ROOSTER – 2012 GRADE Bay Roan Gelding

15hands. Rooster was born on the mountain and has spent most of his life ranching. He can do just about any aspect of ranch work. He has logged many miles moving cows in the mountains, been ridden during calving season, as well as a small amount of feedlot work.  Rooster crosses water well, loads well, shoes well, does fine on his own, you can rope off of him, neck reins well. Responds to leg pressure decent. He will come to a bucket of grain. He will work all day. When he gets laid off for long periods of time, he needs lunged around for a quick minute to warm up because Rooster tends to be a little cold backed when he gets laid off. When he’s being used real often, he is just fine. He is not a kids horse but my young kids have been on him and he’s handled it well. Great cowboying horse for an experienced rider. His winter coat is a bay color, in the summer time he turns into a red roan.  FMI: 208-521-5637. Coggins. FO32  

  • Posted on: January 25, 2023