MOTO MOTO – 2015 GRADE Bay Gelding.

Looking for a gentle, handsome, and reliable gelding? Meet Moto Moto! This amazing gelding is a true gem that you’ll love having in your herd. Moto Moto is not only good-looking but also incredibly friendly and easy to handle. He’s got all the skills of a seasoned horse without being overly sensitive, making him perfect for riders of various levels. Moto Moto has been a fantastic lesson horse, adapting to riders’ needs effortlessly. Even first-time riders have enjoyed advanced trails with him, thanks to his steady and reassuring nature. On the trail, he’s surefooted and dependable, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride every time. But Moto Moto isn’t just for beginners; he’s a blast in the arena too! Whether you’re into open shows, ranch rodeos, or team sorting, Moto is game. He’s had professional training in reining and working cattle, showcasing his versatility and quick learning abilities. In addition to his arena skills, Moto has experience in diverse environments, from stock yards and ranches to beaches and trails in different states. He’s even a pro at parades, handling crowded urban settings like a champ. Moto Moto thrives on attention and is a breeze to care for, from grooming to loading onto trailers. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a well-rounded, friendly, and talented gelding. Contact us for more details, schedule a test ride, or arrange a pre-purchase exam. Moto Moto is the real deal, ready to be your next riding partner! VIDEO:  FMI: 406-200-5039. Coggins. JO174

  • Posted on: June 10, 2024