GUNNER 2012 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding. 

This bay roan is one of the best horses that we have had on our ranch. He’s one that you will not forget because he’s a big puppy dog with people and always wants to please. He’s the horse that you can throw a halter on, jump on and gather up the rest of the pack. He is smooth to ride, never tires and has never offered to buck.  You can rope and tie on to anything with him from bulls to the babies. He loves to work and will go all day to get the job done. We have never worried about who was riding him from a beginner to an experienced rider. He can sit for weeks and he is the same horse every time. He is easy to shoe with big black feet. He is sound and a gentleman to ride. VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 406-500-1239. Coggins. MO30

  • Posted on: March 8, 2023