K Lazy 3 Outfitters is based out of Lincoln, Montana.  We are a second generation, old time, horse and mule packing outfit that takes summer pack trips, fishing and fall hunting trips. We take them into the heart of the Bob Marshall /Scapegoat Wilderness. We are so proud to offer this nice set of mountain horses and mules at the Billings livestock horse sale. Every year we sell a few of our good solid mountain stock. All of these horses and mules have been used in our operation for at least 1 season while some of them we raised as colts. This stock has all earned their keep packing guests and gear safely through the mountains each summer and fall. 

IKE – 2017 GRADE Gray Gelding.

I bought Ike as a yearling from Jay Murnion and he’s packing Jay’s brand. He is a half-brother to the brown head horse that Clay Tryan rode at the NFR last December. He has been one of my personal horses since he was a colt. He’s 15.3 will weigh 1200 and is big and stout. There is nothing he hasn’t done. We have ranched on him since the day he was started. I’ve roped lots outside on him, sorted lots of cattle, drug calves to the fire, in addition I’ve used him in the mountains every year. He travels good down the trail and goes where you point him. He is safe to ride in the dark and is big a strong and good on his feet. We have pulled pack strings, put guests on him and wrangled horses on him. He doesn’t mind packing meat, is easy to catch, shoe and is picket broke by a hind leg. He is sound in every way. Ike is a very nice horse that can go any direction you want. I have roped the sled on him a few times and he would make a very nice head horse with a little time. If someone wanted to get him registered we can get you all the information you need to do this.  VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 406-788-9768. Coggins. MO172

  • Posted on: March 14, 2023