MRB AMBERS BUBBA – 2016 NASDHA Bay & White Tobiano Gelding x TOK Lowell x MC’S Maximus out of MRB Buddys Amber x Breezy Hills Buddy.

Registered with North American Spotted Draft Horse Association. Jerry has been the pride and joy of the ranch this past year. My dad had him in Wisconsin before he came to Iowa. Jerry has been used for everything you can imagine. Dad used him to start colts driving, haul manure, single pulling firewood to the house. Jerry is a very honest gelding in the harness that everyone will enjoy to hook single or double. It don’t matter how heavy the load is or how green the mate you have with him. Jerry will make sure to get the job done. He has been in the fields with the Amish on a 4 or 6 horse hitch pulling equipment. The last year Jerry has been here in Iowa getting rode. He is a very versatile gelding and we used him in every aspect for our daily needs. He is always good to saddle and great with a mounting block. Jerry has been on many trail rides and willing to go where you point him. I have ponied colts, pulled the kids on the sled, pulled the roping sled, and taken him over the wooden obstacles without any issues. Jerry is a very honest reliable gelding. He has always been sound, healthy and no vices. This guy is a gentle giant. If you have any questions please follow us on Waldera Equine! VIDEO:  FMI: Tommy Waldera 608-778-2536. Coggins. YT88

  • Posted on: July 9, 2024