WIGWAM – 2017 GRADE Dun Fjord/Welsh Cross Gelding.

Unique, medium sized, Fjord/Welsh X Gelding.  Perfect for a super punchy teeny-bopper or appropriately sized adult who wants a worthy pony to finish their way.  He has seen trail, arena and feedlot miles. He knows no quit (but is not hot/prancy at all) and he is as tough as they come. He is forward/responsive and willing but not on the muscle and is happy to plod along however you want him to. He is saddle and go and fully embodies the great fun that a sweet and salty pony brings so he is absolutely perfect for anyone who has a few ounces of ponymanship and has a job for an eager participant. He is confident, predictable, not spooky of objects and not buddy struck. He is just a super mount for anyone capable that can fit on his back and is looking to create a pint-sized superstar. We have tons of video and picture footage of him and more will be taken of him almost daily.  You can receive this footage by texting or calling (his youtube video isn’t quite done yet).  We will also get him measured properly.  He is sound, healthy, has perfect feet, great with the farrier, never foundered and he gets treated like every other horse on the place.  He lives happily with whomever you put him with too. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khgCNs07Ufk  FMI: 403-601-4276. Coggins. MO13

  • Posted on: April 27, 2023