DIXIE2017 GRADE Black Molly Mule.

Dixie is a true pleasure to ride, she gets a real nice soft feel in the arena. She would be a very nice option to show in mule days events. She has been used for ranch roping, works a rope really nice and relaxed. She has been ridden by all levels of riders. Has been packed in the Canadian Rockies. She has led pack strings, crossing creeks, rivers, mud, and heavy timber. She is the same to get on and go whether she’s had time off, it’s snowing, or rainy she’s consistent. I have used her to snub while halter breaking young mules. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw2qP9guxvs FMI: 780-300-7507 Coggins. MO60

  • Posted on: March 7, 2023