PISTOL2012 GRADE Palomino Paint Draft Cross Gelding.

Pistol was born and raised on our place.  He is out of a half draft mare and Lowry Star bred quarter horse stud.  Pistol was my personal horse from the time he was 3 – 7. I have done about everything there is to do on him.  He has drug calves, doctored yearlings, roped horses, flagged colts, been in parades and to team doctorings. You can rope about anything on him.  For the last few years Pistol has been making his living taking kids and any nervous riders on trail rides in the summer and packing hunters and guides in the fall. He has seen everything a mountain horse can and he is as sure footed as it gets in the mountains. He has packed everything from meat to camp. You name it he has packed it.  Pistol is gentle for anyone to ride and fits an experienced rider that’s going to ask a lot of him down to an inexperienced rider that is nervous. He will do his job the same every time. Pistol is the kind of horse that doesn’t come around very often and is offered for sale even less. He is the hard to find kind. Pistol is an all-around horse you can do it all on from the mountains to town to the arena. 100% sound and ready to go. VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXvHc3P8SSQ&t=6s FMI: 307-690-2521. Coggins. MO98

  • Posted on: March 7, 2023