AKA IMA BOOGIE STAR – 2013 ApHC Chestnut/Sorrel Leopard Appaloosa Gelding x AKA Boogie Quest x Ima TopQuestDandy out of Mickeys Kitte Jo x Spin Micky Mouse.

If you are looking for a TRIED & TRUE ALL AROUND/ALL EVENT/WHOLE FAMILY gelding in the very PRIME OF HIS LIFE.. your opportunity is HERE! This well-bred gelding is not only easy on the eyes – he has a resume to drool over. He is 15.1hh and put together just right with good bone, size 0 feet, clean legs, knees and hocks. He rides, drives and is always a willing participant no matter what the adventure at hand. Has been shown successfully in virtually every event you can enter. You can ride him in the parade in the morning, show him in every single open or breed class in the afternoon, then compete in the gymkhana/games events after supper. HE HAS DONE IT ALL and has points/merits in everything from Halter to Barrel Racing (3/4D) to English Pleasure, did I mention – you can enter EVERYTHING! He is solid on the trail and in the mountains. He has competed in Skijoring. He has been a lesson and guest ranch Saint. He is a Grandma, Grandpa, Mother-In-Law, Family and Youth Unicorn DELUXE and yes he is just 10!  They just don’t come along like this well….. basically ever. He is well bred and is essentially a one owner and very loved partner. Whether you are looking for a horse that is safe to just plod around on or you are looking to continue his all event/all around lifestyle – this gelding will suit you. He does not need a job but will certainly do a job. He is the same horse once a year or once a day, it doesn’t matter how often you do or don’t ride. He is a great balance between whoa and go, does not over-react and his buttons are not hair trigger. You can gee-haw him around and he will just follow his nose or you can put a pair of spurs on and spice things up. He has had 5-star care all of his life and requires no special care or maintenance.  He is healthy, sound and his teeth were just done.  He will have a fresh set of shoes on for the sale so you can go right to enjoying him in the roughest of terrain but has otherwise never been shod.  He is dewormed and vaccinated. Now….. lets get real….. no horse is perfect but truly the only thing I could pick on him about is that he could sometimes be “sharper” and “quicker to respond” and yes, this can be a great attribute but no matter what your opinion – he is in fine tune with his riders abilities, is a product of his environment and has taken care of many riders.  He is safe, patient, forgiving and as dummy proof as a live animal can be but yet – still in the prime of his life!  Anyone at any level will enjoy this super gelding. There are literally 100’s of pics and vids of him from birth to now that are available. We will be putting all his footage together over the next couple of weeks into one or two youtube videos. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rKBOdFZtTf4 FMI: 406-601-4276. Coggins. MO11

  • Posted on: April 27, 2023