JUMPER – 2012 GRADE Sorrel John Mule.

Jumper is that neat mule that has done it all. He has truly been that “go to” for us!! Anyone can ride this handy, gentle, quiet, cool mule.  Jumper has done all the ranch chores there is to be done – he’s been used for branding, moving and shipping cattle, checking cattle, checking fences, sorting pairs, doctoring, calving etc… We have used him in ranch rodeos and took fourth place in the state fair ranch rodeo out of twelve teams with him. He has been in a parade and did great. We have heeled on him as well to start heading horses. We have started numerous colts with him and we have ponied colts off of him many times. He has been in Arizona in the rough country, he goes where he is pointed, crosses water, will jump up small cliffs, goes down steep terrain etc. We have wrangled horses and cows in the badlands. He is great with children and small critters. He is solid, he has never offered to buck, he is good with time off and saddles up the same every time. He stands about 14.3 hands and stands to be mounted, open gates off of him, he’s great with his ears, easy to bridle, super easy to catch – in fact he will meet you at your door in the morning like a dog (he will pop over the fence to greet you just a like a puppy but he never goes anywhere and stays around the barnyard and corrals. But if you don’t want him wandering around the yard, a 6 ft fence will keep him in.) He will jump over a barbed wire fence with a coat draped over it if you can’t find a gate. Sound.  There’s so much to say about this good mule, that we can’t simply fit it all in. For more info, videos, and pics, please visit www.tiptophorsemanship.com  VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 701-390-4359 or 701-509-8321. Coggins. MO113


  • Posted on: May 10, 2024