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Our next On Premise Regular Horse Sale
(including a session of ONLINE horses)


FEBRUARY 26-27-28
Featuring our annual "Sons & Daughters" Special Session

FRIDAY: 9 a.m. Special Spotlight PREVIEW of Rope Horses!

Regular Preview begins 10 a.m.
HorsePalace Arena Exit 437 on I-90 Regular Preview event order:

Barrel Horses - Pole Horses - Cutting Horses - Saddle & Ride Horses
Reining Horses - Calf Horses - Rope Horses Again!

6 p.m. Sale Time at BLS

SATURDAY: 9 a.m. AQHA Representatives Available in BLS Lobby
10 a.m. Saddle Horse preview (weather permitting) BLS Arena
12 Noon Sale Time

8 a.m. Cowboy Church BLS Sale Arena
9 a.m. Loose Horses Sell
12 Noon Sale Time


Instructions for FEBRUARY 26-27-28 ONSITE
Showcase Sale Session
Internet buyer sign-up HERE:

To create an account with NLVA and to view live streaming on Friday and Saturday:
(both new horse sale and
feeder buyers will need to go here)

New Online Buyer Registration
ends Noon Friday February 26

Get approved to bid BLS Horse Sale:
(only for new horse sale buyers)

New Online Buyer Registration
ends Noon Friday February 26




#cowboyslivehere - #thisisBLS - #goodhorses

BLS Horse Sale Market Report - January 2021

ROPE, RIDE, RANCH or RECREATE, these sales will have it all! 
Catalog is open to all classes and will offer arena horses, rope horses,
ranch and using horses, pros_+++pects, mares, stallions, ponies, and young stock!

Please note that as of August 1, 2019
Billings Livestock will no longer be offering the
OPEN CONSIGNMENT portion of our sales.

This sale is stuffed FULL of good horses. Come see us.
Call us 406-245-4151 or email us at
Text the word Billings to 313131 to receive our latest text notifications

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OUR SOUNDNESS GUARANTEE: Credibility and Dependability are important to us.

At Billings Livestock Horse Sales, all horses that are ridden through the ring and sell as a result of being ridden through the ring, are GUARANTEED SOUND until Monday Noon following the Saturday Sale and Tuesday Noon following the Sunday Sale unless otherwise stated from the block. To further define our policy, if the horse sells at 6 p.m. on the Saturday of our sale, the horse will be guaranteed sound for an additional 42 hours - Noon on Monday.

What we here at BLS Horse Sales consider sound is: Sight out of both eyes, good in the air, hit the ground sound on all four, and not to crib.

Your confidence in our sale does make a difference! See you at the sale - and remember - at BLS, We Like Horses!

#cowboyslivehere - #thisisBLS - #goodhorses

Jann Parker, Horse Sale Manager
406-855-1947 Cell
1-800-635-7364 or 406-245-4151 Billings Livestock

2443 North Frontage Road; Billings, MT   59101

CEM  STATEMENT (Required on healths for horses consigned to BLS Horse Sales)

1. The horse(s)  has not been on a premise where T.equigenitalis has been isolated during the 60 days immediately preceding exportation  or a premise currently under quarantine or investigation for CEM. Any females in the shipment have not been bred naturally to, or inseminated with, semen from a stallion positive for CEM, or a stallion resident upon a positive premise or under quarantine or investigation for CEM. Showed no signs of CEM on the day of inspection.

2.  During the previous twenty-one (21) days, the animal(s) in this shipment has/have not been in the States of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri

View the online catalog 10 days prior to sale date. View here

To request a hard copy catalog, call us at 406-245-4151 during regular business hours MST. You can also request one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email at or find us on facebook Billings Livestock Horse Sales