CHICO – 2009 GRADE Palomino Paso Fino Gelding.

Ready to be the talk of the town on the cute, smooth stepping, Paso Fino? Chico has been an absolute joy to own. This 13.3 hand, outgoing guy is always ready for a new adventure. I have spent the summer riding him in the mountains, both alone and with other horses. He was my main mount while working for BLM spraying weeds in the forest because I could work for 10 hours and feel like I only rode for 1. He has the smoothest gait you could ever ask for. He went anywhere I pointed him: through water, over logs, pushing through thick brush. Like all Paso Finos, Chico is very forward-moving and ready to go, with ears up and a great attitude. My son rides him without any issues. However, I wouldn’t say he is for a green kid only because he can be intimidating with his forward, quick moving feet. He has never done anything dangerous and I’ve never worried about kids being around him. He loads like a dream and jumps right in. You cannot help but smile when you are around this horse! He is turned out in the pasture with seven other geldings and gets along just fine. I have kept him shod but he went many years without shoes before I got him and did just fine. Chico also knows how to carry a pack saddle. What I love most about this horse is his willingness to get along. If he isn’t sure about something at first, you give him a second chance, and you never have to revisit it. I take him to the ropings in town and push steers up the back ally. After one night, he knew his job and stopped at every gate he knew we needed to shut. He picks up patterns quickly and has been used at the local fair for gymkhana events by a 12-year-old girl. He has been so much fun for us to have around. Chico can stay with us free of board for the first week after purchase. Please call or text anytime if you have questions about this fun little dude. I get compliments about him everywhere I go. Take advantage of one with many great years of enjoyment left. LOCATION: Craig, CO. VIDEO: FMI: 970-629-9341. Coggins. YT75

  • Posted on: July 4, 2024