun Gelding. Bourbon has worked on the ranch, in the feedlot and taken down the trail. Crosses anything and goes where pointed. Good handle and good looking. Sound and gentle. Coggins. J25

EAGLE – 2013 GRADE Bay Pony Gelding. Eagle is gentle, no buck and beginner safe. My little boy is 6 and rides him all over the place. He’ll cross water and go swimming, ride bareback, easy to catch, tie, shoe, and load. This is a super nice pony gelding that will teach your kiddos to ride. He’s not a dead head pony, and will move out when asked. He has an awesome sliding stop on him. The kids crawl all over him, can rope off him and pull a sled with the kids. He will keep right up with the big horses no problem and ride all day. Ride him double, triple, or how many kiddos you can fit on his back, he doesn’t care! He’s been used to drag calves to the fire, been messed around with on barrels and poles at play days. Not a thing this pony won’t do, cross, or jump if you ask him to! He really is a one in a million type of guy!! Have plenty of videos and pictures of him! Call or text 406-208-8821. Coggins. J26

2015 AQHA Gray Mare x Yosmokite Sam x Montana Gunsmoke out of Hellyer Wild x Wild Card. Ruby is a beautiful grey mare with a lot of eye appeal. She has a kind demeanor that travels from the ground to her back. Ruby has a nice steady gait in the mountains and on the trail, and also a sharp stop, turn and lope where you can roll a cig on the horn. She has been roped off of, gathered cattle, started on the barrel pattern, and works the flag well. This mare is a true athlete and could go any direction. She truly is a pleasure to have on the place. Right knee has small blemish, but guaranteed sound. X-rays and ultrasounds are clean, and on file. 509-723-3483. Coggins. J27

2009 AQHA Gray Gelding x Color Me Sun Dun x Quincy Sun Dun out of WYO Gold Bee Cyndi x Tee J Bee Gold Money. Quincy is a big beautiful grey ranch gelding. 15’2 hands 1300lbs and sturdy. He’s been used in big rough country and is a really smooth traveler. Done about everything on a ranch. Good at sorting and started heading too. Very athletic, fast walk, good feet and sound. 406-696-4756. Coggins. J28

2014 AQHA Chestnut Mare x Lonsum Drift Style x Lonsum Drift 045 out of Ima Double Doc Chic x Don Juan Valdez. Green broke, good disposition, lot of potential to be a good horse. Has been used as a broodmare. 406-390-6434 Coggins. J29

2007 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Skip Supress x Skip A Depth out of Cliffs Silver Doll x Nebraska Roan Fool. Has been used as ranch horse last seven years. Has a lot of experience in the hills, branding pen, and riding pens in a feedlot. Has been used for pasture doctoring yearlings and has drug calves at brandings. 406-390-6434. Coggins. J30

CHESTER – 2004 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Has been used as ranch horse last seven years. Good endurance, has been used a lot gathering cattle. Has been used to pasture doctor yearlings, ride pens in a feedlot, and can drag calves at brandings. 406-390-6434. Coggins. J31

CLIDE – 2009 GRADE Line Backed Dun Gelding. 15 hands, nice looking dun gelding. Has been used to gather cattle. Good ranch horse. Rope cattle on him out in the open. FMI 505-879-1554. Coggins. J32

CARMEL – 2011 GRADE Palomino Gelding. 15 hands. Carmel has been used to gather cattle, head, heel, and calf roping. Sometimes gets head shy when bridling. Not cinchy, no spook. Shoes easily and safe. FMI 505-879-1554 Coggins. J33

PEPPERMINT – 2010 GRADE Paint Mare. Peppermint is a 14 hand 900 pound mare used to push and gather cattle and sheep. She has also been on trail rides and can cover the country with a problem. 832-405-0746. Coggins. J34

2015 AQHA Bay Gelding x PKS Shilo Hickory x Lotto Hickory Lena out of Zippos Red Dun x Country Zebra. Lotto is a handsome bay gelding with ability and a lot of give. This horse has good feet and a pretty mane and tail.  An easy ride with a good walk, Lotto is ready to get the job done.  He moves with ease, knows where his feet are and travels with confidence.  Easy to catch and polite around other horses Lotto has good manners.  He will stand quietly and is nice to be around.  He has been ridden outside over all kinds of terrain on the ranch.  Lotto is a great young prospect. 307-751-1283 Coggins. J35

COLE – 2011 GRADE Black Gelding. Trail gelding with a ton of chrome! This gelding is super easy going and wants to please. Has been used on the ranch and has drug calves to the fire. This guy is gentle! 406-670-6190. Coggins. J36

JIMMY – 2012 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Ranch Horse Deluxe! This gelding has been used in the feedlots and on the ranch. Would make an excellent trail horse or your next performance prospect. Has been used to doctor cattle and brand calves. Does great with time off. 406-464-2421. Coggins. J37

FLAX – 2014 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Flax has the looks to impress. He rides around very nicely and has a lot of talent. Smooth and has the moves. He has been used mostly as a ranch horse, preforming all aspects of a working cattle ranch. Flax is also a hazing horse with lots of speed, been hauled to some jackpots. He stands 15.1 HH, 1150 lbs, he is good to be around, clip, shoe and bathe. FMI Kale 780-515-0715. Coggins. J38

2005 APHA Sorrel Gelding x Sage Runner x Calling Thunder out of Pyers Skipa Pide x Rulers Skipa Star. Tonk is a ranch horse gelding. He has been roped off of and we have ridden him in the Missouri River Breaks. He is starting to get a little stiff and our country is a little rough on him. He would make a good horse for an experienced rider, he has no buck or spook but alot of energy. Current on all vaccinations and wormed. For more information please call Jeff or Sue Willmore at 406 464-2361 evenings are better. Coggins. J39

KEVIN – 2004 GRADE Bay Gelding. We have cut back on our cow herd so are offering some of our ranch horses for sale. This gelding is about 15h, easy to catch, haul, trim. All the things a ranch horse should do. He’s gentle, quiet and broke. Anyone can work cows on him one day and trail ride on him the next. Coggins. J40

NOODLES – 2013 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Here’s a gelding that has not only that gorgeous palomino color but just the right size at 14.3. You can ride him out on the trail or move and check cows. He’s quiet, easy to trim, load and haul. Just the right age and ready for another job. Never offered to buck and gets along with other horses. Coggins. J41

HENRY – 2013 GRADE Dun Gelding. Henry is a stunning gelding. 15 hands and pretty to boot. He is a solid ranch horse and seasoned trail horse. He is very well broke to ride and will go in any direction.  He is safe with no buck or hump. He has been used on a big cattle operation and will go all day. He is the right age to go on and do big things. He is easy to ride, if you can ride you will get along with him. He is the right kind and very broke. Big, pretty gelding and easy going. Sound with no vices. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J42

2013 AQHA Black Gelding x Mr Stearns Drifter x Kingsville Legend out of Conclusive Profit x Obviously For Profit. King is a cute, cute, 14.3 hand steel gray gelding. He is a gentle, honest horse with lots of eye appeal. He has had a lot of outside miles and will ride where he is pointed. He has no buck or hump and ready to go on to the next stage of his life. He got started late in life but doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He just needs a job and someone to take and make him a high dollar gelding. He is the right kind with lots of eye appeal. Has been used some and rode some. He is a good horse with no issues.  Sound and blemish free. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J43

JIMMY – 2012 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. A good looking gelding at 15 hands. Super broke to ride, a seasoned ranch horse. Very broke to ride and in the bridle broke. Has all the buttons and will ride around. He is a good, honest horse that can go any direction. He has had a lot of pasture roping and will hold something on the end of the rope. He was trail rode Memorial weekend and did great. Will cross water and go where pointed. He is the right kind than anyone can ride. He is very easy going. No vices or blemishes. Sound and will stay broke. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J44

2017 AQHA Bay Roan Mare x Rawhide Blantonwood x Blantons O Too Cool out of Blue Sugar Dream Ima Blue McKeag. Sawyer is a stunning mare. She is 15 hands and cute as a button. Lots of conformation and looks. Very well put together and ready to go in any direction. She is friendly and super quiet. She has been started and ridding nicely. She is open to breed or go to riding her. She has no buck and not a mean bone in her body. She is kind and wants attention. Will meet you at the gate. Has been rode a lot of outside miles and gathered a few cattle. Ready to go in any direction. Sound and no vices. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J45

JACK – 2011 GRADE Blue Roan Quarter Pony Gelding. Super, super cute blue roan that stands 13.2 hands and is very well broke to ride. He has been used on a working cattle ranch and a seasoned trail horse. He is the right size and very well broke. He has been used to check pairs and pasture rope. He will cross water and go where you point him. No issues and will go all day. He was used on a 3 day trail ride on Memorial weekend. He is the right kind and the right age, anyone can ride him. He is a cute horse that checks all the boxes. Sound. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J46

WINSTON – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Winston is a 14.3 hand gelding that is really built and super broke. He has been used a lot on our ranch and will handle any task. He is gentle and quiet for the whole family. He is built like a tank and will do anything. He has a one hand neck rein and will go all day. He has roped and doctored cattle in the pasture. He is an all-around horse with no buck or vices. Sound. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J47

DANDY & LION – 2011 & 2010 GRADE Buckskin Pony Geldings. Full brothers that have been drove a ton and broke for anything. They stand 50 inches and are well broke to drive. Been in numerous wagon trains, parades and used a lot for pleasure driving. They are easy to drive and will not run away. They are cute and the right color as well as traffic safe. They have been ridden when they were younger. They are matched perfect and will be a show stopper anywhere you go. They are cute and easy to harness and hitch. No issues. Keep an eye open for them during sale time – we will be driving them. Come check them out. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J48/J49

DIXIE – 2011 GRADE Paint Quarter Pony Mare. 13.2 hands, cute and broke to ride! She has been on tons of trail rides. Eas going and easy to handle. No vices and no buck. Broke for anyone and will go all day long. She is safe for the whole family. She will cross water and go up and down hills too. She is a perfect trail horse or pleasure riding horse the right size for the kids or an adult. She will fit in anyone’s program. Sound. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J50

KID – 2016 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Nice, honest sorrel gelding where color doesn’t matter!!! 15 hands and has been a hard worker most of his life. He was started and has been working most of his life He has been used a ton in the feedlot and on a big ranch used for checking pairs and checking fences. He is ready to use and will go all day, a kind, honest horse. No buck or vice and ready to on to bigger things. Sound. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J51

TRIXIE – 2010 GRADE Bay Arabian Mare. 14 hands. A Cute horse that has been a trail horse her whole life. She is kind and gentle with no buck or issues. Goes where you point her and will go all day. Will cross water, broke for the whole family and is the right size too. She is the perfect addition for anyone’s program. Sound. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J52

MILO – 2013 GRADE Brown Roan Draft Cross Gelding. 16 hands and 1400lbs. Milo is honest and ready for work, does great in the mountains and has packed many elk. Also can be used on the ranch. Just introduced to roping and has picked it up fast.  406-239-0844. Coggins. J53

MYSTIC SOFIE – 2004 GRADE Chestnut Arabian/Pinto Mare. Arabian/Pinto mare broke to ride, needs an experienced rider. Not for children is the reason why I am selling her. Lots of spirit and acts younger than she is. Selling her as grade but she is registered in the (Pinto Horse Association) if there is any interest. 812-821-5539. Coggins. J54

CHARLOTTE – 2015 GRADE Chestnut Mare. Well trained grade chestnut mare. She has drug calves to the fire and done most ranch related work. Has lots of energy and needs intermediate rider. 208-797-0578. Coggins. J55

2012 AQHA Buckskin Gelding x Tackys Ted x Daves Tacky Jay out of Seannas Rose x Doc O Montana. Big, stout ranch horse that has roped a few steers on the head side. This horse has seen it all. Coggins. J56

2017 AMHR Black Leopard Appaloosa Gelding x   x  out of  x  . Rainman is set to be your youngster's new best friend.  He is gentle and affectionate and loves attention.  Perfect lead-line pony that also rides out.  Couldn't be cuter. 701-471-1304. Coggins. J57

LIZZIE – 2015 GRADE Sorrel Quarter Pony Mare. Lizzie is the real deal ranch pony.  She is drop a drop-dead gorgeous small horse (sorrel with silver mane). She is well broke and ready for your youngster.  At 13.2 hh she is big enough for an adult. 701-471-1304. Coggins. J58

NEELIX – 2017 GRADE Black Gelding. Neelix is 13.2 hh gelding out of a leopard POA mare and by a paint stud.  He is a quarter type gelding that that was just started under saddle this spring.  If you have a young hand that wants to finish out one of those high $ ranch ponies, come take a look at this one.  He is gentle, affectionate and handsome little horse.  Gunna be a good'un. 701-471-1304. Coggins. J59

2010 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Rain Bird Rancho x Wiley Zan Parr out of Smooth Town Honey x Send Me Money Honey. Reno is a finished head horse. Been hauled for breakaway. Used as a ranch horse, trail horse and hunting in the mountains. He does require light maintenance, hock injections. Coggins. J60

2009 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Quixote Mac x Doc Quixote out of Paid By Luv x Paid By Chic. Big Mac is a horse that has been used and won on in South Dakota High School Reining Cow competitions.  He is also a finished calf horse that hauled by previous owner Jay Mattson. Big Mac has been used on the ranch extensively. He would be a horse you could do many events on. 605-218-0097. Coggins. J61

BLACK AND BLUE – 2015 GRADE Blue Roan Gelding.15.2 hands, weighs 1150. Rode him all around Arizona through the winter December through March. Went to Kansas for about 40 days, Colorado for a week, then home. I've had him for a year now and he sure has come a long way. He has seen a lot of things; people, dogs, trucks, tractors, skid steers, bikes, never any trouble. I rode him through town, down dirt roads, even took him to the post office. I've clipped every hair on him without a problem, he's very cool calm and collected. I've hauled him in a one horse trailer from day one, stands for the farrier and the best part is he doesn't buck. I trail rode him, rode him in a small feedlot, through town, rode him all through Hygiene, Colorado. My 8-year-old granddaughter rode him her first time on a horse and fell in love with him. He's going well enough you can take him in any direction you want. Come take a look, he is sound. 406-200-1139. Coggins. J62

POPTART – 2018 GRADE Bay Quarter Horse Cross Gelding. Poptart is a 14.3 hand QH cross gelding weighing 1000 lbs. Poptart has 90 days of training on him in the arena and on the ranch. Poptart is the first to meet you at the gate. He is good with his feet and good to be saddled. This good boned gelding would make an excellent ranch or trail prospect. A PPE is welcome to buyers expense. For any more information please contact Liz @ (307) 254-2653. Coggins. J63

2016 AQHA Bay Gelding x Starlight Midnight x Grays Starlight out of Doc Parr Lady x Eleven Under Parr. Arkansas Dave aka Dave is a horse that everyone needs in their herd. A good quality using horse, capable of any task that could be asked and an up and coming head horse. He takes care of those that are on top of him regardless of their ability and is a kids horse in the making. Feel free to call me and ask any questions. 307-747-0625. Coggins. J64

TURBO – 2012 GRADE Sorrel Gypsy Vanner/Clydesdale Gelding. Broke to ride but needs intermediate rider. He is sound and has a smooth easy gallop. Could be broke to drive but just don’t have the time. 208-797-0578. Coggins. J65

2018 AQHA Red Dun Mare x Truly An Hombre x Genuine Hombre out of Bar Bolena Doc x Mr Bobolena Doc. Cow Cow COW sense. Poquita has a steady temperament and is easy to work with. She's just gotten home from being trained by Wade Fisher. She's ranch raised. Poquita stands about 14.3h. Coggins. J66

RANGER – 2015 GRADE Brown Paint Pony Gelding. Not for beginners. Broke to ride and drive. Kids played with him a lot. Needs work and he will be fine. Coggins. J67

K.C. – 2011 GRADE Bay Gelding. Was registered with AQHA but registration papers were lost.  Very nice ranch horse. Been used in team penning and sorting.  Will be gentle for most any rider with experience.  Easy to catch, load, and shoe.  New shoes.  208-681-4429. Coggins. J68

TATE – 2014 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Ranch Horse. Selling only due to drought conditions. Came off a ranch in Albion Idaho. Has done all aspects of ranch work. Extremely well broke. No hump or buck but would do best with experienced rider. New shoes.  208-681-4429. Coggins. J69

2014 AQHA Gray Gelding x Strait Slver Classic x Strait Silver out of Blazin Cutie x The Blazin Man. 15.1 hands, 1,150#. Shasta is a horse that we have had in our program for quite a while now and we really enjoy him every day. He is very willing, athletic, quiet and best of all he’s that flashy grey color that gets you noticed everywhere you go. Shasta has been used outside, rides quietly anywhere in a group or by himself, goes where you point him and isn’t hot or spooky. We have roped on him outside as well as in the arena; he locks onto cattle and helps to make your job easier.  Shasta has a smooth stride, a willing mind and is broke well in the bridle. He rides around one handed, slides, spins, lopes pretty circles and is a great partner in everything he does. Shasta is good to shoe, clip, bathe, catch and handle in every way. He’s experienced a lot of life and is ready to go make you happy. Watch Shasta's video at  Please contact Brent with any questions. 406-291-8818. Coggins. J70

LLOYD – 2015 GRADE Dun Gelding. He was used on the farm gathering and sorting cattle. He is a friendly and easy to catch. 308-214-1670. Coggins. J71

ROSIE – 2008 GRADE Red Roan Quarter Pony Mare. 13.2 hands. Rosie has been used for playdays, trails, 4H, and ranch riding. Good bone, sound, and sane. Walks right out, loads, ties well. Gentle enough for lead line, or awesome step up horse. Nice all around pony here. 509-688-7126. Coggins. J72

2013 APHA Bay Overo Gelding x Huckleberry Ginagan x Golden Dually out of Scribblin Rio Gal x Sonny Dee Rio. Rio is a flashy looking gelding who has been used on the ranch, but is ready to go in any direction that you point him in. He is well built, stout, and has an amazing stop. He was born and raised on the ranch, you will be his second owner. Coggins. J73

JACK – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Jack is a 15.1 hand gelding with lots of shape and style. He has seen some light ranch use, sorting pairs and rotating pastures. He has never had and hump or buck, pull the cinches and he rides right off. The last few years he has mainly been used by high school aged kids. He is easy to catch and does well with other horses. 701-771-7152. Coggins. J74

EDDIE – 2016 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. Eddie is an honest, young gelding. He stands 15.1, rides gentle, travels smooth, and is easy to catch. He’s ready to go on as a ranch horse or would work down the trails. He just needs some finishing. 701-771-7152. Coggins. J75

CLETUS – 2010 GRADE Blue Roan Quarter Cross Gelding. Big, strong gelding that you can do all the ranch chores on. He is stout from the horse and will go anywhere you point him. Stays gentle. Coggins. J76

WILBUR – 2012 GRADE Blue Roan Gelding. Honest horse that is broke for about anyone. He has been used to push cattle and rode by novice riders. Coggins. J77

2007 AQHA Palomino Gelding x King San Colonel x CCC Colonel Cowboy out of Sally Has High Hopes x Mr Tonka Wood. Colonel has been used in 4-H and fun shows. He rides quiet and has a gentle disposition. More whoa than go. Coggins. J78

APACHE – 2007 GRADE Bay Paint Gelding. Quiet gelding that has been trail rode all over. Rides well alone or with a group. Coggins. J79

DELMAR – 2011 GRADE Red Dun Gelding. Delmar has been used around the ranch for about everything. He can go all day. Gentle to be around. Coggins. J80

2014 AQHA Bay Gelding x PC Cajunistic x PC Dox Cajun out of Dynamites Command x Doc O Dynamite. Stout gelding with good foot and bone. We have used him to gather and sort on. He would make a nice arena prospect. Coggins. J81

BONES – 2005 GRADE Bay Appendix Mare. Bones is approximately 15.3HH. For sale by current owner of 6 years. Takes shoes all the way around, previously ran in the 2D on the barrel pattern, used to gather cows in the mountains and sort in the corrals. Would be a great horse for trails, on cows or even for a younger rider looking for a step up horse. NO buck, bite or rear. 406-998-7678. Coggins. J82

CHICKA – 2010 GRADE Bay Mare. Chicka is a thick built AQHA mare, selling as grade. Chicka has gathered in the mountains, sorted and paired out, drug a handful of calves to the fire, feedlot for take backs, open/close gates and runs a nice barrel pattern. FMI call 406-998-7678. Coggins. J83

2011 AQHA Black Gelding x Little Max Shadow x Little Maxs Shadow out of Shesa Roan Shadwo x Maxs Shadow. A gorgeous eye catching dapple grey finished head and heel horse. Works like one should. Scores great, breaks flat, and never cheats or ducks out, faces correctly, honest as they come. Very gentle as my 8 year old granddaughter has rode him outside moving cows, easy to catch, shoe, loads and unloads like a gentleman. Sound around, good bone and hard black feet. Stands approximately 14.3 and a half and weighs around 1100. You'll drive your wheels off to find one this pretty and ready to go to the jackpot. I don't team rope much and hes going to waste at my house. Please call with any questions or to come try him as I don't have current videos. 406-855-8701. Coggins. J84

2017 APHA Bay Overo Gelding x Painted Dash x PYC Paint Your Wagon out of Skateboard Sally x Ten Streaks. This horse stands over 16 hands. He has been started the right way. You talk about a barrel prospect with color to boot, here he is. He is ready to in any direction. 214-463-8407. Coggins. J85

2014 AQHA Gray Gelding x Three L Hy Choice x Zippo Two out of Three L Lite Two x Zippo Two. 15 hands. He has great color and conformation. Super broke to ride. Has been used in the feedyard and on the ranch. Sells sound. 214-463-8407. Coggins. J86

2018 AQHA Brown Gelding x Arizona Roanie x Mac Roanie out of Snow Dashin Splash x DashinThruTheSnow. Tomahawk is an own son of the great roping horse Arizona Roanie and has Dash For Cash breeding on the bottom. He is sound, gentle and started right. Ropers don’t miss out. 214-463-8407. Coggins. J87

2019 AQHA Chestnut Gelding x Frost Flash Saint x Frost Flash out of Happy As Can Be x Frenchmans Trademark. This is a good bred 2 year old colt that is ready to go to work. He gets smarter with every training session. He is athletic and quick. If you're looking for a barrel prospect and you want to train yourself this could be your opportunity. 612-810-5455. Coggins J88

PEARL – 2011 GRADE Black Paint Mare. 15.2 hands, was used on a ranch then had several foals. Pearl is currently under saddle, have videos, she is a sweet easy going mare. Terry 307-331-5472. Coggins J89

RITA – 2002 GRADE Sorrel Mare. Rita is a gentle horse for anyone - kids or adults.  She has a nice, soft neck rein.  She's an easy mare to be around and she's willing to do whatever you ask.  Been used on the trails a ton and ready to take care of some grandkids or someone who needs a safe, gentle, experienced horse. FMI call Jesse 307-699-1191. Coggins. J90

ASH – 2009 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Ash has been used extensively on a ranch in Montana and on a ranch in Wyoming.  He's a beautiful palomino gelding.  He's got a good handle and a good turn around. Crosses water, bridges and logs and been up and down the trail a bunch. FMI call Jesse 307-699-1191. Coggins. J91

LOUISE – 2018 GRADE Sorrel Mare. 14.2 hands. Louise is a really nice prospect for someone looking for an affordable project. She has been started lightly and is loping nice circles and stopping correctly. She is sound and cute and ready to go on to the next thing. She could go any direction and is talented and catty. Experienced riders only due to her age and level of training. She ties, loads and trailers quietly. 858-603-1168. Coggins J92

FRECKLES – 2015 GRADE Appaloosa Gelding. Freckles is a cool, unique looking, 14.2 hand gelding. He is broke the very best and is ready to do bigger things. He has been used for checking pastures and moving cattle. He will go all day without a fight. He is gentle and easy going with no issues. He is the kind with eye appeal. He is a kind horse that will make someone a perfect horse. Cute with lots of foot and bone. Ready to go in any direction. Sound with no vices.  FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J93

WAFFLES – 2014 GRADE Paint Gelding. Stands at the right size of 14 hands and is the right age. No buck or bad habits. He has been used on our ranch for all the ranch chores. He is easy going and good to get along with. Safe for the whole family and no vices.  A good, honest using horse. He will do everything you ask of him.  Unique color with brains to boot. Go use him all day and let your wife ride him when you are done. A kind, sound horse with a big heart. FMI 605-323-7906. Coggins. J94

PARTNER – 2016 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. 15.2 hands. This guy is as sweet as a puppy and gentle as a lamb. You don’t have to catch him, he will catch you. He has never offered to buck in any situation. Ridden in the hills and mountains. We have packed gear and elk on him, nothing seems to bother him. Does well on highline and hobbles. Rides out alone or in group. He has a great start and ready to go in any direction. Would make a great arena horse or ranch horse. Loads, stands for farrier, easy keeper. Current on vaccines. 307-262-8749 Coggins J95

CHET – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. 14.2 hands. 1150 lbs. This horse has great conformation, well built, sure footed and has no quit. Rope horse, used in Jack Pots, heads and heals, better on the heel side. Dragged calves and gathered in brandings. Rides out alone and in a group. Ridden in hills and mountains, does good on highline and hobbles. Easy loader, good with farrier, easy keeper.  Current on vaccines. 307-262-8749 Coggins J96

SKEETER – 2010 GRADE Bay Gelding. A ranch gelding, Skeeter has been used to gather and brand cattle, to sort and ride in the feedlot, and is sure footed in steep country. He’s handsome to look at with speed and stamina when you need it. At 15.2H he is strong and sturdy. He has been started as a rope horse following the dummy and pen roping in the arena. He gets along well with other horses in the trailer or pasture. Skeeter knows a hard day’s work and is ready to do a job.  Coggins. J97

2009 AQHA Gray Gelding x Frontier West x The Wild Wild West out of For My Broken Heart x Tee J Hooker. 15.3 hands, real handy broke with a laid back disposition. He will turn around, stop good and picks up his leads. He has good bone and wears a #2 shoe. He is our go to horse for beginner riders and has been used for beginner lessons. He rides in a bridle or hackamore. Anyone can get along with him. He stands tied quietly to be shod, clipped, or fly sprayed. He'll load in either a trailer or stock truck. Has drug lots of calves to the fire, both head/heel and heel brandings and knows how to hold a rope. He has led pack strings in the wilderness, and packed out gear and wild game. He is sure footed and travels well in rough country. He is really easy to catch in the pasture and usually meets you at the gate. Would make a great kids horse, ladies horse or old man horse. Has a superficial scar on right hind cannon bone. He is sound and sane with absolutely no buck! I started this horse as a 2 year old and have had him ever since. He is an in your pocket type horse with lots of personality. I can't say enough good things about him. 406-531-3877. Coggins. J98

KAT – 2009 GRADE Chestnut Mare. Kat is a safe and fun ride. She was used for a kids gymkhana horse for 8 and 11 year old girls.  Life changes forced her sale and she has been a good girl for us. She does best with regular work and would be suitable for an intermediate rider and up. Not spooky at all and rides on the trail alone or with a group. She can be a little pushy on the ground and would not be suitable for a complete beginner. Clips, ties, loads and is good for the farrier and vet. 858-386-6779  Coggins. J99

TANGO – 2014 GRADE Bay Gelding. Tango is a nice gelding. He rides in the arena and on the trail, although he prefers to ride in a group rather than alone. He walks, trots, canters easily in the arena and is a comfortable uphill ride. He has his flying changes and is safe and quiet on the ground. He clips, ties, stands for the farrier, loads and trailers easily.  858-386-6779. Coggins. J100

2018 AQHA Dun Mare x MC Christmas Spirit x Holi Christmas Qui out of Miss Dustie Raisin x Dustie Quixote MF. Chrissy is an extremely gentle mare. She has been roped on and rode inside and outside the arena. It wouldn’t take much riding to make her safe for just about anyone, she is shapey and correct in every way. Would make a great addition to anyone’s riding string for the mountains or the ranch. She stands right at 14.2 hands tall. 785-821-1498. Coggins. J101

2007 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x Cowboys Orphan x Cowboy Drift out of Sands Forty Seven x Ritas Doc Doc. Vegas has done about everything there is to be done. He's been a pickup horse, been used on a ranch, and most recently been my go to head horse. He's got a ton of speed and comes out as flat as any horse I've ridden. He's also great with kids! Just about anyone can ride him. Nothing fazes this horse. I absolutely love his temperament. Coggins J102

THUNDER – 2007 GRADE Black Gelding. Head horse. About 15.5 hands. He's got a big hip on him and he's built to last. He's easy on the eyes as well. I've taken him to a few World Series ropings in the last couple of years. He's got plenty of go and he'll get you to the winner's circle. I wouldn't classify him as a kids horse. He needs an intermediate rider at the very least. Once he knows you mean business, you'll get along perfectly with this horse. Coggins. J103

KELBY – 2016 GRADE Bay Mare. Used in feedlot and on a working ranch in Wyoming. 719-291-1734. Coggins. J104

SNICKERS – 2016 GRADE Bay Mare. Used in feedlot and on a working ranch in Wyoming. 719-291-1734. Coggins. J105

WHISKEY – 2011 GRADE Bay Gelding. 14.2 hands. Loads, ties, ropes, drags and is sound. Has a very athletic walk. Lots of go and just as much stop. Has worked cows and has rode in mountains. Great horse. Kid rode for 4H but has moved onto a new horse. Coggins. J106

SUNDANCE E.H. – 2006 GRADE Chestnut Rocky Mountain Gaited Gelding. Sundance is a very athletic gaited mountain horse. Fun to ride. Smooth, rides out alone, good for farrier, loads, ties, stands. He is 15ish hands and flashy. Coggins. J107

PENNY – 2006 GRADE Brown Belgian Mare. Broke to ride and drive 17.3 HH 307-467-5343. Coggins. J108

MORGAN – 2010 GRADE Black Morgan Gelding. Well broke to ride. Has been used in brandings and as a pack horse. 307-467-5343. Coggins. J109

BARNEY – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Pony Gelding. Broke to ride and drive. 35”. 307-467-5343. Coggins. J110

2015 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding x Romans Top Prioritys x HKS Priority out of Frenches Tardy To x Frenchie Titan. Oakley is a cute 15 hand gelding. Oakley lopes around soft and level headed. He is easy to shoe, stands to bath and has a bright future. Nice gelding that is ready for a full time career. 641-373-6324. Coggins. J111

2007 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding x Driftn Birthday Blue x Driftin Blue Fish out of Lil Blue Fantasy Dry x Dry Fork Roan. Peanut is a cute blue roan gelding that is a handy size. Peanut has mainly been used for trail riding and outside riding. He’s also been packed on. Goes where you point him and rides level headed. Peanut tacks up good and is good to handle. 641-373-2798. Coggins. J112

CHUCK – 2017 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Chuck has nice start on him. Been rode inside and outside. Been ridden through the pastures and down through the creeks. Nice gelding to go on with. 641-373-2798. Coggins. J113

BESSIE – 2019 GRADE Black Paint Mare. Bessie will go in any direction. Dog gentle. Comes running when she sees you. Born 3/18/2019. Halter broke. Ready to be started. Coggins. J114

2009 AQHA Dun Gelding x Colonels Dun Lena x Snip Of Colonel out of Tarver Baby Handcock x Plenty Coup Hancock. Dynamite is a finished head, heel, breakaway and tie-down horse. He handles cattle great and would be suitable for high or low numbered roper on the heading side. He has a huge stop, and is outstanding in the breakaway. No box issues on either side. He is a big stout horse and has seen every aspect of ranch work as well. 307-763-1447. Coggins. J115

2011 AQHA Gray Gelding x Docs Gunplay x Playgun out of Bucks Coco Delight x Docs Buck Lee. Good using ranch horse. Sound. 214-463-8407 Coggins. J116

2011 AQHA Palomino Gelding x SCR Shinin Angel x Cowboys Shinin 313 out of Two Eyed Bargain Tag x Handy Mans Bargain. Good using ranch horse. Sound. 214-463-8407 Coggins. J117

2009 AQHA Black Gelding x Holy Bart x Dash Ta Fame out of Chicks Lark x Moon Lark. Good using ranch horse. Sound. 214-463-8407 Coggins. J118

2011 AQHA Palomino Gelding x Tuff Continental Kid x Continental Cad out of Shondean Roan x Bidden Roan. Good using ranch horse. Sound.  214-463-8407 Coggins. J119

2006 AQHA Bay Gelding x Drifts Chip x Bouble Drift out of High Rolling Roany x Roan Prairie. Rocket, a ranch horse with High Rolling Roany and Lonsum Drift 045 pedigree. He is needing a job. Very athletic, has never been overused, spent a couple of months with Jake Wade of Wade Performance Horses. UTD on shots. 406-951-3363 Coggins. J120

2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding x High Rolling Lucky x High Rolling Roany out of Zan Apple Jax x Zan Gold Jackson. Baldy, a ranch horse, large bald-faced sorrel, High Rolling Roany & Zan Gold Jackson pedigree. Gentle, spent a couple of months with Jake Wade of Wade Performance Horses.  Needs a job. Has never been overused. UTD on shots.  406-951-3363 Coggins. J121

2006 AQHA Red Roan Gelding x Zan Gold Jack x Zan Parr Bar out of High Rolling Roany x Roan Prairie. Roany, a ranch horse, High Rolling Roany and Zan Gold Jackson pedigree. Big Guy!  Gentle, has been used on multiple ranch duties including dragging calves at branding. Dependable and has never been overused. UTD on shots. 406-951-3363 Coggins. J122

2014 AQHA Bay Mare x Oaks Josie Wales x Doc’s Oak out of Colonels Sugar Cube x Colonel Remington. This big, stout horse comes off the Meyers Ranch. Always ready to go to work. Broke, no buck, no bad habits. She will take you all day and get the job done. We have used her on the ranch, easy to ride. Sound, easy to haul, load, and shoe. Coggins. J123

2016 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding x Jacks Our Bartender x Bartenders Memory out of Courtney Sugar Pine x Sonnys Courtney. Jack is a 15 h that has been put on the back burner. He is started and loping around. Nice, young and big. He needs more time then we have to offer. Sound. Coggins. J124

COLBY – 2013 GRADE Dun Gelding. Fancy dun gelding. Ranch broke, done all kinds of ranch work. Loads and shoes well. Has a cold back after being turned out for a while and needs an experienced rider. He's very athletic and intelligent with a very smooth gait. 406-720-0779. Coggins J125

SORRELLY – 2010 GRADE Sorrel Mare. Has been used in the feed lots and in the big country. Nice using mare. Has been pasture roped on and to the branding pen. One hand neck rein, walk, trot, lope, and is ready to go to work. 406-694-1408. Coggins J126

CAPONE – 2012 GRADE Bay Gelding. Capone has been used for roping and is a finished head horse. Goes all day with no quit. Has been being ridden by a 4 year old girl recently. He was hit in the face with a breakaway rope a few years back and has lost vision in his left eye as a result. It does not affect him in any way. Big, stout gelding that will do whatever you ask of him. Stands all day, good for farrier, and loads like a dream. 612-283-0159. Coggins J127

IAN – 2009 GRADE Sorrel Gelding.  Sweet finished, sound gelding. Good polo bloodlines. 360-635-3987. Coggins. J128

DOLLAR – 2013 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. Here's a nice big clean made horse. He is broke nice and anyone can ride him. He's extremely gentle and anyone can get along with him. Walks, trots, and lopes off on a loose rein and reins over the neck nicely. Dollar has been ridden in the pasture, on the trails, and down the road. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J129

2012 AQHA Bay Gelding x SCQH Mi Cisco Frost x PC Cisco Frost out of Sparkle Par Shi x Mr Sparkle Bar. SPARKY is a cute little, shapey bay gelding that's been rode and used in the pastures. We’ve also used him to pen back cattle at the sale barn. Sparky is good minded and good to use and ride. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J130

2013 AQHA Brown Gelding x Bar Kinig Glo x Vee Em Handfull out of Prussian Blue Ryder x Mr Bondie Choice. JOE is a nice, big, full-made horse that's been ridden in the pastures and sorted on in the yards. He's broke, one handed and will do whatever is asked of him. He's good to get along with and is a nice using horse. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J131

2011 AQHA Bay Gelding x SCQH Mi Cisco Frost x PC Cisco Frost out of Cowboy Tango x Cowboys Yellow Boy. Here's a cute, good minded little horse with lots of heart. He's been ranch ridden and used to sort and pen on in the sale barn. Quiet and easy to get along with. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J132

JAX – 2016 GRADE Palomino Gelding. Here's a nice, full made palomino gelding. He's been ridden in the feed yard for 60 days and used some in the pastures. Rides around good and wants to please. Jax is sure to make a good ranch or rope horse. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J133

JOKER – 2012 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Here's a solid ranch horse and a good head horse. He's very bridle wise, extremely athletic, runs hard and is stout from the horn. Joker is a nice gelding to use on the ranch and a good horse to haul to the jackpots. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J134

MORGAN – 2014 GRADE Black Percheron/Morgan Cross Gelding. Here's a cute little 14 hand black horse that is very pretty and extremely fun to ride. He's been trail ridden immensely and is broke single to the buggy. Morgan is solid built with lots of foot and bone and will go all day long!!! He's good to ride in rough terrain and is traffic safe on the highway to ride or drive. Morgan is a really neat little horse that's alot of fun to have around. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J135

CISCO – 2014 GRADE Buckskin Gelding. Here's a nice, handy sized horse for anyone's use. He's a pretty buckskin gelding that's been on several trail rides. Quiet and ready to go in any direction. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J136

SCAMP – 2009 GRADE Gray Gelding. SCAMP is a stout made gray horse that's been ridden in the pastures and sorted on in the yards. He's broke one handed and will do whatever is asked of him. He's good to get along with and a nice using horse. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J137

WAYLON – 2016 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Here's a nice, smooth made gelding that's ready for a job. He's quiet, gentle and easy to get along with. Rides off gentle, walks, trots, and lopes collectively. He goes wherever he's needed. Cute, young sorrel gelding. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J138

TONTO – 2013 GRADE Paint Gelding. Big, stout gelding that's gentle and easy to get along with. He's been ranch ridden and used extensively in the pastures. 507-840-1212. Coggins. J139

2015 AQHA Chestnut Mare x Shiners Lena Doc x Shining Spark out of Hollywood Sure Stop x Pines Fourway Stop. 15HH. Pretty, correct, sound, comfortable. Used 2 years for mountain trail riding.  Light arena use. Easily caught in big pasture, loads, pleasant to other horses, stall or 24/7 pasture, fully vaccinated, teeth floated, shod.  Not spooky.  Accustomed to bears, dear and fowl, crosses creeks and bridges. Suitable for beginner in string, or as lead horse for intermediate rider. Perfect 4H prospect or dude horse. Has produced gorgeous 2 year old colt by Magnum Chic Dream. 406-220-5195. Coggins. J140

TUCKER – 2014 GRADE Gray Gelding. Gentle, broke little horse that has spent his whole life on the ranch he was born and raised on. He has done light amounts of daywork gathering in the pastures and checking fences. Great disposition and always wants to please. 507-840-2255. Coggins. J141

PONCHO – 2012 GRADE Bay Paint Gelding. Gentle broke gelding that has been ranched on most of his life. He has done all types of daywork and has been trail ridden on by dudes and guests as well. 507-840-2255. Coggins. J142

CRUISER – 2012 GRADE Chestnut Gelding. He has dayworked on the ranch and in the feedyard most of his life. He can take on a big job and go all day. 507-840-2255. Coggins. J143

REGGIE – 2015 GRADE Sorrel Gelding. Good looking young gelding that is ready for a full time job on the ranch. He has the looks and size to make a great using horse on anyone’s outfit. 507-840-2255. Coggins. J144