ARMONI – 2020 GRADE Bay Paint Purebred Gypsy Vanner Gelding

Armoni is a purebred gyspy vanner gelding. This guy has such a cool handle on him and he’s nice to look at too! Armoni is soft mouthed and rides around correct. He catches onto things quickly and really wants to please. Armoni sidepasses, collects up, lopes off on the correct lead, does rollbacks and little turnarounds. He can even ride around bridleless! I’ve swung a rope off him, dragged the dummy and tracked the heel o matic. I used Armoni on short rides in the summer checking cows and riding pastures. He doesn’t mind trekking down our busy road either. Armoni is still young and green but has the foundation to succeed in whatever direction you want to take him. FMI: 403-318-5676. Coggins. FO17

  • Posted on: January 25, 2023