ZORA2013 GRADE Zebra Stipped Dun Zorse Mare.

We are pleased to offer Zora, which is a rare find, and very unique. Zora stands 14.1 hands and rides like a quarter horse. We have played with her, and roped some steers (see video). Zora has also been ridden by multiple people, and is a conversation piece everywhere she goes. She has been ridden by a two year old girl to a 70 year old man! She is super gentle, and loves attention. She stands to be clipped, bathed, and much more! These are not on every corner, especially one that is rideable, and gentle. Buy a once in a lifetime find, and a conversation piece all at once. Don’t miss the chance to buy something very unique with no price tag! VIDEO: https://youtu.be/U455oS_zF0c FMI: 432-250-7863. Coggins. MO7

  • Posted on: March 3, 2023