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To consign to our catalog horse sales: Consignment forms are available for downloading off our web page

Website listing and additional advertising: We want to work for you! The earlier we receive your consignment, the better job we can do for you - all the way around! We update our website regularly and want to list our early consignments - even if you plan to sell your horses two sales from now, get them to us!

Location: Billings Livestock is located at the junction of I-90 and I-94, exit 455 (the "Flying J" exit) on the north frontage road. You can see us from the interstate. Our physical address is 2443 N Frontage Road, Billings, MT. Our mailing address is Box 31533, Billings, MT 59107.

Host Hotel:  Billings Livestock is proud to call the Billings Hotel and Convention Center our Host Hotel. King Ave EXIT 446 off I-90. Ask for the $82 Horse Sale Rate. Restaurant, Lounge, Casino, Pool, free shuttle service!! Call for reservations!! 406-248-7151.

Airport:  Logan International Airport here in Billings is served by four major airlines:  Delta, Northwest, United and Frontier.  Big Sky Airlines also serves our city.  Access to Billings is easy with direct flights through SLC, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Additional advertising materials: We love photos! And, if they are good ones, help market your horse. We’ll use them in the catalog or on the web page. Remember: Poor photos are worse than none at all...there is no charge for photos.

Videos: To assist both the buyer and seller and to better represent the horse, BLS Horse Sales encourages your video. We accept videos on Jump/thumb/zip/USB drives (one for each sale horse); On DVD - please make certain that the DVD is FULL SIZED DISK & FINALIZED before you remove it from your computer. Our DVD player has and will continue to read a plus and a minus DVD (not CD) but it must be FINALIZED by you. Please make sure to turn it into the main office the day you check in.

Health Requirements: Montana horses do not require any health papers. However, a coggins test IS MANDATORY ON ALL HORSES BEING LEAD OR RIDDEN THROUGH THE SALE RING - BOTH IN STATE AND OUT OF STATE. Montana horses will also need to bring a brand inspection. If you are not sure about your brand inspection, please call the Brand Inspection Office here at BLS at 406-252-4787 (Hours are M-F; 8am-Noon; 1pm - 5pm) Out of state horses coming into Montana to sell at BLS: must have a health certificate, complete with an import permit number (your veterinarian will obtain this for you at the time he writes the health) and a current coggins test.  AS OF MAY 18, 2009, the EVA requirements for stallions has been lifted.  In Montana, a coggins is considered current if it was drawn in the last 12 months. (NOT 6 MONTHS!) Out of state horses will also need to bring a brand inspection. If you are not sure about your brand inspection, please call the Brand Inspection Office here at BLS at 406-252-4787 (Hours are M-F; 8am-Noon; 1pm - 5pm)

Loose horses: Please contact our office on current regulations concerning out-of-state horses that will sell loose.

Brand Inspection: Brand inspections are required on horses coming from brand areas in the US and Canada. Bills of Sales, permit, inspection, or lifetimes must accompany your horses and be given to check-in personnel.

If you are coming from a "No Brand" area, a health certificate will be all you will need. If the horse does have a brand, and you are coming from a no-brand area, please have your veterinarian show the brand on the health papers.

Payment: Horses must be paid for in full - cash, cashiers check, personal check with proper I.D. or credit card - before any paperwork or horse is released from the facility. In accordance with P & S requirements, all consignors checks will be in the mail Monday at noon for a one day sale, Tuesday at noon for a two day sale, if all required paperwork is in order.   Billings Livestock accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Preview facilities: BLS has a full-size roping arena available to show your horses. We offer a formal preview two-hours before sale time. You are welcome to ride in the arena prior to preview time, too. During the summer months, cattle are available to show your rope horses and cutting horses..

Check-In: All horses are checked in through the pull-through trailer gate located on the west side of the facility. Just pull through and unload your horses. At that time, let our check-in personnel know how your horse will be selling: in the catalog, catalog supplement, open consignment, or as a loose horse. Your horse will be tagged and numbered accordingly. Your pens are pre-assigned and tagged.  Our staff will direct you to your stalling area. All pens will have fresh straw bedding, grass horse hay, and automatic waterers.

Paperwork check-in: Must be turned into the main office at the time you unload your livestock. Original registration papers, a signed transfer, breeding certificates, video, etc.

No Sales: The consignor reserves the right to no sale or not sell their animal for the price bid. All no sales must be called in the ring before the horse leaves the sale arena. The charge will be $100 per head for the catalog/supplement horses. In all Open Consignment Sessions which follows the catalog sessions, a No Sale Fee is 8% of the last bid. If you do not sell your horse in the sale arena and are approached by a buyer afterwards, bring the buyer to the office. Remember: we hold your paperwork and Montana is a "BRAND" state. It's our job to handle the transaction. Horses that are cataloged and do not come to the sale due to injury or sickness, can be recataloged for a move fee of $25 for the next sale if slots are available.

Yard Rides: We no longer offer Yard Rides or Leads at Billings Livestock

TIPS: Come early, be prepared, both as a buyer or a seller. Visit with the owners - and owners, be available to visit with the buyers. Have your horse ready to sell, too.

Additional questions?? Call us or e-mail. And, we thank you for your interest in our horse sales. Bill and Jann Parker, Horse Sale Managers. 406-245-4151 BLS or .