BUTTERSCOTCH – 2011 GRADE Dun Molly Mule.

Butterscotch is a well-made Molly mule. She is 15 hands tall with good bone structure. She rides around really nice. Good one handed neck rein, lopes pretty circles and stops nicely on the hind end. She stay broke with time off, she rides well in the arena and out on the trials. She’s has been rode extensively in the mountains and she is an excellent hunting mule. She has been packed with both soft and hard panniers, packed elk and even a Christmas tree. Butterscotch is sure footed and solid everywhere you take her. She is smooth riding in all gaits, with a good ground traveling walk, carries her head level and is easy traveling. She is good around other horses, mules and dogs. She is also good with her ears and feet. PPEs welcome at your expense. VIDEO: https://youtu.be/c-dtuLlojao?si=_fGMeGSMXIJMLpN_ FMI: 307-250-0900. Coggins. SO196

  • Posted on: September 14, 2023