THORN – 2012 IALHA Chestnut Azteca Gelding.

Thorn is a 15.3 hand, size two shoe wearing gelding that really stands out. He is a bridle horse that has done it all, does it well, and with style! He has been on the branding wagon and roped and loaded cattle outside. He sorts well, with quick and sure feet. He has kept his footing in rough rocky canyons and prairie dog towns! Deserts, mountains, bog, rock infested, you name it, he’s carried me through it.  He’s been my go-to for the big circles, but he also has the quiet sense to trail a brand new baby calf pair. He has a lot of speed to catch the rogue horse or the stray yearling. He goes where he’s pointed and does it well He has a scar on the front of his left front pastern, cosmetic only! He is a registered Azteca under IALHA. He is the real deal. No buck or funny business in this one. VIDEO:–Tpo&t=7s FMI: 406-925-9656. Coggins. MO9

  • Posted on: April 27, 2023