DOLL AUCTION BREEZE – 2009 APHA Grullo Solid Mare x Watts Doc Breeze x Vics Cool Spade out of Sonnys Fair Oak x Save The Farm.

Dolly is a lined back grullo with a wide strip down her face and a sock on her left hind. She is the sturdiest horse you will find, get her in any situation or throw anything at her and never have a problem. She is one of the best pack horses you will find, load her up with anything and forget about her the rest of the day. We have had Dolly in the Teton Wilderness for a week straight over 100 miles, where we encountered grizzly bears and other wildlife and she never missed a beat. Dolly has also packed out several wild game kills in some steep and sketchy country. She has been used as a ranch horse gathering cows on long days and can handle herself when you rope off her. Take her all day and still ride her tomorrow. She has never taken a lame step in her life and is a solid built horse. VIDEO: FMI: 208-220-8355. Coggins. MO151

  • Posted on: March 13, 2023