TARZAN – 2015 GRADE Black Friesian/Percheron Cross Gelding.

This incredible gelding is 16+hands of eye candy and talent. He is kind, safe, forgiving and ready for whatever you have in mind.  All the hard work is done, a solid foundation has been set and you get to dictate his future. He has lots of stamina, is athletic enough to suit any discipline and will excel at any task.  He is 100% sound and has had no injuries. He is healthy and has had no illness’. No blemishes, scars, sarcoids nor brands. His feet are perfect as well with no club feet or turned out/in toes.  His legs are straight with no splints nor wind puffs. He drives single and double – just harness and go. He rides inside and out. He is saddle and go anytime, anywhere. He is suitable for anyone who is not intimidated by a majestic steed and has the abilities to carry on with him. He is in the prime of his life, has never – ever had the legs worked off him and has his whole life ahead of him. He will stand like a rock to be mounted from the ground or anything you can find to climb up on him with. He will watch a cow and has been ranched roped off of. He is solid in the branding pen. He will handle any mountain terrain you are brave enough to take. He will cross anything. You can work any gate you can reach off him. He is perfect for starting colts (will stand strong while a waspy colt is snubbed up). He has ponied lots of horses. He carries a flag with confidence. Is comfortable with a tarp/slicker. You can carry a whip with a flag for working cattle. He is steady, predictable and pretty damn cool. Riding him is just like it looks – smooth and like a fairytale. Footage that is still to come that will be put into a separate video includes: Conformation/Feet/Leg pics – Trail riding videos – Flag carrying videos – Pasture treating videos – Official measurement and weight and MUCH MORE FUN STUFF! We are more than happy to bring him for a PPE if a potential buyer wants one.  We will also get him properly measured and weighed right away. New footage is being taken of him almost daily and will be available for immediate view on our tiktok and fb reels but if you would like to have them sent to you via text or whats app, just send us a text or call. Thank you for your interest in Tarzan the big, black, exotic Unicorn!  We could not be more proud & excited to offer him for your consideration.  VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rom6L7VxyFk FMI: 406-601-4276. Coggins. MO10

  • Posted on: April 27, 2023