FABIO – 2016 GRADE Palomino Pony Gelding.

Fabio is the real deal! We have put him thru the test and he’s passed with flying colors. Fabio will walk up to you to be caught, every single day. He craves the attention. He is well mannered, will stand quietly all day. And when I mean all day I mean Brannon will catch him up by himself at 8 am and sometimes it’s 8 pm before he goes back to his pen and come 8 am the next day he is ready to be caught again! Fabio loves to be clipped, washed and have his feet picked. Fabio will trot beside you and Brannon has him flexing both ways with the halter. He is totally desensitized, if Brannon can throw it on him it’s been thrown. Saddle pads, tarps, blankets, etc. Fabio rides excellent, he is brave and willing. He will push the ball and Brannon rides him a lone over obstacles and tarps. We have ponied him. He rides nice outside. He is not buddy sour at all, as he prefers his humans over his pony friends. He does ride bareback and double. With a bridle or halter. He round pens and also does a little liberty work following bran everywhere he goes. He loads in a stock trailer or will also load in a ramp trailer because Bran will do this at least 20 times a day. He also drives! If you are looking for a great first pony that will walk when asked and trot when asked Fabio is your boy. We have tons of everyday unedited videos of Brannon riding him and simply enjoying him. Videos will be under West Fork Ranch Facebook and if you happen to call a day Brannon is here we would be happy to FaceTime you so you can see just how fun this pony is! VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: Amy 641-420-0712. Coggins. MO110

  • Posted on: May 10, 2024