FROSTY FEATURED BUG – 2011 AQHA Brown Gelding x Takin On Shawne x Shawne Bug out of Bee Rit Zee x Frost Bee Leo.

Tuff – Bred and built to be fast but he’s also got good brains. This horse can really cover ground but he’s not the frail, racey type – he’s got solid bones. He also has that low hock set, making it natural for him to reach up under himself with his hind leg in his turn. I’ve started Tuff on the barrels. He likes to work, and just needs a few more trips before he’s ready to go full send down the alley. For me he’s been very willing, is a smooth ride, and I think he will be a lot of fun!! He’s a full sized 16 hands, brown, a little snip on his nose and gets a lot of attention from the ladies because of his looks.  Finish him and run him or cover country. He’ll go wherever you point him. Youth suitable! VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: Olivia 406-240-0399. Coggins. M11

  • Posted on: May 3, 2023