RAINY – 2006 GRADE Gray Mare

We have had Rainy for 10 years and she has been one of our go-to horses for ranch work and trail riding. She has been used in all aspects of ranching operations; from doctoring, to gathering in large open pastures, to branding. However, we would not consider her a “finished” ranch horse. Rainy stands good for the farrier; it is easy to clean her feet, to trim her, and to shoe her.  We have used her as a trail horse. Virtually anyone can ride her. We use her for inexperienced horse riders, and our grandchildren have ridden her.  She has been used to pack into the Bob Marshall Wilderness several times. She is use to hobbles and has been tied to a high-line overnight. We have also used her for hunting. She is an excellent mountain horse; Rainy is no stranger to steep or rough ground.  She also crosses water well.  We have used Rainy as a heel horse, and she has been hauled to some jackpots; she is certainly not a “finished” heel horse, but does decent on the dummy and slower-medium steers. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhGsMqM-Z38  FMI: 406-239-1486. Coggins. FO40

  • Posted on: January 25, 2023