MULA2015 GRADE Brown Tobiano Molly Mule.

Mula is a good looking, fancy molly mule. She has conformation, lots of chrome and nice head. She is a big mule standing 16.2 hands tall but has good bone and muscling. She rides around fancy. She carries her head level and is soft in the bridle. Mula lopes nice circles on a loose rein, soft and collected and has a correct stop on the hind end. She has a nice pivot, side passes and one handed neck rein. She stays broke with time off, saddles up and rides off the same every time, no buck or silliness. She goes through all the trail obstacles, rides excellent outside. She has seen miles on the ranch and been rode in the mountains. She is sure footed and pays attention to where she is going in the rough country. Mula is a trail mule deluxe but she has all the class a style she could go to the show pen. We welcome you to come to the ranch and ride Mula. PPEs welcome at your expense. VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 307-250-0900 Coggins. MO59

  • Posted on: March 7, 2023