THUNDER2014 GRADE Palomino John Mule.

16 hand, slender built, saddle mule. He is as gentle as they come and anyone can get along with him. He’s been a staple in our operation for the last 4 years. He has good withers and holds a saddle good. He can be rode with a britchen or a crupper. He has packed 100s of guests down the trail and is always loved by all. He is about the friendliest mule we have ever had. He is great to catch and shoe and is picket and hobble broke. Will skid wood, stands good to get on and off. Thunder rides good by himself and will go where you point him. He is also a great pack mule and will go anywhere in the string. You can pack anything you put on him. He is great with meat and horns. Thunder is a very kind mule that loves attention. Guaranteed sound in every way. VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 406-788-9768. Coggins. MO176

  • Posted on: March 14, 2023