CHEDDAR BOB – 2016 GRADE Palomino Gelding.

Horse stands 15.1 and weighs 1,150 lbs. Cheddar Bob is a beautiful gelding that turns an absolute stunning color in the summertime with his golden chocolate coat and white mane. Cheddar has been my wife’s go-to ranch horse this winter. He has been used in every ranch situation possible and been used at head and heel brandings as well as heel and drag brandings. He has also been a part of roping numerous yearlings and cows outside. He is a gentleman in every way, doesn’t get humpy with time off, he is always the first one in the pen, and is a total ease to catch and saddle. This horse is GENTLE and very COWY! He has been used to shag bulls at a few rodeos and the lights and crowds don’t bother him a bit. I could forsee Cheddar excelling as being an outstanding pick-up horse, head horse, or a fun day horse for the whole family. He is a truly nice horse to be around and ride. VIDEO: FMI: Klay Ready 307-380-6003. Coggins. MO171

  • Posted on: March 14, 2023