BATON – 2012 GRADE Blood Bay Friesian/QH Cross Gelding.

Baton is a seriously nice horse. He is safe, sound, intelligent and super strong. He has spent every day with me covering the entire United States since last August. We have covered a whole lot of country together from the Gila Wilderness, the Mogollon Rim, Redwoods, deserts of Mexico to the great big mountains of northwestern Wyoming where he is now currently chasing the spring green grasses around camp. This guy never falters, always sound and never missing a beat. He is a complete gentleman for the farrier. 100 percent picket broke. Tie him to a fence post on the highway, a tree or even in the sage brush, he will never get tangled in his rope. But, you can catch him anywhere, literally turn him loose in the mountains and he’s in camp every morning and afternoon looking for you. A true companion for the long haul. Ground ties, hobbles, high lines you name it. Crosses any river you point him at. Plows through breast collar deep snow, never stretches your reins leading him down those long steep hills. He makes the big pulls seem easy, never asking for a blow. A clutch pack horse also. He’ll never sit back or stretch a rope, just right there never making mistakes. In the lead, he sets a good mile covering pace and in the lineup anywhere else, he accepts the pace set by the ones in front. Baton is the real deal people. I’m the second owner in his life and this is his first and last sale because, you are going to love him. Go ahead and ride off with one of the most handsome horses around. VIDEO: Contact Seller. FMI: 307-272-6572. Coggins. MO97

  • Posted on: May 9, 2024