15hh. We personally started Stanley in the spring of 2022 and all of his riding has been on our ranch. He has always been an easy going, good dispositioned horse and had a lot of exposure last year. He has been used around cattle, from sorting and moving pairs to fall gathering and trailing cows home. We also used him to move large herds of goats and sheep around for rotational grazing through the summer.   Last fall we also used him to pony and start colts and he did very well. We gave him a good portion of the winter off and he saddled up and rode off like we had used him the day before. We believe he has the right characteristics to be an all-around family type horse. Stands tied, hauls good and he’s always easy to catch. VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 701-771-7152. Coggins. MO165

  • Posted on: March 14, 2023