PEBBLES – 2014 GRADE Black Roan Percheron/Quarter Horses Cross Mare.

Pebbles is a once in a lifetime 10 year old black roan ½ draft mare.  She is safe, uncomplicated, well-broke and stays that way no matter how often or seldom she is ridden. She will greet you out in the pasture, is easy to catch, good with her feet, quietly stands tied to be tacked up, fly sprayed, or bathed. She loads, trailers, hauls and backs out like a dream and doesn’t need the presence of another horse. On the trail Pebbles is surefooted and smooth in all terrains. She is a point and go kind of girl. She will cross any kind of water, climb over rocks, go up or down steep hills, crosses bridges wide or narrow, crosses mud, has had guns shot off of her, is not fazed by birds or wildlife nor with drones flying low to the ground, overhead or falling out of trees. She will ride out quietly by herself, or goes nicely in a group. She’s been ridden to town, handles traffic, dogs, pedestrians and bicycles, and the people at the drive thru love her.  
She’s also a good pack horse, with many trips deep in the back country; she overnights well and carries her load without any issues. She works well in the arena, knows her leads, backs, side passes, opens/closes gates and can navigate an obstacle course, complete with logs, tires, tarps, noodles, water, teeter-totters, bears, and balls all without hesitation. She is a finished driving horse, harnesses up well, knows voice commands and pulls all kinds of equipment, wagons and carts. She drives single and double and works well pulling her share when hitched double. We have had all levels of riders on her. She adjusts to the individuals’ skill-set. She is a gentle, all around horse that everyone from young kids to the “long lived” will thoroughly enjoy and get along with. She is the dream horse everyone is looking for and with her beautiful mane, long thick tail, exceptional conformation and mind; she is the complete sought-after package. Website: VIDEO:  FMI: 406-531-5584. Coggins. JO79

  • Posted on: June 7, 2024