HARLAN – 2011 GRADE Buckskin Gelding.

15.3hh 1420lbs. Harlan was bred, raised, and trained by me. Harlan isn’t just your average, run of the mill gelding. He is a Matt Dillon special whom I have used extensive liberty training on so I could use him to work movie sets. So no matter the vehicle, dog or noise, he handles it all in perfect stride. He is a good, all around ranch gelding too. Has been roped off of on the ranch, but is not trained as an arena rope horse. With just a gesture, he will sidepass to and from any fence or mounting “block” you want to use, then stands and waits for you to throw your leg over, not moving until he knows you are settled.  Harlan is a trained hackamore horse, was two reined and is a traditional bridle horse. Very light in the mouth, never been sore mouthed. Don’t have a bridle or a halter? Just grab a twine string or the belt off your pants and hop on, he’ll get you safely where you want to go. With just another gesture, Harlan will lower his head and keep it lowered while you put a bridle on. That has come in handy for the many youngsters he has helped out during his time with me. Harlan works at the level his rider rides at.  There is nothing I fear from Harlan; he’s the perfect companion that pays attention to every cue you give him and he follows it willingly. LOTS of manners and is gentle to shoe. I just took him to the vet and had x-rays taken and a soundness check done. I will bring the signed report and copies of the x-rays to the sale for anyone interested to see them.  I am very proud of Harlan and am more than happy to share his traits, his story, his abilities and his videos with you.  Please call or text me for more information and so many, many more videos. VIDEO: Contact Seller. (There are video clips listed with his BLS ad on their website) FMI: 830-876-6720. Coggins. MAY ONL SUPP1

  • Posted on: May 24, 2023