WOODROW – 2010 GRADE Gray Percheron/Quarter Horse Cross Gelding.

Woodrow has been working full-time in the feedlot for the 6 months. He has always been sound and had regular chiro work. He wears a number 2 shoe and is built like a beast. He is big, strong, safe, and quiet. He has been roped off of lots, tied off, dragged plenty of animals and has handled it all in stride. Sort and reads cattle well. Beautiful walk/trot/lope, stop, turns, leg yields and hip/shoulder control, all while holding a frame. Rides in a full bridle, neck reins but mostly moves off your seat and legs. Excellent at opening and closing gates. Been rode in the mountains plenty and has always been relaxed and reliable. Along with his extensive outside miles he has been in the arena lots and has never batted an eye at any new environment. This horse has seen it all. Various equipment, trucks, dogs, creeks, rivers, bridges, etc. He is also hobble broke. He is more go than whoa and has no bottom. He will go all day without even thinking about it. Suitable for all levels of confident riders. He is the same horse every time you ride him, no matter how much time off. Rode with others and on his own and he is the same horse every time. Woodrow is a huge suck and loves to be loved on. He is a gentleman to shoe, easy to catch and loads himself on the trailer. He loves to be with people and is an in your pocket type. He will even pack the dog around on his back. He is very patient and kind. Very forgiving for all kinds of shenanigans. Suitable for all levels or confident riders. VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 403-681-6233. Coggins. AOR2

  • Posted on: April 2, 2024