STEVE2019 GRADE Brown Dun Norwegian Fjord Stallion

Steve has an award winning personality. Steve absolutely loves people and is the first one in line to soak up all of the attention, treats, and brushes he can get. Steve has been in training with Trevor Deal for the last 5 months becoming a saddle horse and will continue to stay in training up until sale day. He has been rode all over the yards working the cattle sales, opening and shutting gates and bringing up cattle. He has been rode all over outside gathering cattle and just enjoying a good trail ride. Steve has been rode and exposed in multiple arenas, indoor and outdoor. He’s been around all sorts of events from ropings to barrel races and he ALWAYS stands patiently and doesn’t get worked up. Once you ask him to stand he stands until he’s asked to move out again. He doesn’t mind riding alone or with a whole group of mares. Steve enjoys just being kind and gentle, he prefers rolling in the slower paces of life and would excel as a personal trail mount. He’s perfect to tie, load, trim, bathe etc. He’s very respectful of his surroundings and doesn’t act study. VIDEO: FMI: 406-570-4936 or 701-516-2901. Coggins. MO140

  • Posted on: March 12, 2023